otp: I thought she hated me

Never Enough Sentence Prompts

“Is this the one who painted a dick on the Mona Lisa?”

“I hope you’re happy.”

“Let’s just finish murdering this person and then we can go to Disneyland, okay?”

“He made me!”

“That is never the answer!”

“I could also be living my life but look where we are.”

“No. No, stop making me question my existence!”

“Let me see here; A small fire, a wild animal, an alarming stain on the wall and two idiots. Yep everything seems normal here.”


“Meet me at the place where I finally gave up on you.”

“A force field. Figures.”

“I will try until I die!”

“Folk lore? Yeah sure, let’s call it that. Definitely not real, nope.”

“My only wish is that you shut your cakehole.”

“Do I look like Hannah Montana to you?!”

“Why do you hate love?”

“I wish.”

“Just mix it, can’t go wrong.”

“Me, dramatic? How dare you, I thought you were my friend?!”

“I have been looking for that thing for. Three. Years.”

“If someone shot your stupid ass, I’d only feel bad for the poor bastard who has to deal with the removing of your worthless life off this earth.”

My Top 10 Anime Ships/OTPs (spoiler alert for some of the shows)

10. Levi x Petra

Levi x Petra is a rather subtle/ambiguous ship. They might not even have had anything going on between them. But the subtlety is what I love about the ship. I didn’t think of Levi as the kind of guy to even have any romantic relationships. But I thought that if they were going to write a romance involving him, this implied/subtle ship is a good way of doing it.

Besides, I seem to have a thing for angst.

9. Rock x Revy

At first, I didn’t think they’d make a good pair at all. I mean Rock was just this average guy who seemed kind of wimpy compared to Revy. But after that fight scene, my opinion about Rock (and his relationship with Revy) completely changed. As the show went on, we could see Revy looking out for Rock. A lot. It was nice to see her soft spot. I think that despite her tough exterior, she needs Rock’s innocence and kindness. 

Also, that cigarette kiss.

8. Satoru x Kayo

They’re so cute! People say that this ship is pedophilia but I have to disagree. My first impression of ERASED was a man who has regrets over what happened when he was 10 years old. A man who has the memory of a lonely girl in a red coat lingering in his mind. So when Satoru goes back in time, I see it as a second chance. A second chance to be 10 again. A second chance to make things right. 

So I don’t see it as a 29 year old stuck in a 10 year old boy’s body. I just see it as a man who has become 10 years old again, but with 29 years’ worth of memory. 

But…is it weird that I’m glad one of my favourite ships didn’t happen?

Okay. Lemme explain. As I continued to watch the show, I realised that the show was more about a boy becoming a hero than a boy-saves-girl kind of story. Even though I was really upset about the ending at first, I ended up accepting it, and even becoming glad about it.

It would be unrealistic for Hinazuki to wait 15 years for Satoru. She’d be wasting the life he gave to her. But just because she married someone else, doesn’t mean that she ever forgot about the boy who saved her. He still remains a very important person in her heart. And he always will. 

In the end, I can only remember SatoKayo as a moment in time. A short, sweet time in their lives when they meet the person who will change their lives forever. It’s a kind of bittersweet beauty for me.

So I am glad about the ending. In a sad-glad kind of way.

7. Hitsugaya x Hinamori / Ishida x Orihime

I can’t choose between the two.

Anyone who’s seen my blog knows that I ship Hitsuhina. It’s a cute-angsty kind of ship that I wish I could see more of.

Uryuhime is a painfully underrated ship. I know that some people ship IH because they love Orihime and want her to be happy. Well, I love Orihime too. But that’s why I can’t ship her with Ichigo. Uryu is the one who sees her, who listens to her, understands her and loves her. So I think he’s the better man for her.

6. Fakir x Ahiru

Aka the only ship I ship that breaks the first girl/guy rule. I’ve never seen the lead-girl-ends-up-not-with-the-main-guy kind of ship done so well. I can go on and on about the reasons why I ship Fakiru. But you know what, GO WATCH PRINCESS TUTU

5. Minato x Kushina

NaruHina? NaruSaku? SasuSaku? Forget about the shipping wars, this is my OTP from Naruto. I think what really got me into them is how Minato loved Kushina’s red hair, which she thought was ugly. For someone to love the very thing that you hate the most about yourself, the part of you that you feel is the ugliest, I think that it’s a beautiful thing.

