otp: I truly deeply love you

My Top 10 Anime Ships/OTPs (spoiler alert for some of the shows)

10. Levi x Petra

Levi x Petra is a rather subtle/ambiguous ship. They might not even have had anything going on between them, but the subtlety is what I love about the ship. I didn’t even think of Levi as the kind of guy to have any romantic relationships. But the very first time I watched AOT, I thought that if they were going to write a romance involving him, this implied/subtle ship is a good way of doing it.

Besides, I seem to have a thing for angst.

9. Rock x Revy

At first, I didn’t think they’d make a good pair at all. I mean Rock was just this average guy who seemed kind of wimpy compared to Revy. It was the fight scene where he stands up to her that completely changes my opinion about him (and their relationship). As the show went on, we could see Revy looking out for Rock. A lot. It was nice to see her soft spot. It was nice to see that one of Roanapur’s deadliest mercenaries needed the innocence and kindness of a (not so average) Japanese businessman, and would risk her life just to protect him.

Also, that cigarette kiss.

8. Satoru x Kayo

They’re so cute! Yeah, I know about this ship being “pedophilic”, but I have to disagree with that statement. 

My first impression of ERASED was a man who has regrets over what happened when he was 10 years old. A man who has the memory of a lonely girl in a red coat lingering in his mind. So when Satoru goes back in time, I see it as a second chance. A second chance to be 10 again. A second chance to make things right. 

So I don’t see it as a 29 year old stuck in a 10 year old boy’s body. I just see it as a man who became 10 years old again, but with 29 years’ worth of memory. 

But…is it weird that I’m glad one of my favourite ships didn’t happen?

Okay. Lemme explain. As I continued to watch the show, I realised that the show was more about a boy becoming a hero than a boy-saves-girl kind of story. Even though I was really upset about the ending at first, I ended up accepting it, and even becoming glad about it.

It would be unrealistic for Hinazuki to wait 15 years for Satoru. She’d be wasting the life he gave to her. But just because she married someone else, doesn’t mean that she ever forgot about the boy who saved her. He still remains a very important person in her heart. And he always will. 

In the end, I can only remember SatoKayo as a moment in time. A short, sweet time in their lives when they meet the person who will change their lives forever. It’s a kind of bittersweet beauty for me.

So I am glad about the ending. In a sad-glad kind of way.

7. Hitsugaya x Hinamori / Ishida x Orihime

I can’t choose between the two.

Anyone who’s seen my blog knows that I ship Hitsuhina. It’s a cute-angsty kind of ship that I wish I could see more of. 

Uryuhime is a painfully underrated ship. I know that some people ship IH because they love Orihime and want her to be happy. Well, I love Orihime too. But that’s why I can’t ship her with Ichigo. Yes, Ichigo does try to protect her, even to the point of turning into a monster to fight Ulquiorra (though he was also thinking about protecting Uryu). But that’s kind of his number one goal - to protect others. One of the things that made me not ship IH is the way Ishida looks at Orihime. It’s different from the way Ichigo does. He’s the one who knows her, protects her, understands her, and loves her. I think he’s the best guy for our princess.

6. Fakir x Ahiru

Aka the only ship I ship that breaks the first girl/guy rule. I’ve never seen a lead-girl-ends-up-not-with-the-main-guy kind of ship done so well. I can go on and on about the reasons why I ship Fakiru. 

But you know what, GO WATCH PRINCESS TUTU!!

5. Minato x Kushina

NaruHina? NaruSaku? SasuSaku? Forget about the shipping wars, this is my OTP from Naruto. I think what really got me into them is how Minato loved Kushina’s red hair, which she thought was ugly. For someone to love the very thing that you hate the most about yourself, the part of you that you feel is the ugliest, I think that it’s a beautiful thing.

4. Ichigo x Rukia


Screw you, Tite Kubo.

3. Roy x Riza

Picture says it all.

2. Ashitaka x San

This is my favourite Ghibli ship. Hayao Miyazaki’s films were what got me into anime in the first place. 

I’m not sure what it is I like about San and Ashitaka so much. I guess it’s the same reason I love movie - their scenes. Nope. These scenes are not the shoujo, lovey dovey kind of scenes. They’re powerful scenes that not only define their relationship, but also the movie itself. 

