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So, this was also requested by @margo-the-destroyer. So, I guess I gotta. Also, I’m glad I gotta.

·         who hogs the duvet

Julia. But it’s completely by accident. See, Kady gets hot at night and kicks the blankets off, leaving Julia to cuddle in them and wrap them around herself. Then she wakes up, cold, and has to tangle Julia so that she can have blankets.

·         who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Kady. She texts to make sure that Julia has eaten and is doing alright because Julia gets really involved with whatever she’s doing. She gets really into it and tends to forget about things like food and sleep and everything else. So, Kady texts and checks on her every couple of hours.

·         who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Kady. Julia is really good at finding practical gifts and things that match people’s interest. Kady is good at finding weird shit. She’s good at finding that thing that you didn’t know you needed but the second you say it it was everything. Like, Julia would get you a first edition book from your favourite series, Kady found you a sword cane.

·         who gets up first in the morning

Julia. Even if she’s the last one in bed at night she’s the first one up in the morning. She’s got shit to do and sleeping takes up too much time. By the time Kady wakes up the coffee is already made, Julia is already showered and getting on with the day. Kady likes her sleep and can occasionally get Julia to sleep in a little bit, sometimes hugging her tight in the morning and not letting her get out of bed.


·         who suggests new things in bed

Kady. There’s a lot she wants to try and a lot of things that Julia wants to try. Kady only knows what Julia wants because Julia will ‘accidentally’ leave up webpages of different positions or toys for Kady to see. So then Kady is the one to bring it up because she knows Julia never will.


·         who cries at movies

It depends on the movie. Julia cries when the dog dies in movies and during movies where someone passes away after a long battle with illness. She also happy cries at the end of animated movies and hopes that no one notices. Kady cries during romantic movies and tries to hide it or makes up an excuse to go to the bathroom so Julia doesn’t see her tearing up.


·         who gives unprompted massages

Kady. When Julia is reading or working Kady comes up behind her and starts rubbing her shoulders until she relaxes. These are usually quickly little massages but if Julia is really tense and hasn’t been sleeping well they can turn into full body massages that end with Julia asleep and finally relaxed.

·         who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Julia. Kady assumes people want to be left alone when they’re sick and, also, she doesn’t want to catch whatever someone else has. She’ll be there, but she’s not great with illness. So, she avoids sick people at all costs. Julia makes soup and checks temperatures and makes sure Kady doesn’t need a doctor. She makes sure Kady takes the proper dose of medicine (as Kady will occasionally just drink half a bottle of cold medicine and declare herself to be fine.).

·         who gets jealous easiest

Kady. She’s always worried that Julia will somehow be taken away from her or that she’s not good enough for Julia. Julia has nice things, she’s brilliant, she could have basically anyone. Kady sometimes thinks that Julia is only with her because of their circumstances. That Julia feels like she has to be. She’s very jealous and protective over Julia.

·         who has the most embarrassing taste in music

Kady. One of her secret favourite artists is Kelly Clarkson. She watched American Idol in a hotel room they lived in when she was younger and she just got kind of attached. She liked Kelly’s story and her music and she still listens to her when she’s having a bad day.

·         who collects something unusual

Julia. It’s insects. It started when she was younger. She has shadow boxes of delicately places and labelled insects and arachnids. Kady thinks it’s a  bit creepy but she supports Julia, occasionally bringing her strange insects she’s found for her collection.

·         who takes the longest to get ready

Kady. Mostly because she procrastinates. She doesn’t want to get into the shower, then she doesn’t want to get out, then she doesn’t feel like getting dressed or fussing with her hair. These things just take too much effort and she delays them for as long as possible.


·         who is the most tidy and organised

Julia. Mess is too distracting. Kady is the type to leave coffee cups around her work space and works better in  clutter. Kady is used to clutter and chaos, Julia isn’t. Messes make things overwhelming and there’s too much going on. Everything has to be a certain way or working and studying become difficult.

