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How I feel about this character: My actual son who deserves better in life

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Tea

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Hema X Happiness (but I’m also a big fan of his relationship with Blue and White and Morgan, and also looking forward to how his relationship with Sphal and Eka develops! Also: Rubes and Puff are Hema’s gay aunts and no one can convince me otherwise.)

My unpopular opinion about this character: That he isn’t quite as pure as people think he is and that he has major flaws of his own

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I pray every day that someone will tell him how awesome he is and that, one day, he can 100% believe them and understand just how incredible he really is

Is it just me?
  • Me:*watches anime*
  • Me:I don't care about this
  • Me:*marathons anime*
  • Me:It won't take over my life
  • Me:*makes OTPs*
  • Me:I'm totally fine
  • Me:*scrolls through tags on tumblr*
  • Me:I could quit right now
  • Me:*aggressively sobbing into a pillow*
  • Me:See, i'm so good right now
  • Me:.....
  • Me:Fuck
  • Malec:*gets married*
  • Alec:Magnus, i was thinking
  • Alec:now that we're married
  • Magnus:yes, darling?
  • Alec:does this make you my hus-Bane?
  • Magnus:.........
  • Magnus:Get out
  • but all of the characters on faking it have already gone through such great development:
  • lauren:publicly came out as inter-sex,which was the one thing she has been the most insecure about in her whole life
  • .
  • amy:has finally accepted her feelings towards girls and moved on from her best friend that she was in love to let her be with the one she loved.
  • amy's mom:lives in one of the most homophobic places in the u.s. but still manages to finally accept her daughter as being gay and tries to help her whenever she can.
  • karma:despite her insecurities, she finally told everyone the truth about her and amy's fake relationship, even though she knew it would ruin her reputation.
  • reagan:on her short time on the show, she already has managed to go from concealed and afraid, to trusting amy not to break her heart.
  • liam:did i say every character
  • shane:yeah i just meant the girls

When he is so proud of You, he smiles with you , he chokes with you, he appreciates every thing you do ,supports you & most importantly Loves you




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Look at this
This isn’t just any look
The way Dan looks at Phil explains everything
He looks at him with such care and passion
When Phil tweets, he doesn’t reply straight away but always thinks of a good come back because he knows Phil loves it and doesn’t mind it
He knows Phil like the back of his hand but always seems to mimic him anyway because that’s his way of showing love and passion towards him
Maybe before he goes to sleep and says goodnight to phil, he just lies there thinking about him and how much he cares for him, how if anyone is mean to him in any way he wouldn’t hesitate to batter them, but most of all how happy he is to of met him, how glad he is to make the decision to meet Phil at the train station for the first time, how skyping him for the first time changed his life, how much Phil means to him
How thankful he is to Phil for being his best friend, the type of figure he never had for the first 18 years of his life, how he can’t live without him.
These are just some thought before he goes to sleep, but what about when he wakes up
Maybe he turns around to see if he is there and just hopes one day he will, when he walks out of the bedroom to him eating cereal and giving him the biggest smile giving him a wam fuzzy feeling Inside, being reminded how thankful he is living with his best friend, his soulmate
Then getting breakfast and eating cereal with him, staring at him when he is not looking because he is watching TV, taking in every detail of his face but quickly looks away when he turns round and blushes and just remembers how much he has fell inlove with his best friend.