When Ashitaka first sees San, when he calls her beautiful, when she takes him to the Forest Spirit, when she feeds him, when he talks to Moro about her, when he tries to save her from Nago, when she stabs him and he responds with a hug…I can go on and on about this ship.

I’m not as passionate about this ship anymore, but I’m putting them at no.2 because of the impression they’ve left on me.

1. Soul x Maka

I think this is the first OTP I really fell in love with in anime. Ever since I saw how Soul protected Maka from Crona, I’ve been spiraling deeper and deeper into SoMa hell. I love their bond. I love how they argue but care for each other deeply. I love how they’ll support each other no matter what. I love how they’re always together. I love how they truly are partners.

SoMa even gave me the standard for my other favourite anime ships, namely Royai and Ichiruki. I’ve heard that your OTP reflects what you actually look for in a relationship.

Well, this is what I look for in a relationship. I don’t just want someone who will make butterflies flutter in my stomach. I want someone who will understand me. I don’t just want romantic dates or kisses in the rain. I want someone who will be there for me through all the hurricanes in my life. I don’t just want someone who will throw romantic gifts at me. I want someone who will truly care for me, and I for him. I want someone who will go together with me on this adventure we call life, someone a can share a real bond with.

Sorry for the long rant. And thanks if you managed to reach the end of this post.

I’m tagging @herprettysmile to make a top 10 anime ships list (if you have time or if you haven’t done one already)

Day 5: Featuring your OTP (ChromXRobin)

(I’ve been playing FE:Awakening like mad since they announced FE:If, so take my Chrobin family feels. This takes place after chapter 21, when Lucina ‘threatens’ Robin.)

Robin’s eyes were still wide open when Lucina finished speaking her reasons, her sword still pointed at her neck. “I’m sorry mother, but I have to kill you.” Her daughter cried out, pain in her eyes and voice evident.

Robin sighed deeply, and considered her options. There was truly only one. “Where my life just my own, I would let you, my love.” She spoke after a spell. “I know you’ll be quick about it, and you mean well, but…”

“I love you too Mother!” Lucina cried out, tears threatening to spill from her eyes, but her sword unwavering.“But I have to save the future! My kingdom. Our kingdom!” Tears were flowing down her cheeks as she uttered those last words.

Her heart broke when the first tear hit the ground, and she quickly took the young woman into her arms. “I know my love.” She pressed Lucina close to herself, picking her words carefully. “And had circumstances been different, I would have spared you the troubles and have ended my life myself. But think, Lucina, what would happen to your brother?”

“Morgan…?” Lucina whispered as the realization of what she had almost done dawned on her. “I… hadn’t thought of it, to be honest.”

“You’re single-mindedly determined, just like your father.” Robin praised her with a fond smile, a hand resting on her shoulder. “But you have my wits, and you know the facts. Deep inside, you know Morgan grows within me as of this moment, and as a mother I would do anything to protect him.”

“WHAT!” A cry from a far, and instantly her husband stood beside her.

Robin fought the urge to roll her eyes. Had the circumstances been different, it would have been comical. “Oh Chrom, how nice of you to finally join us. I’d been waiting for you to reveal yourself.”

Lucina stared at him in shock. “Father, were you watching this entire time?”

“You are not the only one who can eavesdrop, young lady.” He berated her, and then turned to her mother. “But Robin, why didn’t you say so before? You’re endangering yourself and our child!” His eyes were fixed on her stomach, but she had long ensured that an old breastplate and her thick cloak concealed all hints of the child.

“Shush Chrom, I’m only four months along, there is nothing to worry about.” She told him, averting his searching eyes. Something akin to guilt bloomed up inside her, but she suppressed it quickly.

Chrom would have nothing of it, and put his hands on Robin’s face, forcing her to look at him. “Is that why you’ve been… avoiding me, at night?” The pain in his eyes she had seen more often lately was evident, and for not the first time she regretted their decision to keep it a secret.

She summoned all courage she possessed and met his eyes boldly. “I knew you would react like this, or do something stupid like send me home. You need to be able to trust that I can guard your back, instead of focusing on me all the time.”

