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     “It has been said that all love begins and ends with she who gave us life. A thousand years ago, my mother turned us into monsters, yet still she claimed to love us even as she vowed to destroy us. The noble Elijah, tormented by long buried shameful secrets. Kol, the wily troublemaker out for no one but himself. Finn, the devoted acolyte, his love all too easily warped by our mother’s sick hate. Fierce Rebekah, willing to risk everything on the chance that she might one day find happiness. And me, the bastard child, my mother’s greatest shame. Now finally we have defeated her, giving her the choice she never thought to give us: to live on as one of the monsters she created, or suffer an agonizing death she so deserves..” - Klaus Mikaelson 


Twelve days of Twelve [10/12] - Scene that made you the most emotional

- The Hybrid- what is it? What’s so important you would fight so long?
- Doesn’t matter what the hybrid is. It only matters that I convinced them that I knew. Otherwise they would keep me out with nothing left to bargain with.
-What are you bargaining for?
-What do you think? You. I’d have to find the way to save you.

They asked me how I can be so sure of that this love will forever last in a world full of temporary things. I looked at them with a smile on my lips and said you know when your heart has found a home.
—  Melwowz

You know what’s amazing? Fangirls. We are fucking amazing; we live, breathe fandom and love the shit out of our chosen fandom. We spend hours writing fan fiction, making gifs, photo sets, videos, and artwork amongst other things. We pick a character(s) and research their past and dig deep into their characterization. We buy the merch, we go see the movies, watch the shows; anything that has to do with our favorite character/fandom we are there. And we get shit for it. “Oh, you only like Captain America because you think Chris Evans is hot.” Well no shit he’s hot. And so what if we haven’t read all the Captain America comics (or maybe we have), who gives a flying fuck. Guess what? Fangirls are at the conventions, at the premieres, motherfuckers we are everywhere and we are going nowhere SON. NOWHERE.

We’re not just any girls, we’re FUCKING FANGIRLS.

Be proud. 

anonymous asked:

I never understood why some people thought Erwin being so determined to find the truth for his own personal reasons was selfish. Finding the truth about the titans was always the Survey Corps' purpose. What difference does it make that Erwin has a deeper reason to accomplish what is sure to be another step into freeing the people of the wall?

I’ve had this ask in my inbox for a while but I thought now would be a  good time to answer it, because it’s kind of related to @goodbyecommander‘s meta about Darius Zackley

This is something that has always bothered me too Anon.  And it was particularly infuriating and hurtful to see this come up again and again in the aftermath of the serum bowl - Erwin Smith deserved to die because he was selfish, because he cared more for his own dream than for Humanity, because his dream wasn’t “pure”, because he had no idea what he would do if his dream was fulfilled. 

It’s bullshit of course, because every single one of the characters has their own dreams and motivations driving them forward.  Erwin is not the only one pursuing a dream.  For Eren it’s kill all Titans, Mikasa - protect Eren, Armin - reach the ocean, Levi - protect Erwin, Hanji - learn everything there is to know about Titans, Bertoldt - return home, Ymir - persuade Christa to live for herself, and so on and so on.  Everyone has their own personal motivations. And how many of them would really know what to do once their dream is fulfilled? We’ve already seen what happened after they reached the ocean and it didn’t quite turn out as planned did it? 

Anyway, to get back to Erwin….What sets Erwin apart from the others is his misplaced guilt.  He holds himself up to impossibly idealistic standards and, with a little prompting from Zackley, believes he has fallen woefully short. He believes he has fooled everyone and lied to his friends.  He convinces himself that he cares more about achieving his dream than saving humanity.  But of course that’s not true, Erwin’s dream and saving Humanity are not mutually exclusive, not at all, and the same can be said for several of the other character’s motivations. As you rightly said Anon, it’s the pursuit of these dreams that move the people of the walls closer to freedom and discovering the truth of their world. 

The idea that people believe Erwin is selfish infuriates me.  Erwin gave everything to Humanity and he paid the ultimate price. He was no more selfish that any of the other characters, and much less so than many. Even before Zackley planted the insidious seed of doubt in Erwin’s mind he was already carrying an immense burden of guilt following the death of his father and the soldiers who died under his command.  It was heartbreaking to see him struggling under the weight of that unjustified guilt. I’m just glad that when it came to the end, someone was able to lift the burden of guilt from Erwin’s shoulders to let him rest in peace. 


sense The Originals has been confirmed of a 5th season all I’d like to say is THANK GOD FOR MORE KLAUS!!!! AND MORE HOPE!!! I really hope they don’t age Hope to be a teen or young adult cause I love Summer Fontana and think her and Joseph make an amazing duo. Plus I would love to see some crossovers from The Vampire Diaries, like maybe Hope meeting Caroline’s girls and her. I’d also love to see lots more Rebekah and Kol cause Claire and Nate are amazing. But like #OriginalsForever and #AlwaysandForever

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