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Remake: The Shadow of the Tower Episode One Staring Jacob Collins-Levy and Holliday Grainger: 

“You have the crown, you have a wife, and now you are secure.” 

 “Am I?”

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I love AU fanfics where Dany and Jon meet earlier like Season 1 or where they grew up together but are still in love. Coz honestly it sucks that it took so FUCKING long for them to fucking meet….

I’m still super Salty about that…😑 and they don’t look too happy about that either… see below.

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Years of marriage and the birth of seven children caused the tall, slim features of the young Elizabeth to mature into a full face and rather portly body. The Portuguese ambassador Joham Farinha Dalmadaa describes Elizabeth in a letter written on May 8, 1501, to Emanuel, king of Portugal, when he was created Knight of the Garter:
‘There are no more news to write to your highness, except that the queen was supposed to be with child; but her apothecary told me that a Genoese physician affirmed that she was pregnant, yet it was not so; she has much embonpoint [plumpness] and large breasts.’
Henry did not seem to mind Elizabeth’s maturing appearance and included her in activities where he could easily have acted alone. When the king arranged a major diplomatic visit to Calais to meet with Philip, archduke of Austria and duke of Burgundy, the queen accompanied him. Henry VII and Elizabeth sailed for Calais on May 8, 1500, arriving that night.

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I mean I know medieval minds had differences in mind about attractiveness and what not, but idk it kinda feels really nice to know that Elizabeth and Henry’s relationship wasn’t solely based on attractiveness alone. 

“Though founded on pragmatism, Henry and Elizabeth’s marriage had nevertheless blossomed throughout the uncertainty and upheaval of the previous eighteen years. This was a marriage of ‘faithful love’, of mutual attraction, affection and respect, from which the king seems to have drawn great strength ” Thomas Penn, The Winter King

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“Following Cecily’s Advice” 

Can Bess go through with the advice and council  Cecily gives her, after learning about possible affection the new King holds for Maud Herbert?

*Okay so a short little sweet fic about Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Also a little fuck you to certain authors who like to label Henry VII as a rapist with no evidence at all. 

November 1485

Bess had been fidgeting all afternoon, to the point where Cecily had noticed.

“Lady Stanley will think some is amiss if you continue like this.”

They were in Bess’s chambers getting ready to dine with the King. He had arrived early this morning, much to Bess’s surprise. While The King had visited Bess often since her arrival in his mother’s household he had not visit her for the past week or so.

“How can I not. What if what you told me was the real reason the King has not married me yet. What if it has nothing at all to do with the dispensation?” Bess exclaimed.

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5 ships

keWho are your top 5 ships? Show them in gif form, photo form, have fun with this.

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1. Richard III and Anne Neville (I will go down with this ship. Seriously so many people don’t realize that Richard III had a pretty good relationship with his wife and I love informing them about this. We can debate alot when it comes to him, but I can’t stand it when people try to attack him on his relationship with Anne. It’s unnecessary, we have a good amount of evidence that they were happy together.) 

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2. Henry VII and Elizabeth of York (I’m gonna cry thinking about these two, Henry literally spent 6 weeks in isolation after she died and was truly never the same after she died. It’s so tragic that it happened to him, because Elizabeth seems to given him the home he must have craved for while in exile and then she was so cruelly taken from him) 

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3. Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens (Urgh, these two, I love the letters between them so much. Especially the ones where Hamilton’s going on about the size of dick, like reminding Laurens how amazing he is. It’s amazing thing that my favorite founding father was a bisexual man) 

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4. Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene (Don’t get me started on the potential these two had. They seriously could have been a power couple on the show. Daryl Dixon was 100% in love with Beth Greene and I will except nothing less other then that. I know alot of people view Daryl’s sexuality differently, I view Daryl as asexual for some reason. I think it would have been nice if the show had done a storyline like that. Speaking as a grey-scale person I really would have enjoyed that)

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5. Reign’s Francis II of France and Mary Queen of Scots (Urgh Reign has so many problems. I know, I know it’s like the worst historically show ever. I completely agree but Frary is not one of those problems. I mean historically speaking Mary Queen of Scots favorite husband was Francis II of France and yet every show proposes that it was one of her other husbands, cause they can’t understand a woman as beautiful as Mary was loving sickly little Francis II of France. So I do like the fact that the show actually makes Mary “true love” to be Francis. But yea season one only, cause season 2 doesn’t exist in my eyes.) 

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Of course don’t feel obligated it was just really nice to do this will all my favorite ships.