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Oh, also, for my Mew Mew, Bam has to give me Lots of cool down hugs because the cave lion genes make me prone to going berserk (which is also predominantly when cat ears & tail come out)

And since Ichigo is a black cat, and Berry is a white cat, I figure I’m probably a calico? They’re my favorite color cat forever, and I think they’re up there with people’s default ideas of cat coloration.

Here, there are all my Love Live ship except for one because Tsubasa is missing, poor Honoka, the only one who’s sleeping without her girlfriend xD

I love this scene, it is very sweet! ♡

For those who haven’t seen the OAV yet or don’t remember, this scene is taken by the PV of “Music S.T.A.R.T.”

Colored the Mew Mew AU Sketch I did earlier! More head canons to come~

100 Ways (To Say "I Love You") - Ch. 1 (Eren & Jean) [SNK; Multipairing]
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By Organization for Transformative Works


100 short works inspired by a list of the many ways to say “I love you”.


Ok, so a while back, I took suggestion from my readers and friends as to what pairings you might like to see me write. I told you it was for an upcoming, multi-ship project.

This is that project.

Inspired by this tumblr post, this 100 chapter anthology of short works is my take on these many ways of saying “I love you”, using a multitude of YOUR suggested SNK pairings as muses. I wont be tagging the ships here, since there are simply too many, but each chapter will have the ship listed in the title and the notes.

So keep an eye out for your suggestions, and feel free to make more as the project rolls along.

For now, let’s kick things of with Eren & Jean.

Enjoy! :)