I’m in the mood for rivamika headcanons so here ya go

After Historia’s coronation, Levi finds time to talk to Mikasa about Kenny and the Ackerman clan in his office. He tells her that he is indeed an Ackerman and Kenny was his uncle, but they’re not necessarily related by blood, they just share a clan name. Mikasa is in shock and even begins to tear up a little which Levi mistakes it as her being upset that she shares a name with Levi (he thinks she still hates him). Levi apologizes and walks over to her, putting a hand on her shoulder, but Mikasa stops him mid-apology and looks up and smiles at him, saying she’s crying because she thought she didn’t have any true family left besides Eren and Armin. 

OK after this I thought it could go in 2 directions:

1. Levi’s eyes widen and he smiles a little while saying: “yeah, I thought I was alone in this world too.” Then Mikasa says: “but now we have each other.” 

2. Levi’s eyes widen and with a smirk he says: “but I thought you hated me Ackerman, didn’t you say something along the lines of I’m gonna make that shorty pay…” Mikasa then blushes and says: “w-well that was when I thought you were nothing but an irksome shorty with no heart” Levi’s smirk grows and says: “oh? is that so? And what exactly is your opinion of me now Mikasa?” Mikasa’s face grows even more red and says: “w-well I suppose y-you’re not as much as an irksome shorty as you were back then…” (her eyes are darting around, looking anywhere but him). Levi then leans in close, his mouth right at her ear and whispers: “and I suppose you aren’t the emotional, petulant little soldier that you used to be either, Mikasa.” Mikasa jumps back, her face totally flushed. Levi then chuckles and says with a small smile: “at ease Ackerman, I wouldn’t dream of stealing you away from your titan boyfriend (yet).” Mikasa then salutes, and turns around to leave but before she’s out the door, Levi grabs her wrist and tells her: “Ackerman…. you aren’t alone anymore now…you don’t have to take on every burden by yourself. You have…me to help you carry those burdens….” Without looking back Mikasa says: “I know, Heichou.” and then leaves. 

Then they get married and have 100 babies.


HOLY SHiT how did this go from headcanon to semi-fanfic?? Before I knew it I was typing up shit dialogue and emotions. Well I guess that just shows how much rivamika trash I am. AND PLEASE EXCUSE MY CRAPPY WRITING        ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I rewatched Tarzan this week end (yes when I’m sick I like watching Disney…nevermind), and I remembered how weird I was compared to my friends when I was little.

I mean…when they were into prince Eric or Aladdin, I was in love with Quasimodo…

not but really he is just so cute BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT hum hum..

Anyway, it’s the same with Tarzan. When all my friends were into Tarzan/Jane relationship, me, I WAS SHIPPING KALA/KERCHAK LIKE CRAZY!!!!


ok ok, I know I know…Kerchak is the only male of the group so technically…WELL YOU SEE, but I am not an expert in gorillas anyway but


I don’t know I have so many dokis about their bond!!! Like you have,

Kala : sweet, patient, respectful, smart, brave, SHE IS LOVELY OK

And you have

Kerchak :  authoritarian, grumpy, intimidating but won’t hesitate to risk his life to protect others… HE IS SO COOL OK

And it leads to this cutie famiy **sobs** (why people cried on Bambi’s mom death and not this cutie pie)

So at this point, I have SO MANY QUESTIONS

  • How did they meet? Were they childhood friend?
  • Was Kala always comprehensive with grumpy Kerchak or did she get to know his teddy bear side?
  • Did Kerchak melt to Kala’s sweetness?

Ok I’m done, I ship them so much and it’s ridiculous.

There’s a surprising amount of sexual tension between Foggy and Matt in the flashbacks, beginning with Foggy pointing out that Matt is really, really good-looking when they first meet. He technically points this out because he’s excited about the class of female Matt opens up for him by being his sexy blind roommate, but there’s an enthusiasm about Matt’s beauty that you don’t typically see in straight male relationships. When the flashbacks jump to Foggy and Matt taking a drunken walk through campus, there’s an undeniable attraction between the two of them, and it almost feels like the scene is building up to a kiss as they sit on some stairs and talk about their future together. The flashbacks establish an intense intimacy between the characters, and the fight between Foggy and Matt in the present could easily take place between two lovers. Especially with Foggy asking questions like, “Was anything ever real between us?”

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#230 Though he made sure that she didn't notice, knowing that she would be angry and offended and think he was soft, secretly Cato watched Clove's back every moment that they spent at the Cornucopia at the start of the games. As she was distracted lodging her knife into the District 9 tribute's back, another boy crept up behind her - only to find himself face to face with Cato less than a second later.

This is the last Clato one I promise.


Clarke Griffin Week > Day 4:  favorite romantic relationship
“You want forgiveness? Fine, I’ll give it to you. You’re forgiven, okay? But you can’t run, Bellamy.”  | “Clarke, if you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you. You’re forgiven. Please, come inside.”