otp: I lied to protect you

After reading this AWESOME FIC I felt inspired to draw lis characters for the very first time :O Y'all should go read it and give this person all the support because she has created something soooo fucking awesome and deserves all the love!!!

p.s. @gunophilia i really hope you like it :)

mirime-kisarrastine  asked:

Regina for the character

How I feel about this character:

Character development done right. A sympathetic villain done right. She deserves the world and she better get her damn happy ending before the show ends/she’s written off.

All the people I ship romantically with this character:

Emma Swan, Robin Hood, Ruby Lucas, Maleficent, Tinkerbell, Wish!Hook/Rogers and Neal Cassidy.

My non-romantic OTP for this character:

Regal Believer and Snow Queen.

My unpopular opinion about this character:

She was not wrong to help Robin keep the baby from Zelena in season 5. If Robin was a woman, no one would have an issue with protecting that baby from their rapist bio parent.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

Give her a damn happy ending where her LI doesn’t die/go off with a rapist pirate and have her surround by people that love her.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you…

zushilove  asked:

18 and 21 please uwu

[since you didn’t specify for what ship, I assume you meant KanoKido- it’s the OTP of all OTPs after all ;3]

18: Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other? 

To themsleves- Kido. Kano is a dork and also an idiot that can’t realize his own feelings (as he said, even he can’t tell truth from his lies at this point).

And to the other… Well, I think still Kido (she had a better start after all), but I can see it either way.

21: Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them? 

In the orphanage and school they had a pretty rough time, but one was always there to protect the other (and Seto)!

//OTP Questions!


3 times emma touched august + 1 time she almost did in “Poor Unfortunate Soul”


you came here to rescue me?

you might want a do-over

Rhys & Lucien & Feyre

You know what I want? A Lucien & Rhysand friendship.

I was just thinking it over, and I realized how glorious it would be if they somehow came to a mutual understanding and we’re able to communicate with each other.
Like, Rhys knows that Lucien has lost a mate and how badly it hurt him.
And now that Rhys knows Feyre is his mate and can drop the ‘mask’ he wore while being trapped Under the Mountain, I would think that he’d come to acknowledge how horrible it must have been for Lucien to experience something like that. AND NOW THAT RHYS HAS ALREADY EXPERIENCED HIS MATE DYING, when Amarantha broke her spine and stuff.

Maybe they could bond over that and they’d support each other and have a little bromance because I want both of my precious baby’s to be happy and the more friends they have, the better.

Tamlin may be a buttmunch at times, but I think Lucien would accept the fact that Rhys and Feyre are mates a lot easier than anyone at the Spring Court will. He knows how important mating is and what it means for two people. Tam on the other hand, has never mated. So I think he wouldn’t truly understand until it {maybe} happens to him.

ALSO, I’m sitting here just casually looking through ACOTAR and I’m at the scene where Rhys has come to talk to Tamlin the night before he sends Feyre home. And I can’t help but wonder about this line,

“Where’s your guest?” Rhysand asked, lifting my goblet and sniffing it before setting it down again" (Maas 237).

Haha idk.

And then Lucien was like “this is my betrothed” and Rhys was probably thinking something along the lines of “Nahhh dude. That’s my mate.”
BUT instead was like,

“I knew you liked to stoop low with your lovers, Lucien, but I never thought you’d actually dabble with mortal trash.”


And THEN, when Rhys was in her mind and asked for Feyre’s name but she lied to him. Do you think that even IF she had told him, Rhys still would have lied to Amarantha about it? Cause by this point, he already knows they’re mates. I don’t think he would risk giving Feyre’s identity up. That would have KILLED him to do that. So not only was he protecting Feyre, but he was also guarding his heart too.

Oh my lord. I literally have no idea where this post went. Oops


I know where you hide alone in your car
Know all of the things that make you who you are
I know that goodbye means nothing at all
Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

♪ Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved”


wooden swan appreciation week ♥ day 5 + Valentine’s Day (AU)

Fact: As confident as he can appear to others, August Wayne Booth is actually a shy man when he has a crush on someone.

The ‘True Love’ event organised by Singlebrooke for Valentine’s Day was the best way for him to meet the woman of his dreams, Emma Swan. But not everything went the way he wanted… as they ended up with other dates for the night!

