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i have too many feelings about michelle jones so here have headcanons and peter x michelle

this was obnoxiously long because i have no control so lots of stuff is under the cut and it became very fic-like at the end there, whoops. 

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  • so michelle moved with her family to new york when she started high school
  • and mj was actually pretty sad to leave her friends back in chicago because it had taken a long time to make those friends and she always feels awkward around new people
  • so she isn’t very happy about The Move
  • she comes from a loving family
  • like, she gets kissed every night before she goes to bed, her parents read her bedtime stories until she was ten, she used to wear matching outfits with her mother, family movie nights were every friday
  • her parents were really good to her for the most part and just loved and supported her
  • they’re also pretty smart and since mj has pretty much always been inspired by them so intelligence and the acquisition of knowledge is really important to her
  • hence reading and academic decathlon, but she’s also into math and science too because she’s very driven and doesn’t have that many friends in new york so what else is she gonna do?
  • and her parents are an interracial couple and they’ve encountered a lot of hate and mj was always so sad when she walked out with her mother and people would give them weird looks
  • so she’s tried to end hate whenever she can and fights to give a voice to those who are silenced
  • but now cue mj going to high school in new york
  • she joins academic decathlon ofc because who do you think she is she lives for this shit
  • and then! there is this little shithead on the team PETER PARKER
  • like who the fuck does this kid think he is
  • answering all these questions, acting like he’s sooo smart just because he happens to know a lot of facts and is really good at physics and speaks spanish really well and also happens to be really dorky and adorable and okay maybe he’s kind of attractive too and maybe mj starts throwing herself more into academic decathlon and possible CONSIDERS joining band but that’s ONLY BECAUSE PETER IS A SHITHEAD AND SHE NEEDS TO SHOW HIM HE ISN’T THE ONLY TALENTED ONE OKAY
  • anyway

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the saga of is it a fic or are they headcanons continues.

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  • so michelle starts to get buddy buddy with ned and peter, ish.
  • she starts to actually kind of like ned, even if he sometimes puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. but they argue about the merits of comic books as a form of literature and he teaches her some words in tagalog and she learns how to call peter a son of a bitch so she’s pretty entertained.
  • but the weird things just keep piling up with peter.
  • he rushes off at random times, freezes whenever she asks him where he’s going, shows up to school with cuts and bruises looking like he’s been fighting in an underground boxing ring. she even saw him go into the chemistry lab the other day at lunch time even though they both took chemistry last year and he’s taking biology now.
  • he just does really weird things sometimes and michelle can’t help but notice.
  • michelle also can’t help but notice that spiderman is becoming more and more popular. people sell t-shrits, masks, shot glasses, tote bags. everything, basically. and maybe one day michelle might spend a little too much time looking at a t-shirt with a picture of spiderman in all his toned, muscly glory. but she just shakes her head and keeps moving.
  • she gets curious about him, though. where did he come from? who is he? why is he doing this? why did he sound oddly familiar in DC when he saved her friends?
  • and then one day she’s walking home from school after academic decathlon and she missed the bus which is totally her fault for staying later after practice to chat with peter and ned about the upcoming weekend and how their plans to construct a lego version of the starship enterprise were so utterly boring she could barely stand to listen to them. (and weren’t people supposed to choose star wars or star trek? was that not a thing? not that she cares about things peter likes. well, peter AND ned. anyway.)
  • she’s turning a corner when she sees someone out of the corner of her eyes. there is a man on the opposite side of the street walking several yards back from here. it could be nothing. but she’s also been taught to always be on high alert. so she grips her backpack to her body a bit tighter and walks a little faster down the street, cursing herself for not taking the more populated albeit slightly longer route home.
  • she continues down the street when she notices the man cross the street so that he’s on the same side of the road as she and at that point she just starts running. better that he thinks she’s odd if he isn’t following her than be caught if he is trying to catch her. she sprints down the street and turns another corner as she looks back to check if the man is following her and then bam. she’s on the ground, gripping the shoulder that practically crashed into a brick wall.
  • “oh my goodness, are you okay?” she sighs and looks at the owner of the panicked voice and she is left speechless. it’s…well, it’s spiderman.