A flicker of hurt passed over Chrom’s eyes, and then it was gone. He let go of Robin, and turned to his daughter. Tiredly, he commanded her. “Lucina, put down that sword, please.”

Lucina, still on the brink of tears met her mother’s eyes, and whispered softly to the both of them. “I’m so sorry mother, I couldn’t do it.”

A adoring smile graced her mother’s lips, as she took pity in her daughter. “I’m not asking you to do such a horrible thing my love, no mother would ask that of her daughter. But please, my love, allow your brother to live. He is such a ball of sunshine, the world needs his optimism. Just five more months, and I will take whatever hold Validar has over me with me to the grave.” As she spoke the words, she knew they were true.

“No, you will not.” Her husband bellowed.

Her brow furrowed. “Chrom, this is not your decision to make.”

His sword hand was twitching and she could see he had trouble controlling his anger. “I am the man of this house, you’re damn wrong if you think I have no say in this!”

“And this is my life! Just because I’m your wife doesn’t mean you can lord over me!” Robin cried back with just as much force.

“And what about our children? Would you let them grow up motherless? Morgan especially will be devastated, look at the boy, he worships the ground you walk on!” Chrom argued back, his tone so loud Robin feared the entire camp would overhear.

“Rather motherless than dead, I reckon!”  Robin tone was as sharp as steel. “Sacrifices have to be made, Chrom. At least your sister understood that.”

It was a low blow, and she knew it. “Don’t bring Emmeryn into this!” Chrom spit out, his hand on Falchion.

“Stop, please stop.” Lucina cried out, placing herself between the two fighting adults.  “Please stop fighting.”

They both instandly remembered what they were doing and in front of whom. “I’m sorry Lucina.” Chrom apologized, and Robin nodded as well.  

Their daughter instead got on her knees, and looked up at them pleadingly. “Mother, I can’t order you but please listen to be because I beg you, don’t kill yourself. We’ll hide you if necessary, when the time comes. I’m trying so hard to change the future, but I can’t do it on my own. Only now do I see that you’re the pin that holds all of these people together. If you would die, so would the world.”

Not knowing how to respond to that, Robin said. “That is sweet of you to say, my dear.”

“It’s the truth. And maybe I just didn’t see it until now.” Lucina declared with the dedication befitting of her lineage. “So please mother, I beg you. I need you.”

Chrom put a hand on Lucina’s shoulder, and met hers with sorrowful eyes. “We need you.”

She hated herself right at that moment. She cursed her fate, and the sighed, deeply. “Okay. I promise.” Robin whispered, and instantly Lucina and Chrom embraced her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth, love and comfort her family so willingly provided her. In her head, the rest of her statement echoed. ‘for now’


star wars prequel appreciation week ► day seven: favorite relationship

a: you love me? i thought that we had decided not to fall in love. that we’d be forced to live a lie and that it would destroy our lives.
p: i think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. i truly, deeply love you and before we die i want you to know.

Here is a fluffy, cute, endless mix of love songs for your one true pairing. 

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all about us feat. owl city - he is we ♡ such great heights - the postal service ♡ lucky feat. colbie caillat - jason mraz ♡ come away with me - norash jones ♡ love is an open door (cover) - kate kim and joshua moon ♡ the moon song - karen o ♡ happy - nevershoutnever ♡ somewhere only we know - lily allen ♡ truly, madly, deeply - one direction ♡ island song - ashley eriksson ♡ love bug - jonas brothers ♡ anyone else but you - the moldy peaches ♡ vanilla twilight - owl city ♡ san francisco - the mowglis ♡ crazy beautiful life - kesha ♡ lovefool - olivia ong ♡ awake all night - cody simpson ♡ lovefool - olivia ong ♡ kiss me - ed sheeran ♡ counting stars - one republic ♡ old flames can’t hold a candle to you (deconstructed) - kesha ♡ can’t stand it - nevershoutnever ♡ take me the way I am - ingrid michealson ♡ toxic (cover) - melanie martinez ♡ winter wonderland - jason mraz ♡ something good can work ♡ i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie ♡