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Like I’m here for all the headcanons about Percy being flustered about Annabeth, and how much he loves her but I’m also here for all the posts about Annabeth loving Percy and being flustered by him, and looking at him with heart eyes and just being happy because Percy makes her happy and it’s fucking canon and it’s barely discussed. Annabeth Chase is as in love with Percy like he is in love with her. 


rebecca/nathaniel + confusing

Emotional consent it so important!

We all enjoy sharing our love for the same shows and characters and that is the beauty of fandom! It’s great to share Aus and hcs.
But be considerate in the way you share!
There is a reason there is a tag system for art and fics so people can choose what they consume.
Tagging something doesn’t give away a plot twist or shock moment you want to keep for your work! But it helps people to decide if they are ready to get into this story/art/hc etc

This also goes for private messages!
Be careful on what and to whom you share. Don’t just drop sensitive hcs on someone. Especially not if you haven’t talked a lot yet and don’t have reached this state of emotional consent yet.
Not everyone is fine with opening their DM/inbox and having to read about their favourite character’s death, otp cheating, pain, hurt, nsfw.
Be considerate and make sure your hcs and ideas fit your conversation partner.
Words have powers and our imagination is strong.

Fandom and sharing can be really beautiful! If we respect each other!

cleffery  asked:

alternatively, another prompt: you've probs heard of Alex being horrible at cooking 'cause she never had the time to learn, but hear me out - Alex making a mess out of the kitchen, and almost burning it down three times, while maggie sits worriedly by the side, and somehow despite the two actual fires, the food is really good. Maggie is in terrified awe

“Well?” Alex asks, wringing her hands nervously. Maggie surveys the scene before her. 

The countertop is a mess. Vegetable peels, and small puddles of spilled oil and spices. The oven door is still ajar, after Alex had yanked it open and pulled out a smoking mess. There’s still a slightly smokey aura hanging around the apartment and Alex’s apron is a mess and Maggie has been watching it all unfold through the gaps between her fingers.

“Are you gonna try it?”

Maggie stares down at what’s supposed to be a lasagna.

She doesn’t want to eat it. But her girlfriend stares at her expectantly, and love is all about sacrifice, so Maggie takes a deep breath and decides to sacrifice her taste-buds for the greater good of her relationship.

She brings a forkful of food to her mouth and it takes more courage than she’s ever needed on the force to put it in her mouth and eat it.

She waits for the sweet embrace of palate death, but it never comes. Instead, she gets what very well may be the best lasagna she’s ever tasted (other than her aunt’s, of course). She takes another bite. And another.

“Danvers, I say this with nothing but admiration, but what the fuck?”

Alex’s shoulders sag. “It’s terrible, isn’t it? I knew this would no happen.”

“No,” Maggie says through a mouthful of lasagna. “It’s amazing. That’s why I’m confused.”

“Well,” Alex says with a smirk, “you already knew I had magic fingers.”

Saw you were having a rough day. I hope this helps.

Winter’s cold bite rouses Asuka from her pleasant sleep at nine in the morning, something she isn’t too happy about. The normal flare of her temper subsides as Rei nuzzles into her, rustling the blankets piled atop them both.

“You been awake long?” Asuka asks. Her answer comes in the form of a long, protracted yawn and Rei curling up beside her, trapping one of her arms between their bodies. “Rei, you know we have to get up or Misato will yell at us, right?”

“Cold,” Rei protests. Asuka sighs, but she shifts to the side, letting Rei snuggle up against her.

“Come on. I’m sure someone’s turned on the heater by now.”

“You’re warm.”

Asuka flushes a bright red, suppressing the need to grab the pillow from beneath her and jam it over her face. Even with the amount of compliments thrown her way on a daily basis, Rei’s soft words somehow manage to get a reaction out of her without fail. “W-well. We’ve been under here since last night! Of course it’d be warm!”

Rei smiles against Asuka’s shoulder, gripping her arm tighter. “Ten more minutes.”

