its finally happened!!! i now offer EVERY SINGLE HERO in candle form on my etsy shop! my candles are handmade, hand designed, and full of love, thought and effort. every single overwatch character is represented (at the time of writing!!) - including orisa and even doomfist!

theyre natural soy wax candles that burn cleanly, evenly, and smell strong but not overwhelmingly so. the scents available are a real variety, so theres something for everyone for sure. 

they cost $12 (excluding shipping), and burn for approx. 25 hours. (you can wipe the tins clean and use them after too!)

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, im hosting a sale on my overwatch candles! if you buy your otp in candle form - so two candles, no more, no less!! - you receive 25% OFF your entire order. all you have to do is use the code ‘OTP25′ when checking out! the sale is on until friday, august 11th - so shop quick! you can buy whatever pairing, i dont judge ((;

check out my etsy shop here - and please reblog to spread the word! i hope to see lots n lots of orders from you guys soon. dont forget that discount!

a list of scents is under the cut!

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why don’t you crush what’s left of my soul - 18/25

Anna & The King - The King and I (1956), Anna and the King (1999)


why don’t you crush what’s left of my soul - 6/25

Anne & Gilbert - Anne of Green Gables