otp: a boy and his lizard

Lots of Shrios things make me sad but the thing that really does me in is how damn hard Thane tried to get a message to Shepard when the Alliance grounded the Normandy. You can hear the overwhelming worry in his voice in those vid messages Kolyat passes along to Shep, and that just destroys me. 

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I could talk about Tendou for days. My human meme, my lizard boy… I love him. Enjoy! -Admin Mom

  • He’s an only child, it’s just been him and his mom since he was 7
  • Wore his hair in that bowl cut until his first year of high school when he finally learned what hair product was
  • He was actually taller than Ushijima by two centimeters during their first year, but then Ushijima rocketed up a little faster than Tendou could keep up with
  • Loves pickles, hates cucumbers
  • Doesn’t care for peanut butter unless it’s paired with chocolate
  • He’s a pretty good cook but often will try to do too many tasks while cooking and ends up burning the food
  • Wears athletic shorts and Nike sandals year round because “he’s fine, it’s not that cold out”
  • Also hates wearing closed shoes, like it literally kills him
  • As soon as he’s done with practice the volleyball shoes come off and he pulls out the ole sandals
  • He’s really good at sports that require direct contact with the ball—volleyball, soccer, basketball
  • But anything that requires some sort of medium to hit the ball (tennis or hockey for example) is a disaster
  • He tried to play baseball once and nailed the catcher in the head with the bat
  • When he was 13 he said he was going to become a manga artist, but then realized you have to actually be good at art to do that
  • And he is a terrible artist
  • “Satori, is… Is that a mouse? Or an elephant? Or our house?” “It’s abstract, mom.”
  • His bedroom is covered wall to wall in posters
  • Most of them are anime but there are a few live action things, even a couple bands he liked when he was in middle school
  • He really doesn’t like to throw stuff away (hence all the old posters, half of which he doesn’t really care about anymore)
  • Has accumulated a mountain of manga over his 18 years and only has one tiny bookshelf to store them all
  • As a result, there are towers of books throughout the room that seem to have no real organization to them
  • But ask him where a certain one is and he’ll know its exact location
  • Fitting with my headcanon that Tendou is a lizard boy, he has a bearded dragon named Hiei—because he’s a dragon of the darkness flame
  • Hiei is his literal baby, the most spoiled bearded dragon to walk the earth
  • Only Ushijima and Semi have met Hiei because Tendou doesn’t trust anyone else with his baby
  • He is in the market for a pink parrot he can name Kurama—“so his OTP can go down in history”
  • One time he was hanging out with Semi and they ran into the kid who called Tendou a monster when he was younger, and Semi dragged this guy’s entire life
  • Because honestly Tendou and Semi are bff’s and no one will convince me otherwise
  • When Goshiki came into the gym his first day, Tendou loudly proclaimed that Goshiki was his son and he’d raise him right
  • Cats do not like Tendou Satori, they don’t trust him
  • Dogs though, they love him