otp's first meeting

First Meeting prompts

1) “Everyone – hands in the air!” The bank robber burst into the building, only to discover that a hold-up was already happening.

2) “What happened last night? Where am I?” Why are you, gorgeous but utterly unfamiliar, bringing me breakfast in bed?
“You don’t remember?”
“That’s not reassuring me.”

3) “Hi. Officer Black.” They held up a fake ID badge. “I’m looking into the disappearances that have been happening in this area recently. May I ask you a few questions?”
The actual investigator stared at them.

4) “Oh my god – it’s you. You’re the one I’ve been hearing!”
“What?” Completely bewildered.

5) Coincidentally, we have the same surname and accidentally both booked the same honeymoon suite. I’m not willing to lose the best room in the hotel or admit that I booked a honeymoon suite single precisely because it was the best room. Look at that Jacuzzi! All of the other rooms are taken anyway. Turns out, you’re travelling alone too. Everyone now thinks we’re newly beds and, frankly, I’m not giving the gift basket back so I guess we’re married for a week.

6) “You have a kitten in your bag.”
The NO PETS ON THE BEACH sign loomed behind them.
“Say that a bit louder, will you?”
“Your cat likes the beach?”
“She gets separation anxiety.”
It was hopeless, it was love. Black hair and blue eyes and peeking out entirely too pleased with itself among a towel.
“Either sit down or stop staring, you’re going to blow our cover.”

7) “You know the library is closed, right?” the stranger broke the silence.
They looked the stranger; dressed in pyjamas and clutching a kitkat from the vending machine. They raised their brows. The stranger didn’t even blush at the sheer hypocrisy of the comment.

8) “You’re in my spot.” They had been coming to the roof every evening for three years, and nobody else had ever been there and – oh god, the stranger was crying.

9) “I’m your soulmate, from the future.”

“Then future me as horrible taste, keep walking.”
“…wow. Future you was right, you really did used to be a prick.”

10) When you save somebody’s life, it always seems that a fragment of their future belongs to you. They wouldn’t have had it if it wasn’t for the few heartbeats of your acquaintance. You disagree with this notion quite violently.

Compass points in the direction of your soulmate au.

Everyone is born with a compass on their arm that points in the genral direction of their ‘soulmate’.

-So I’ve worked out that my soulmate is in this city, and they work in a strip club????

-Realising you just mugged your soulmate.

-A casually walks in on B and C doing the do.

-I’m being arrested, and my compass is pointing at you officer.

-Doing CPR on a patient that just came in while the compass spins on their arm.

-Person A knowing their soulmate lives in this big old mansion in the woods and works up the courage to knock on the door.  

-I’ve been living alone for years and you have just knocked on my door. 

-Also I have a lot of cats and your allergic. 

-So my soulmates a vampire- 

-”Turns out my soulmate is really fucking rich holy hell.” 

-A finding their soulmate and becoming best friends, B being completly oblivious to this and marrying someone else.

- Private detective.

-You always deliver pizza on a sunday why the obsession???

-Walking in on a bunch of criminals.

-Does this dog belong to you?

-Being at a concert and your compass pointing directly at the singer.

-That politician you dislike? Yep they are your soulmate. 

-Rivals in a big sports event like the olympics.  

-Oh shit your tol.               

  • so the first meeting Marius brings Cosette along to 
  • (obviously everyone loves her bc she’s a ray of sunshine)
  • only Enjolras and Grantaire don’t come to say hi bc they’re red faced and screaming at each other
  • R is stood on a chair in order to maintain eye contact 
  • poor Cosette,, so small… so confused.,..,
  • “oh man it’s so sad you don’t all get along, they must really hate each other to be shouting like that!!”
  • Courf kind of just squints at her for a while the says
  • “well they’ve been married for three years so”

Awkward First Meeting 
1. I was really tired and I accidentally walked into your dorm room and flopped onto your bed.  