4. Ichigo x Rukia


Screw you, Tite Kubo.

3. Roy x Riza

Picture says it all.

2. Ashitaka x San

I had to put my favourite Ghibli ship here. Ashitaka and San just have this dynamic between them that I can hardly find in books/film.

1. Soul x Maka

I think this is the first OTP I really fell in love with in anime. Ever since I saw how Soul protected Maka from Crona, I’ve been spiraling deeper and deeper into SoMa hell. I love their bond. I love how they argue but care for each other deeply. I love how they’re always together. I love how they truly are partners.

SoMa even gave me the standard for my other favourite anime ships, namely Royai and Ichiruki. They say that you OTP reflects what you yourself desire. 

Well, this is what I look for in a relationship. I don’t just want someone who will make butterflies flutter in my stomach. I want someone who will understand me. I don’t just want romantic dates or kisses in the rain. I want someone who will be there for me through all the hurricanes in my life. I don’t just want someone who will throw romantic gifts at me. I want someone who will truly care for me, and I for him. I want someone who will go together with me on this adventure we call life, someone a can share a real bond with.

Sorry for the long rant. And thanks if you managed to reach the end of this post.

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29 for ss :)

29 - going away to war au


A/N: yep, I’m picking these back up again!! I had like 20 left to do ;A; forgive me for the wait!!



When a knock resounds at his door at two in the morning, Sasuke doesn’t expect it to be her.

“Sakura,” he acknowledges, trying to keep the surprise from seeping into his tone. He frowns. “It’s late. What are you doing here?”

But she doesn’t seem to hear him. “Is it true?” she asks instead, her tone particularly challenging, like she is trying to demand him. Her eyes seem glossy, he can’t help but to note then, like she is trying not to cry. “Is it true, Sasuke-kun?” she asks again, holding a harder edge.

His frown deepens at that, and Sasuke simply looks at her for a moment, puzzlement weighing in; what exactly is she talking about, and why does it make her so upset? Growing evermore concerned, he tries to reach out with a comforting touch, only to flinch near instantly when she moves to slap his hand away, a broken grimace slipping to her lips. She is devastated by this, he realizes with a painful thudding of his heart.

The sensation worsens when she presses, her voice so small, so tight, desperate to be wrong, “Did you really get drafted for the war?”

Sasuke falters, gaze dropping. The news can’t have traveled so quickly, he knows, exhaling a slow sigh. That meant Naruto was the one who told her.

Tch, that idiot, he thought, jaw and fist both clenching. He should have waited before telling her—he should have let me do it.

Still, Sasuke can’t bring himself to lie to her—never could, never wanted to—and so he says nothing in return, only managing a small nod. 

The sound she makes tears his heart to shreds, compelling him to look at her again, throat growing tight at the sight of her tightened fists and anguished, misty eyes. She looks like she’s watching her world fall apart, and he can hardly bear to see it.

Unable to muster words of comfort, he simply ushers her inside instead, drawing her away from the cold to at the very least preserve her health if he couldn’t preserve her heart. And, as he turns and closes the door, he feels a pair of too-familiar arms wrap around him tightly, the softest sound of heartbreak sagged against his back. He doesn’t waste a moment to relent, turning in the tight embrace to wrap his own arms around her smaller form, pulling her firmly against him. 

He knows Sakura appreciates this by the way she hugs him closer, face burying closely against his chest. The movement alone has his eyes slipping shut, fighting against the tight knot forming thickly in his throat.

“Have you told your parents yet?” he hears her ask, after a moment, her wistful voice muffled in his shirt.

Sasuke sighs, so quietly. “No, not yet,” he answers. “I wanted to wait a while. Itachi’s death is still fresh on them… and I know they wouldn’t handle the news well. Especially my mother.”

She hugs him even closer at that, and he sighs again, arms tightening around her just as well. For a while, they simply hold each other, and he relishes in her warmth, her scent. It occurs to him that someday—sooner than he’ll want—he might not be able to feel her like this ever again.

