Day 3: Gaming

MCU drama- what? I’m too busy selling my life to Avengers Academy!

Steve is using 3DS XXL, because his hands are too big for a normal one.
( @alek-draws-stuff​ Tony agrees with me, Sylveon IS lame)

It’s so sad, right now I literally do not have time for drawing

This is a combination of the “iPod Shuffle” challenge and OTP Headcanon prompts. The_ iPod Shuffle challenge _is where you put your iPod or other music device/library on shuffle and list the 15-25 first songs without skipping, and OTP Headcanon Prompts is when you get prompts sent in and write headcanon’s or ficlets based on those.

So the proposed challenge/meme/idea is:

- you choose an OTP or a ship 

- you put your song library on shuffle

- and for the first 10 songs that come up you write at least a line of how this song interacts with your chosen OTP/ship

Variations: do several OTP/ships per song, do more than 10 songs, write more than one line (i.e. whole headcanons, prompts, drabbles, fics), do collections of challenges for OTPs, you name it, have fun with it!

{credits: texture | font }

[Haven’t seen this before, if it does exist, tell me and I’ll give credit] _{this is a fancier graphics version of one of my earlier posts}