“Five,” Asuka says. Rei nods in agreement and resumes her rest, her steady breaths brushing Asuka’s neck. The redhead looks down, slowly bringing her hand to rest on Rei’s head, threading her fingers through the other’s hair. Her chest swelling with emotion, Asuka lowers her lips by Rei’s ear, whispering words that months ago she never would have said. “I love you.”

From somewhere beneath the sheets, Rei responds with a muffled, “I love you too.”


If you are in the UK...

Dear people in the UK

Please Vote. 

Even if you think it won’t do anything. 

Even if you believe you are in a “safe seat” and your vote won’t matter.

Even if you believe that all politicians are crooks and scumbags. 

And if you do not know who you are voting for, you can always decide who you are voting against.

Your vote matters.

Please vote.


I’d be out of line telling you, “Leave her”
So I lie lonely surrounded by you


i. la vie en rose ; louis armstrong. everyday words seem to turn into love songs

ii. if i walk away ; josh groban. and if I walk away please follow me

iii. high ; lighthouse family. ‘cause even the impossible is easy when we got each other 

iv. gamble everything for love ; ben lee. tell me the truth and i’ll tell you the truth. if you gamble everything for love you’re gonna be alright

v. not a bad thing ; justin timberlake. don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me

vi. if i had a gun ; noel gallagher’s high flying birds. if i had a gun i’d shoot a hole into the sun and love would burn this city down for you

vii. amnesia ; guy sebastian. i wanna know how it feels not to need you

viii. love will come through ; travis. i can’t live alone in this lie

ix. my favourite faded fantasy ; damien rice. i’ve hung my happiness upon what it all could be

x. gorecki ; lamb. if i should die this very moment i wouldn’t fear for i’ve never known completeness like being here

xi. youth ; troye sivan. a truth so loud you can’t ignore

xii. ‘til him ; nathan lane & matthew broderick. he filled up my empty life, filled it to the brim



Im so emotional look how worried he is. 

And then the last one I just..

Most likely OTP Alfie Solomons

Forget something important?

-You are most likely to forget someting importand, Alfie never forgets a thing, even the little things like when he took in his dog, when Ollie came to work for him..

Sings in shower/Bath?

-You don’t like to sing at all, only on rare occasions, Alfie on the other hand always sings when he’s in bath, He’s actually quite the lovesong addict.

Likely to fall while walking?

-You, You always trip over Alfies Cane, He tells you to walk on his other side but you just feel more comfortable walking on his right.

Stays up til 2 am reading?

-You but on the other hand, Alfie always stays up late doing work.

Leaves dirty Laundry on the floor?

-Alfieeeeeee, after a long day of work he just throws his clothes off and relaxes walking in just his shirt.You dont mind

Take care of the other person while sick?

-You are the caregiver, Alfie will watch you and call a doctor but he isn’t the soft type. he won’t make you soup, he gets Ollie to get you that soup..

Is adventurous eater?

-You are more adventurous, Alfie sticks with what he knows. he doesn’t like change.

Get annoyed over small things?


Falls asleep on the couch?

-When Alfie gets in every night he sits down for a bit just resting his eyes, but he always falls asleep. Which you hate because of his Sciatica.. it aint helping his back.

Most impatient?

-Alfie hates when you’re being slow.. don’t be fuckin slow.

Complain about things?

-You complain the most, Alfie lets it be known when dissatisfied but he’s not a complainer.

The healthiest?

-You.. Alfie only drinks and smokes. You do neither

Fall asleep during a party?

-You, When Alfie and you go out he almost always gets into Poker, which goes into the latest hours. So you always just fall asleep in your chair.. you and many other ladies.

Cry when happy?

-You. Alfie Doesn’t cry. Unless it’s really funny.. but thats rare

Buys things they don’t need?

-You, you always buy stuff, Alfie gets mad.. you give him the most outrageous and ridiculous reasons why.. for example ‘’Dove you don’t need heated blanket.’’ ‘’I do Alfie, I get cold at night’’ ‘’You’ve got me aint ya?’’ ‘’You smell’’ 


OTP MEME ➤ [1] moment they became your otp

“you’re strong.”