god i love the edo-pre-Ark arc

all the moments of lavi/lena making me cry and fall back in love with my otp every time i read it 

how lenalee is always the first thing on lavi’s mind 

when the whole world is flattened he doesn’t even curse or swear or ask what just happened he just thinks of lenalee 

and lenalee calls for him first (tho going by logic it might be b/c she was closest to him)

and then when he’s attacked by a freaking noah and he’s trying to protect himself his eye is still focused not on his enemy but on lenalee who’s being approached by the earl

i love my otp so much it really really hurts ;_____;

come to think of it, Edo-pre-Ark was the first time I really really noticed their canonical relationship. might have been this scene in particular, actually.