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When your gay OTP is finally canon:

When you have the hotts for you step-bro but your bro is not into you:

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perladellanotte  asked:

Please, if you can with emoji Camus with B5 and Milo with A5

I need to say THANK YOU for asking me this couple!!! <3 I really, REALLY love them so hard!!!! <3 <3 <3 Manga color because I love red head Camus and blond Milo <3
Acuatually I never paint in this way this kind of commission but I wanted to paint it a bit more detailed just because of these two, one of the couples I love the most (And the faces you choose were really cute~) 
Btw, I really loved to draw this and hope you like it!! n__nUu 

anonymous asked:

For the Send a Character thing, Pidge?

Ooo! Thank you anon :D

My NOTP for them 

I don’t really have NOTPs anymore. 

My BROTP for them

Pidge and Hunk. 

My OTP for them 

Kidge 4life. 

My second choice pairing for them 


My fluffy pairing for them

Plance is really cute a lot and I love it.

My angsty pairing for them 

Kidge angst is amazing.

My favorite poly ship for them 

PIDGE/KEITH/LANCE!!! (ot3 codename: peanut butter sandwich) That shit doesn’t get enough love lemme tell ya.

 My weirdest pairing for them

Ngl I’ve read my fair share of Pidge/Lotor and I’ll admit thats a bit odd.

                send me a character and I’ll give you my ships for them!

When it’s a beautiful winterday like this and I’m sharing it with Sipoo… for me it’s really special feeling-

-Fuck you Hesa.

Yees my precious ocs Helsinki and Sipoo and I hope specially evoniusreilupeli likes it.

You didn’t see mtv3 terrible logo there


Super Junior 30 Day Challenge-Day 2 “Your OTP”


I don’t know why… well, maybe I do. Its just that, they have that spark, that chemistry, so natural… they way they look at each other… the way they treat each other.

ugh, EUNHAE BETTER BE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now… .

Picture spam!

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My gift to all Eunhae shippers!