Thankfully fate was by his side and threw them together in Storybrooke.

sad bonus:


wooden swan appreciation week ♥ day 1 + Broken

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I want to hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph; and I know it serves me well
I want to hold you high and steal your pain

♪ Seether & Amy Lee "Broken"


OTP: I will take the priest

OTP: I have had dreams… of the priest Athelstan

OTP: I hope that someday our gods can become friends

OTP: I want you to come back

OTP: Wherever you go, I will follow

OTP: All my future lies with Ragnar

OTP: You cannot leave me!… I love you

OTP: No one will ever hurt you, I will protect you

OTP: The things I do for you…

OTP: This is as close to your God as I can get you

OTP: You were fearless because you dared to question

OTP: What am I to do now? I hate you for leaving me

OTP: Nothing can console me now

Another Thing I Need to See Tomorrow

Just imagine Varrick and Asami working together and Zhu Li is mentioned and then Varrick just breaks down and says he loves her and he should have told her. Then Asami mentions that she joined this project to protect someone she loves. Then Varrick asks if the person knows, Asami says no, and then Varrick says “You should tell them. I never got to tell Zhu Li and now look at me.” Then we see Asami’s face considering what Varrick said and then it fades to Korra’s face in the next scene.



Only on Monday, was I thinking that I wouldn’t be able to bear the angst in episode 16 but, behold, 4 days later here I am, drooling and squealing over it like it was the best thing ever. And in so many ways it really was. This scene is so perfectly acted by PMY and JCW, and thoughtfully written by SJN with so many layers and nuances and it represents everything I love so much about this OTP. It wasn’t your usual kdrama stupid angst where the OTP lies and hurts each other in order to protect one another and which leaves you so flustrated. There was no noble idiocy involved, instead YS and JH talked, openly and without any pretenses - it was raw, sincere and brutally honest. Yes, it did still hurt but it hurt so damn good and felt so satisfying, because this confrontation was something they’ve been both heading to from the very beginning. Their relationship NEEDS this moment of truth, they BOTH NEED IT - JH because he needs to come clean with his lover about himself and YS because she needs to know everything about him, even his darkest, most painful secret.

I think the fact that JH has never shared with YS anything about himself - be it his personal life, his work as the Healer or his past - causes her dizziness. To be told so many horrible things at once must have been distressing and even more so because they taken her completely unawares. JH has never prepared her for any of this and her depressed state is completely understandable. I’ve noticed that YS and JH have SIMILIAR COPING MECHANISM - whenever they are downcast, they protectively wrap themselves in a duvet and hide from the world in their sanctuaries where no one can find them - THEIR OWN VERSIONS OF THAT SECRET SECRET ISLAND FROM THEIR CHILDHOOD. They really are two peas in the same pot - two introverts who are used to deal with their troubles on their own; they don’t have any close friends that they could confide in with their deepest fears and secrets except each other. In the end, YS shakes the suspicions off, obviously, determinded to trust JH and listen to his side of the story until she spots the name ‘Oh Gil Dan’ and connects the dots. And this time she is really frightened. 

I love that the moment JH sees YS’s incoming call he immediately interrupts his pub brawl and gives her his undivided attention. When he hears her speaking in that numb voice about her meeting with MS he becomes so worried for her - worried that she was in the same room with the two men who have tried to hurt her and worried that it could cause her another seizure. He stops thinking about everything but her and his only thought is to run to her and console her. Just like he cancelled his own birthday to save her, he even stops his quest to clear his father’s name because nothing is more important than her. The moment when he comes charging to YS’s room, worried for her, when she is at her lowest reminds me of the time when YS did the same for him only days ago. JH’s first instinct is to envelop her in his protective embrace, to shield her from everything and desperate to comfort her. The moment he takes her in his arms you realize he never gave a second thought about the lies MS must have told her about him, but instead how those vicious, distorted lies and half-truth might have hurt her. This physical intimacy has always come so naturally to them and you can really see YS’s first thought is to hug him back but her conflicted emotions stop her and, of course, JH immediately registers it; her silent resistance, the invisible wall that is suddenly standing between them. The need to soothe her, to assure her overcomes everything, as if it’s something visceral, and he embraces her for the second time, only for her to start crying in his arms and that is something that leaves him completely helpless - the fact that he somehow made her cry and he can’t bear to be the cause of her tears. For the first time, there is awkwardness between them.

When I realized that YS has assumed JH didn’t know about the connection between their fathers, it hit me that the reason why she was so reluctant to tell him was to spare him the pain; she was afraid that if she dared to say it out loud what it would mean for them. 

“If it has nothing to do with us, then why can’t you look at me or hold me?” - JH

It’s so heartwrenching to watch JH’s stunned and hurt expression when YS shies away from him; to see the woman he loves cower in fear of HIM! It feels like physical blow to his heart to be rejected by her and JCW is amazing because you can spot the sheer  pain in his expression. I think JH could bear the world hating him but not YS.

What makes me love JH even more is that he isn’t angry nor does he try to persuade YS or defend himself, instead he simply tells her the the plain truth and leaves the choice to her. There is a fleeting moment of desperation in his voice, as if he wanted to make her believe him, as if he wanted to reach out to her with his love and his truth, and you can see how much he wants to cross the room and take her in his arms again and kiss her tears and doubts away and how much it costs him not to. Yet, he is still retreating and giving her space because he knows that is what she needs right now.