No, he whispers to himself, eyes darkening. His fingers clench her clothes. He can’t allow himself to have such thoughts.

(but, he soon finds, he isn’t the only one who does)

“Sasuke-kun… I’m scared,” Sakura whimpers, shaking lightly as she holds him. The dampness of his shirt tells him she’s crying. “I don’t want you to go…”

“I know,” he whispers back, moving to slip a hand into her hair. He strokes the locks gently. “I know.”

She takes him by surprise by breaking from him in the next moment, nimble fingers gripping at his collar tightly, pulling him down to her level. He almost makes a sound of surprise before he feels her lips on his, moving with warm, fervid affection, causing his brows to furrow from the intensity of it all; but he doesn’t waste a moment to respond, tangling his fingers in her soft pink locks, the arm around her waist pulling her tightly against him.

(a bit heated, for a first kiss, but he doesn’t wonder why—at a time like this, spent in possible borrowed time, passion was never one easy to be controlled.)

They don’t allow themselves to break too far apart as they pull away, foreheads pressing gently as their puffing heated breaths mingled together gracefully.

“Tomorrow,” Sakura says, when she’s finally caught enough of herself to think, “Tomorrow—I’m gonna sign up. If you’re out there, I need to be there too. They need doctors and—”

He pushes her away before he even knows what he’s doing, hands gripping her shoulders in tight hold. “Are you out of your mind?” he hisses, wide dark eyes settling on her harshly. He doesn’t want to think about what it would be like going out there, knowing she was fighting for her life too. Knowing she could be killed at any moment, and he would never even be aware. He grits his teeth fiercely. “You can’t throw your life away like that, Sakura, you know the chances of coming back aren’t—”

“I am not sitting here waiting for you to come back!” she yells in retort, shoving him backwards. Her eyes well up again, and Sasuke swallows at the sight, coming apart at her apparent grief. “I won’t do it. I can’t.”

He can see it in her eyes that she’s made up her mind, that he has no choice in the matter anymore; he can see that nothing he will say will ever make a difference, that she is sure of her decision. Sakura is coming with him.

His jaw tightens, and his eyes slip shut for a moment. He hates the idea, hates the thought, but there is nothing he can do—so he accepts, if grudgingly, and relents the fight.

“You and I—we’re coming back alive, you hear me?” Sasuke says, reaching back for her. His voice is rough, bidding, leaving no room for an alternative. He presses his forehead firmly against her own, and cups her face. “We’re coming back.”

Sakura’s only response is a fervent nod, before she kisses him again, crying. “Yes,” she breathes against his mouth, gripping him harder. “Yes.”


ya lit meme - 4/9 quotes

Percy tightened his grip on Annabeth’s wrist. His face was gaunt, scraped and bloody, his hair dusted with cobwebs, but when he locked eyes with her, she thought he had never looked more handsome.

We’re staying together,” he promised. “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.

Only then did she understand what would happen. A one-way trip. A very hard fall.

As long as we’re together,” she said.

- Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (x) (x)

My thoughts about VNC 20

Ok. Where do I start?

-u can really say I ship Vanijeanne now like, wow, that end was just so cute?? It isn’t near otp level at all, but I am completely ok with it now. I ship it as much as AlicexOz now (and I don’t like this pairing a lot but more than other pairings). That means a lot.

-U can’t tell me Jeanne isn’t crushing hard on Domi, holy shit. xD

-Those faces were perfect

-I thought Jeanne wanted a date with him to keep him away from Noé, so that Ruthven could go and hurt him, but apparently she did it because she hates him xD

-Noé just went on and told Domi a very personal information about Vanitas, like, Noé, he finally trusts u, do u really think U SHOULD DO THAT HOLY DAMN xDDD

-vanitas reaction was gold.

-Noé, reacting to the Vanijeanne kiss: :o oh why

-Noé, reacting to Jeanne sucking Vanitas blood: qwq I am feeling weird and don’t know why and my heart hurts so much

-Noé, reacting to them dating: I DON’T EVEN WANT TO IMAGINE IT GUYS qwq


“I’m sorry, that was awesome. It’s true what the other guys say, you are the smartest person to come through here.”

