jellysnack asked:

Angie/Peggy - 97

#97: Safety First

“Angie, this is absolutely ridiculous.”

Peggy certainly looked ridiculous, disappearing into a pile of pillows so deep and soft that it appeared to be swallowing her, surrounded by books and snacks and every random object Angie had decided she might possibly need while confined to bed rest. The icing on the cake was the small bell Angie had placed next to her right hand, to ring for assistance should she need one of the very few items in the apartment that wasn’t already at her side.

“You do know I can walk, darling? I’m cleared to do at least that,” she sighed to her girlfriend - or at least, in her general direction. If she turned her head far enough to the side where Angie was busying herself arranging more items on the bedside table, the pillows blocked her view.

Angie shrugged. “For short distances. If absolutely necessary,” she added, walking right over the beginning of Peggy’s protest. “Luckily for you, it’s not.”

You’re angry, Peggy reminded herself. Don’t be distracted by the cute. “And exactly how long do you plan on keeping me trapped here?”

“Not sure,” Angie said, back to fluffing and straightening the pillows. “We’ll see after your next doctor’s appointment.”

For heaven’s sake. “At least can we do away with the bell? There’s nothing wrong with my vocal cords, and the last thing I want to do is ring at you like a servant.”

“Oh, the bell’s just for emergencies,” Angie grinned. She flopped down onto the bed next to Peggy and reached for one of the books. “I don’t plan on leaving your side long enough for you to need it.”