exo reaction when their kid catches them in act otp11

baekhyun : I thought you said she slept already ! Now she won’t be able to sleep for days.

kris : *when the kid walk on you* IT WAS HER ! THIS WOMAN TEMPTED ME !

chanyeol : kid :daddy what were you doing on top of  mommy ?

*panics* nervous laughter*

kyungsoo : *tries to fool the kid* What ? me ? I don’t know what you’re talking about ! I think you’re starting to see things son.

lay : Oh uhh we…. uhmm we were just .. sorry not sorry

sehun : *morning after * kid : yesterday I dreamed that daddy was riding mommy like a horse ! okay im sorry

Kai : *panicking* it’s not what you think sweety , mommy and I were just wrestling…

chen : what ? why are you so shocked ?  how do you think we made you ?

suho: yes officer …  I’ll talk to him . I wasn’t attacking or trying to kill my wife .

luhan : *struggling* endure luhan endure

xiumin : *embarrassed* sweety , I think we need to talk after this *so not ready to talk about it*

that’s it people , time to get your bible 

ps :  i tried to keep it innocent as much as I can otherwise admin bong would kill me

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so that’s my first reaction what do you think ? don’t be mean it’s my first , I tried okay

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Admin SkylerNam

I’m just torturing myself by looking at these updates.  But I can’t help it!  

My OTP11 WIN feels are taking over and I can’t do anything to stop them!  And sadly, I can’t do anything to be there to see it live right now!

Please excuse me while I go cry in a corner like this guy…

*I did not make these gifs.