“Is that - is that what they say? Yeah, well, maybe, I mean. Okay. Okay, Simmons is probably smarter, technically, but that’s because she likes homework more than life itself. She’s a walking encyclopaedia.”

“It’s nice to have someone to talk shop with all the time or to just plain talk to.”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 deleted scene “The Smartest Person”


Heart Like Yours – Chapter V: Never Forget Him

Jackie goes home to Point Place for Donna and Eric’s wedding, but an accident and an unexpected experience may show her a reality she never thought was happening around her.

Chapter V: Kat talks to an old friend, and so does Eric. In the flashbacks, the night the game changed for Jackie starts: with Milo at the phone, telling her to go out and have fun in November of 1982.

AO3 // Fanficiton.net // Tumblr tag

[Chapter I] [Chapter II] [Chapter III] [Chapter IV] [Chapter V] [Chapter VI]

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The thought of a love triangle makes me shudder, I know everyone has their own tastes but I don't understand why anyone would want there otp involved in one. I also hate when I'm innocently reading a KC fic and then WHAM out of nowhere Caroline has feelings for one of klaus' brothers I mean fanfic writers can do whatever the hell they want and of course they should but geez give a girl a little bit of warning before she gets invested.

Most usually do say that it’s the route they’re going. I’ve only ever read a few, haha.


I think some (not all) TJLCers forget that just because someone doesn’t ship Johnlock, it dosent mean they hate Johnlock, or that they’re homophobic… For example, Johnlock used to be my otp, but now Sherlolly is, and its my only straight otp. I dont mind Johnlock being a thing and i dont hate on anyone who does ship it. I think Johnlock is okay and i wouldnt be pissed off if it were to ever become canon, but I, as a simple human being with my own thoughts and opinions, think that Sherlolly is the right ship for me. My best friend, Ollie, even has Johnlock as her otp but we dont let our ships get between our friendship, and shes fine with the fact that I ship Sherlolly rather than Johnlock (gosh this is like Montagues vs Capulets and were the Romeo and Juliet except were just friends and we dont die….😂).

Anyway, my point is, i dont understand why there is this much hate towards sherlollians from johnlockers and vice verca, its really fu*king petty to be honest…and a waste of time!

-Amber x

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I wish the Sans x Frisk ship had a ship name so I could blacklist it. I love going through the Sans tag but what I dont like is seeing nasty underage porn. Seriously frisk is what? Like 12 if even that old?

Even if you age them up its still gross cause why were you thinking about shipping it in the first place?

It’s Frans but you can also blacklist Sans x Frisk. Also, put on the nsfw lock??

But I just want to make a small comment on it. Frisk has no confirmed age or gender because they were made for player insert. She could be 20 for all we know. Lol And I can see where the whole young idea comes from with Sans calling her kid buuut i’m considered a kid too but I can anyone even a year younger than me “kid” on occasion. Frans, honestly, is my otp. As much as I respect peoples ships and notps, Just seeing hate in the tag annoys me… 

Sorry for the venting a bit here but, thought i’d enlighten if that’s even possible… 

  • Kurt: Finally I get some alone time with you on the couch! I feel like I haven't seen you in days.
  • Blaine: You keep telling me to never say no to June...
  • Kurt: Well, you never know who she might introduce you to that could help us in our careers. I mean literally all her friends are rich and famous. By the way, I'm upset with you.
  • Blaine: Why?
  • Kurt: Because you haven't filled me in on any of the gossip! You spend six hours a day with her and I have yet to receive one text being like "hey, I'm talking poverty with Bono" or tales of lunch at Balthazar with Karl Lagerfeld or Condi Rice.
  • Blaine: It's not like that at all, it's just me and June.
  • Kurt: Wait, is she being inappropriate because I draw a line.
  • Blaine: What? No. Gross. Not at all
  • Kurt: Then what is it?
  • Blaine: Umm well, we're planning a show. It's just like a one night only showcase.
  • Kurt: Oh my god, that's amazing! Why didn't you tell me?
  • Blaine: I just wanted to make sure...that your part was more fleshed out.
  • Kurt: I get to be in it? I thought she hated me.
  • Blaine: She doesn't hate you.
  • Kurt: You're such a sweetheart! Okay okay, I'm sorry - I didn't mean to ruin the surprise!
  • Blaine: It's okay.
  • Kurt: Oh, I'm not going to ask you anything else but I'm dying to know what I'll be doing. Oh, I love you so much.
The deal with Malia Tate (and Stalia)

i just wanted to clear this matter up, since a lot of my followers are asking me. 

