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Rate Johndavekat?

id like to preface this by saying im normally ALL THE FUCK UP for poly ships (like, major up. i even have a blog dedicated to lapidothyst, my su ot3), however, im one of those avid davekat shippers who stand strongly by the idea of dave and karkat being like… REALLY insecure and maybe a little lowkey possessive lmao. and i just,,, dont think they could do poly. i dont. i think theyd start overthinking it and think the others would be better off without them and blah blah blah and it would be a mess. also, as i mentioned when i rated johndave, im really weird about shipping dave and karkat with people who arent each other (even if in poly they are still with each other- you get me.)

on that note, ill give johndavekat a solid d. (yes, its higher than johndave because of the davekat within it. sUE ME!) i wont begrudge people of their poly davekat+1 ships (be it john/terezi/jade/sollux… it could go on) but i PERSONALLY dont see it working out. 

send me a ship and ill rate it


since i’ve reached 13,000+ followers, i thought i should stop being lazy and finally make a follow forever! thank you all for following my worthless blog ;; & these are the beautiful people i love that are responsible for the stuff on my blog <3 follow forever~ *in the order from the latest blog i followed to the oldest*

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Snap shots with a broken smile
You let him take all your joy away
The sparkle in your eye it faded out
So tell me what it is all about

So give me one chance; one try
I could make you smile again
‘Cuz your man won’t love you right
Baby let me be the man to love you right

Requested by Tara-chan

  • what they say:i'm fine
  • what they really mean:what are the voltron writers doing right now ? are they writing the scene where keith & lance kiss ?? are they animating a klance love confession ??? are they designing the storyboard for the klance reveal ?¿ what is happening ?? where is klance ???? *endless sobbing*