happy birthday baek!
i can’t believe 2 years has passed so quickly. what i love most about you is your funny nature. you seriously never fail to make me laugh. you can be so lame but i love your witty comments. kkaebsong!! you and your random word inventions have even spread across the sea to australia ^^ anyways you were the best in showtime, i loved every scene that you were in because straight away i would start laughing at you until my stomach hurt, i loved that baekdo show and that fashion XD you are also so so handsome and the way you gaze at the camera. you smile is the most beautiful thing in the world and your voice is like an angel. i hope you will continue to shine, work hard and keep that amazing personality and humbleness of yours. stay happy and healthy and we fans always have your back. i love you byun baekhyun~


happy birthday princess maknae!

you are now finally 20~ i love everything about you. your 4D personality where one moment you’re like a silent prince and then the next you’re crazily laughing and dancing around. although you are the maknae and you muck around a lot and the hyungs spoil you. i know that deep down inside you care and worry for your hyungs and you love them all. thank you for being the charismatic dancer, aegyo king and tall maknae of exo. without you, or any other member, there would be no exo today. thank you for loving the fans endlessly and always trying to cheer us up. .i can’t wait to see your showcase and please dont get an overdose lol. keep being awesome and funny and i believe you’ll have many many lines in the future. i hope you’ll stay humble, healthy and happy forever and ever. i love you! 


happy birthday huang zitao 生日快乐黃子韜!

today is your 21st birthday and time has gone by so fast ever since you debuted. watching you improve your skills, being more and more comfortable during interviews and watching you grow into a young and talented man. at first you give of the scary sort of vibe but in fact you’re really playful and hilarious. what i like most about you is that you have that really childish and playful side but also that serious and professional side. you’re humble, kind and caring and you never fail to wipe the smile of the fans. you are so talented, you can rap, sing, dance and fricking do martial arts and do flips in the air ^_^ oh and you’re singing voice is really super nice and gentle, it may not be the best in exo but its amazing and unique and i love it. the tears you shed are so geniune and you remind me of a child :) you were my first bias in exo and although you aren’t know omg im so sorry taozi ;;;; you will forever have a special place in my heart. i will support you and exo for a long time and i hope that you will look after yourself and your body and stay healthy since that’s the most important. keep smiling and being the wonderful you. i love you! 我爱你! 永远!


happy birthday prince jongin

i will never understand how someone can be so cute, sexy, charming, sincere, attractive, funny, handsome, hardworking, kind, genuine, humble and amazing. you pretty much possess every single good quality in the world.  your dance moves are so smooth and you’re presence on stage is just bam okay. you are really precoius and important to me and someone i not only consider as my idol, but also a role model. you have worked hard and all those awards, all  the times when you took center stage you deserved it all. you have just turned 20 and you have achieved way beyond the average person - because your hard work has paid off. i believe you will continue to be successful for the next 5, 10, 20, 100 years. keep dancing and keep chasing your dreams. i will support you for eternity. make sure to look after your body, particularly your waist and keep that beautiful smile of yours! i love you gorgeous kim jongin!

happy 1st year anniversary to exo! thank you for existing, thank you for being so amazing. for me, this is the first time i’ve been so dedicated to something. thank you for saving my soul for many times. just thank you! thank you! for eveyrthing. keep going ahead, keep striving, keep being who you are! keep being wonderful and keep reaching for your dreams! i cannot even express in words how much i love every single one of you. i know that i will be there for the next 2, 5, 10 years, i’ll be there for eternity watching from afar.. ps. please have you comeback soon ;A;


happy birthday to our greatest leader suho!

thank you so much for being the angelic leader that has led to exo’s success. thank you for being such an inspiring and loving person. you deserve a big round of applause for being so awesome and for coping with so much. you deserve all the love and happiness in the world. you are so beautiful, talented and handsome. you are kind, sweet and funny. i hope you will keep being the wonderful and happy leader you are. thank you for loving the fans, staying strong and always being here for the fans. we love and appreciate you very much and so do the members. keeping smiling that angelic smile of yours. i want you to stay healthy, happy and humble forever suho. promise. stay strong, we fans got your back! have a super fantastic day and i hope that the members spoil you on your special day~ i love you~! for eternity!

 ok first of all i feel like the shittest fan. im not making excuses but i really do have a lot of assignments and even a maths test on friday and its pretty important so this edit is really ugly and simple and i sincerely apologise for that.

happy birthday huang zitao! my very first exo bias! if it weren’t for you i honestly wouldn’t be breathing, so i am forever grateful towards our panda maknae for making me happy ^^ you are now 20 (which seems so old to me omg) you were so young then haha. ok, tao you have really come very far and all the success..you completely deserve it 100% you have really been through a lot and i hope that you are genuinely happy now. because you deserve it. you can do anything, sing, dance, rap, do kungfu, there is absolutely NOTHING in the world that you can’t do! you are a young handsome man full of talents and i know that i will be by your side forever~please keep being the light of my life! i love you! 生日快乐!