otp: 23 wishes

23 wishes for my 23rd birthday

The rare times I wish I were older. 

  1. Mom – I wish her health and happiness, she needs a break, please.
  2. Sister – I hope this year, she gets one step closer to finding out what it is she loves doing
  3. Brother – I hope he has the best time of his life in his last few years of college
  4. Grandma – I hope this year, her children visit her more
  5. Pedro – The strength to deal with my craziness, and all the love I can give
  6. Andrew – Someone who loves him as much as he is capable of loving someone
  7. Angela – A smile worth all the smiles she’s given me
  8. Angelyn – I hope her business breaks the ceiling this year
  9. Cathleen – Pixar. Pixar. Pixar. Or to meet her idols somehow.
  10. Chico – A sign that everything he’s doing is worth it
  11. Chris – To find people who accept him and can help him grow as a person, patiently
  12. Cristhian – Peace of mind…and cool jackets for the rest of his life
  13. Debbie – To keep the ability to see things no one else can
  14. Gerardo – A healthy year for him and his brother
  15. Lester – One day to breathe, one deserving day all to himself
  16. Manuel – To trust himself
  17. Mary – To have tiny reminders throughout the year that her hard work pays off somewhere, somehow
  18. Richard – The job he wants in a place he likes
  19. Sophie – To always keep her cheer and happiness
  20. Stephanie R. – A job at Disney
  21. Stephanie H.– More time with her mom
  22. Tim – A girlfriend
  23. Robby, Joseph, Michael, Leanna, everyone in the whole world – I wish they learn something new about themselves this year