·         who gets most excited about the holidays

Kady. She didn’t always. Usually the holidays were just another day and she didn’t really celebrate. Hell, she never had anyone to celebrate with. Her mother tended to forget her birthday and big holidays were always ignored. With Julia it’s different. She has a family and someone she can share the day with. It’s never big or fancy or overly exciting, but Kady did get to decorate her first Christmas tree with Julia and felt like a little kid.

·         who is the big spoon/little spoon

Kady is always big spoon. Julia is small and likes to be cuddled. Kady likes holding her tightly and knowing she’s there, knowing she can’t slip away.

·         who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Julia. She grew up competing academically and every game is very serious to her. She really likes playing bridge even though Kady doesn’t entirely understand the rules of it. With games like that Kady is incredibly laid back and tends to accidentally win, leading Julia to try and figure out her strategy even when there isn’t one.

·         who starts the most arguments

Julia. She doesn’t mean to but occasionally she overreacts too things that Kady says or takes things too personally. Kady doesn’t like to argue and only does it when Julia is exhausted but refuses to go to bed. They don’t often fight and when they do it’s usually easily resolved once they calm down.

·         who suggests that they buy a pet

Kady. Except, she doesn’t so much suggest it as she does….bring a pet home. Julia comes home to a cat just in the apartment. It was homeless and tiny and Kady didn’t think it should be on the street like that, so  she brought it in. It takes a while for Julia to calm down over the random stray cat showing up, but she eventually grows to love him. Even if he is the ugliest cat she’s ever seen in her life, Kady loves him and they saved him together.

·         what couple traditions they have

Tuesday night movies and sushi. It’s the one time when they actually stop what they’re doing and make themselves take a break. It was Kady’s idea when she realised that Julia had never seen Young Frankenstein and they watched it together. Then it became a regular Tuesday night occurrence with them settling in and watching a movie, switching off who picks the movie each week,

·         what tv shows they watch together

They don’t really have time to watch television. Occasionally they’ll binge watch Law and Order when the other is sick and have officially  seen every episode of SVU. Late at night when they’re working they’ll turn on X-Files or Twilight Zone to play in the background, sometimes getting caught up in the show and forgetting to work.

·         what other couple they hang out with

Okay, you knew this was coming. You know me, you’ve seen my URL, you’ve seen me post shit. Obviously they occasionally hang out with Penny and Eliot. Penny still likes talking to Kady and there are still some feelings there and it gets hard sometimes, but he likes her as a person and misses talking to her. Eliot and Julia are both really good at bridge and like to play together.

·         how they spend time together as a couple

Mostly reading or working on magic. Their cooperative spells are amazing and they love learning and practising together. They don’t really go out much, neither of them really having an interest in shopping or going to wine tastings. They like to stay at home most nights. Sometimes Julia reads Kady her favourite poems until she falls asleep. Kady likes to make up stories to tell Julia about fantastic adventures int eh Great Unknown.

·         who made the first move

Julia. It wasn’t exactly on purpose and neither of them really thought about it. They just started growing closer and everything happened so slowly they didn’t even realise their feelings were changing. Then one day Julia just kissed Kady goodnight without thinking. There was a long pause and a few seconds where neither of them moved or said anything. Then Kady kissed her back.

·         who brings flowers home

Kady. She doesn’t know the names of the flowers (and sometimes the flowers are actually weeds) but she picks up any yellow flower she sees because she know yellow is Julia’s favourite colour. She learns that Julia especially likes sunflowers and starts getting her those. Then later she finds out that Julia doesn’t actually like cut flowers, she doesn’t like watching them die. So, she starts taking Julia on walks through gardens instead, especially on days where Julia is feeling bad. They’ll casually go stroll through a garden, looking at the exotic and foreign plants with Julia pronouncing their Latin names perfectly.

·         who is the best cook

Julia. She bakes bread and makes homemade pasta and desserts. Kady is really good at foods that needs to be microwaved but not so great with a stove. She can sort of make spaghetti out of a box with a canned sauce, but they both quickly decide that Julia should be the one to cook. She also stress bakes. Sometimes if she’s really stressed and can’t focus then the house will be filled with fresh bread and brownies.

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who boasts about the other more? 
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