2. It’s really late at night and we are the only two people at the laundry mat…so hi? 

3. You accidentally pushed a door instead of pulling it, and I can’t stop laughing. Sorry. 

4. I got distracted when you walked into the grocery store, and I fell into a tower of cans. 

5. I was out shopping when I noticed you sort of took my cart..and my kid.


RebelCaptain AU || Before Sunset  i. ii. iii

Years after their chance encounter, Cass and Jyn meet again in Paris. There, she is working for an environmental firm and he is on tour for a book that is based on their one night in Vienna. Initially meant to be a quick hello for Jyn after she heard Cass would be at her favorite bookstore for his tour, it quickly turns into another series of conversations and a walk around the city. But once again, Cass will need to catch a plane by nightfall to get back to Mexico and his committed life. So in the couple of hours they have left, both will relive the connection they experienced together…but will they also relive the same mistake?

In All Of Space And Time, This Is Where We Meet

The Clave, technologically superior, but poor in resources, has been bothering the Far Outs and the wider Border Zone of Downworld Space for the last couple of months. When Lieutenant Magnus Bane is raided by Captain Alec Lightwood, neither quite gets what they were expecting.

Alec/Magnus, First Meeting, Games Of Command Fusion, Cyborg Alec, Warlock/Lieutenant Magnus, 1.4k

Crossposted to AO3 | Written for @shadowhuntersaumondays

“Lieutenant? The long-radar is picking up something, sir.” The young ensign sounds alarmed, which is only common sense. They’re currently cruising through the Far Outs, the only supply freighter making the trek from central Downworlds Space to the outpost in the Outer Sector. Nobody else is supposed to be here.

Magnus quickly checks the Nav Deck, tries every trick in the book and a couple that definitely aren’t to find out more about their mystery guest. He even tries the old, ‘hit it until it works’ trick, but all to no avail. The Greenhorn is old and on its last legs, kept from falling apart by a copious amount of duct tape. It’s a wonder the long-range radar picked up anything at all, it’s been refusing to work properly for their entire trip.

“Sir, should we raise the Captain?” the other ensign asks, voice cracking, once it’s obvious Magnus won’t perform a miracle by the dashboard today. Magnus shakes his head. “The Captain is taking some well-deserved rest.” The ensigns share a glance but don’t comment that Ragnor Fell is currently passed out in a drunken stupor. Much like the ship, its Captain has seen too many days and is well beyond his prime. On his good days, Magnus is incredibly fond of him, and not only for giving a shunned kid-of-the-docks turned mercenary a chance at an official assignment. Without Ragnor Fell, there’d be no Lt. Magnus Bane, so he’s going to do his absolute best to keep them all afloat, whatever comes their way.

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Farkle: I’ve been in love with Riley since the first grade.

WatchRiley is within five feet of you
Riley: Hey, that’s my voice!
Farkle: Yeah, I’ve been recording it for years. But don’t worry, I would never take advantage of it.
Watch: I love you, Farkle

Farkle: Of course she loves Rileytown. Of course she’s weird and goofy and     unique. That’s what we all love about her.
Maya: So what’s the problem?
Farkle: Somebody doesn’t.

Riley: You gave me this when you sat with me in the hospital when I had my tonsils out. I lost her and never had the heart to tell you. How did you know?
Farkle: I bought two of them, you know, just in case, you lost the one I gave you.

Lucas: Look up there. I just saw comet fly by.
Farkle: Yeah. My ceiling is a planetarium. But don’t worry Riley. Pluto will always be a planet in my room.


Day 4: Favorite Relationship (Aidan & Josh)

My 31 Day OTP Challenge

1: First Meeting
2: Selfie
3: Ugly Christmas Sweaters
4: Easter Best
5: Picknick
6: Bathing Suit
7: Argument
8: Comfort
9: Kissing
10: 50’s Style
11: As Little Kids AU
12: Switch Clothes
13: Genderbend
14: Racebend
15: Royality
16: Cosplay
17: Slow Dance
18: Fantasy Beasts
19: Wedding day
20: W/ their Kid/Kids
21: W/ their best friend/friends
22: Boarding School
23: Favorite animal
24: Going Shopping
25: Christmas Ball
26: Medieval Style
27: Valentines Day
28: Halloween Costumes
29: Holding hands
30: Death Scene
31: Anything
Have fun! And don’t hurt your fans too much…