Pure Craving

Summary: In which Hinata has intense food cravings and Naruto tries his best to deliver.

Note: Hi guys! NaruHina has been one of my strongest and longest OTP’s, and I’m surprised this is my first fanfiction of them! I always figured these two would take my fanfiction virginity, but somehow they didn’t. Either way, I’m so happy to finally contribute to my 7-year OTP! Hope you enjoy!

Naruto felt his breath and all the stresses of his day sigh away the moment he saw his home. It was a humble little house, but the memories that it held were everlasting. He and Hinata had moved in a couple years ago, but he still couldn’t get over the feeling of giddiness every time he returned home from a long mission.

He’s been more reluctant to leave home as of late, since the announcement of Hinata’s pregnancy. Neither were expecting the news a couple months ago, but both quickly accepted and welcomed the upcoming arrival. Naruto himself was overjoyed and terrified. He didn’t know what kind of dad he would be, or if he would even be a good one, but Hinata’s consistent reassurance helped sooth him.

There was no doubt in his mind that Hinata would be a good mother. She was the most caring woman Naruto had ever met. Hell, after they moved in together Naruto didn’t know how he ever functioned without her. She became the beacon of his life, his best friend, one of his most precious people.

Naruto approached the front door and swung it open.

“Hinata!” Naruto called out eagerly, closing the door behind him. “I’m…. home?”

Naruto stood at the entryway of their kitchen, completely frozen.

Or well, what looked like their kitchen. Mess didn’t quite cover what Naruto was witnessing. Every imaginable drawer was opened and emptied, their convents scattered all over the floors and tabletops. No crevice was left exposed. It looked as though they’ve been thoroughly ransacked. In fact, Naruto would have been under the impression that they had been robbed if it weren’t for Hinata standing in the midst of the chaos, smiling at him completely oblivious.

“Welcome back, Naruto-kun!” She greeted him, leaning out from behind a cabinet. “How was your mission?”

“Uh,” Naruto regarded his wife carefully. “It was fine?”

“Oh good!” Hinata smiled. “I’m glad.”

Naruto just stared. He was waiting for the part where Hinata explained the state of the room. This was too much for simple house cleaning. And they weren’t due to move out of the house for another few months.

After a few more moments of no enlightenment, Naruto decided to speak up.

“So uh,” Naruto scratched the back of his head. “What’s with all…?”

He gestured around. “This?”

“Oh!” Hinata glanced around the room, as if just noticing the disorder herself. “I’m sorry for the mess, Naruto-kun. I was just searching for that box of cinnamon rolls we bought the other day.”

Ah. That explained the mess. For the last few weeks, Hinata had been experiencing some intense cravings. Her most common desire was cinnamon rolls. Naruto had witness her devour an entire case of them in under six minutes. It was both frightening and slightly arousing.

“Oh, that,” Naruto rubbed the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly. “I ate the last one this morning when I was running late. I’m sorry.”

When Naruto didn’t hear an immediate response, he blinked his eyes open.


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i can’t help but think of how different this entire thing would be if hollstein never broke up?

laura opening the trap door and immediately being greeted by a kiss from carmilla

squeezing in as many cuddles as possible while the vamps can still be above ground

having their own popcorn bowl to share while everyone watches oitnb together

(not actually watching the show half the time, just making out)

cherishing every moment where they can have physical contact

carmilla falling asleep on laura’s shoulder on the couch and laura reluctantly waking her up because a patrol is coming

always a tight hug before carmilla has to go back again