i can freely say that i hate malia tate (the character) not malia tate (the actress.)

first, i am not saying all of this because i’m a stydia shipper. i don’t judge immediately, i get all of my facts first. and when i do, that’s where i make decisions. this is my decision when i studied her whole character all through season 3b.

if i hated her character because she ruined a chance stiles could have had with my otp - wouldn’t i fucking hated heather? or caitlin? did you also see me hating aiden or jackson when they were together with lydia? no. i dealt with it, because i know that their characters wasn’t that shitty and still had a lot going for them. 

i am very uncomfortable with the sudden high position she was given. i mean, i liked the whole werecoyote small plot thing at the beginning of the season where i honestly thought that was the end of her character and that was okay. no harm, no foul done. but after that - she was completely irrelevant to the rest of the season. it acted as sort of an introduction to the real thing happening. you could even shoot the entire season without her and notice nothing was lost.

but then she was involved in this whole new plot twist in being peter’s daughter. i think she was also partly kept because they wanted to add some sort of backstory to peter since a lot of fans loved him. 

we don’t know a thing about her (the producers do, but what about the viewers?) and the fact that she’s meant to be the replacement for allison as a character angers me even more. we need more background check; how she became peter’s daughter, who the fuck is her mother, what the hell happened to his foster father - but more questions lead to even more confusion, so i’m not even going to dwell on this.

putting her in a really high pedestal when she only appeared for like 3 episodes and barely said more than 10 lines the entire season bugs me too. and don’t even get me started with the episode echo house and the whole thing about stalia.


she is supposed to have the mind of an eight-year-old, being like a werecoyote for half her adolescence. she didn’t know shit about being a teenager. and imagining stiles getting it on with a sixteen-year-old girl who has the mind of a child really creeps the fuck out of me. she shouldn’t know about sex. or kissing. or being that smart. and not to mention that stileswas in the middle of breaking down with the nogitsune controlling mind thing he had at that time. they were in an asylum, for fuck’s sake! people do not have sex in the basements of asylum. there’s a reason why relationships are banned there. 

also, did anyone notice the (lack) of relationship development?they teamed up in the episode. that was it. no slowly falling in love, no connection, no anything. YOU CAN’T HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE YOU ONLY ENCOUNTERED ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. now that is some advice to tell your children.

there is another subject that associates with malia tate: her character gets a spot in the opening credits when kira (she was in every episode of season3b) and isaac (had been in the show since season 2) or danny and peter (HAD BEEN IN THE SHOW SINCE SEASON 1) the sheriff, mama mccall and chris (MORE IMPORTANT THAN MALIA TATE) does NOT when they contributed fucking thousand folds more than her.

i don’t know whether i want to cry for the tv show producers or maybe whack them with a bat. they could’ve done something good with her character, but they perfectly wasted good potential.

malia tate is just one of the proofs that jeff davis fucked shit up. the whole fandom was divided on either sterek or stydia - and what did he do? drop the bomb about stalia. well that is a way to end a tv show with the fans rioting. 

anyway for the record, yes i am both an anti-stalia and anti-malia. so unless malia undergo some really, really good change next season and don’t fuck shit up too - don’t count on me changing my mind, because i won’t, no matter how many hates or anons you send me. 

if you want to rant about malia tate with me, then feel free to message me.

ps: can anyone direct me to an anti-malia/stalia group? because i want to join them. 

Look at it this way, when DS chased after SW and JH, she didn’t give a crap about being awkward if things didn’t work out between them, but with Taek she did. Just goes to show her feelings for Taek was stronger and deeper, because they connect more. She thought things through, seeing the repercussions instead of bulldozing on. With her feelings for Taek there were risks involved, because she did love him that much.

I’m sorry you hate such an awesome show just because you’re in denial of one ship that doesn’t even make the whole story.

Reply 1988′s motto was My last love is family.

It’s not about just the OTP, and if you can’t see that, I pity you.