Interviewer: Describe what it was like working with Ellen Pompeo.
Patrick Dempsey: (For the first time in the interview, Dempsey tears up. He pauses before speaking.) Beautiful chemistry. It’s magic. Chemistry. It’s beautiful. We’re like a married couple. It’s 10 years and it was magic from the beginning. Chemistry right away. Very moving, always has been.

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This isn't a question, but awesome work on DaveKat! I love DaveKat I just never though it would get canon, it's been my otp for 3 years and reading it got canon made me so happy, so I want to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" d(=*w*=)d

eheh glad you’re happy ;v;

anyway A REMINDER (since I’m still getting some messages about that)

I didn’t make davekat canon, Hussie did, I just drew the pictures I was asked to, just clearing that up again

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out of curiousity, whats the kurotsukki fandom like?

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[iQiyi Interview] Interviewer asked Yixing about Luhan’s birthday. Yixing replied with “Ah... Lu-ge... Yeah I know he is going to celebrate his birthday soon. When it’s his birthday, I hope he will be happy on his birthday and his career will go smoothly as well. I remember when I was a trainee, Lu-ge took care of me really well. Brothers forever.”

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