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whoops, my hand slipped and here is a much more fic-like set of bullet points that i don’t have to heart to actually turn into a fic. part of a trilogy it seems.

one | two | three (THIS ONE!) | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

  • something to know about michelle: she’s very good at keeping secrets
  • once, when she was eight years old, her older brother broke the brand new watch his parents had gotten him for christmas. he begged her not to tell anyone, most especially their parents or her four year old sister who would undoubtedly tattle to their parents. she never spoke a word of it to anyone and helped him fix it as best they could so that her parents never found out.
  • then, when she was eleven, she had the biggest crush on this one girl in her class, layla. and one day, one of her best friends alex told her that he had a crush on layla. so she never spoke a word of her crush, nor of alex’s, to anyone. that is, until one day alex and layla walked around the playground at lunch time holding hands and told everyone they were now dating.
  • and then after she moved to new york, spent the year trying to find a place for herself, and then finally found and joined academic decathlon, she met peter parker and liz allan. and she knew immediately that peter parker liked liz. he always stared at her during practice and smiled at her whenever she glanced at him. she heard him talking about her at lunch. everyone knew that peter had a crush on liz. but one day after practice, she was in the bathroom stall when liz and her friend betty walked into the restoom, chatting.
  • “oh my goodness I can’t believe you have a crush on that freshman.” betty scoffed. “really liz, like half the junior class is in love with you and you’ve got heart eyes for the scrawny kid from, what is it, queens?”
  • “he’s really sweet!” liz laughed. “I think he’s really cute. he’s always nice to me. can’t I like someone who also likes me? is that really a crime?”
  • “of course not.” betty sighed. “I’m just saying. he’s a freshman, you’re a junior. in two years, you’ll be going to college and he will still be here. do you really want that?”
  • “I don’t know.” liz replied, pausing for a while before michelle heard the sink start to run water. “peter is really sweet and smart. i’d like to see what could happen.”
  • “fine, fine.” betty laughs. “but don’t wait for that boy to ask you out because he seems shocked every time you even look his way.” they both laugh and with that, walk out of the bathroom.
  • michelle never spoke of that incident to anyone either. so, she’s good at keeping quiet when she needs to be. which is why she never tells peter that she knows. knows that he spends his time stopping bank robberies, muggings, and helping old ladies cross the street. knows that he saved her friends in washington dc. knows that he’s the reason liz’s dad went to prison and she had to move to oregon. she doesn’t tell anyone this. not even peter.

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in which flash lives in a fancy house and peter and michelle are far too dorky for their own good.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine (THIS ONE!)

  • okay, so like. mj always knew that flash was wealthy, you know. he drives a really fancy car and he wears an expensive watch. his hair is always styled in that…rich dude way. but she’s never really had to face how wealthy he truly is until she’s driving deep into the suburbs, surrounded on either side by houses that keep getting larger and more grandiose.
  • ned is in the back just, gawking. “that house is the size of my apartment building!” “oh my goodness, is that a fountain?” “that car has a rolls royce just parked in the driveway!” and ned’s gasping breaths are the soundtrack to their car ride because peter’s phone died and they don’t know the radio stations this far out of the city.
  • when they finally pull up to his house, there is a large driveway that leads up to an even larger house. cars are lined up and down the block and they seem some people from school walking up the driveway. mj parks around the corner and takes a deep breath. she turns around to look at ned and betty and smiles, “ready?”
  • when she looks back at peter, he has the odd look on his face that she doesn’t really want to deal with right now. “ready, loser?” she asks him. and before he can answer, she opens the car door and stretches. when she walks around the car, peter is waiting for her. “ready as ever.” he answers.
  • she can’t help it so she wraps her arms around his shoulders and he wraps his arm around her waist. they walk like that to the party, peter snug under her arm and him pulling her close.
  • she ignores the smug look on ned’s face when he wiggles his eyebrows at her. she just turns and looks straight ahead, allowing herself to enjoy the feel of his fingers squeezing at her waist.

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in which junior prom is a thing and michelle is having fun at the thing, which may or may not be because peter parker is her date, but shhhhh.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight (THIS ONE!) | nine

  • when michelle was younger, she didn’t exactly have a lot of suitors knocking down her door. none of her classmates were leaving cute notes in her locker or asking her to be their valentine. so maybe michelle is feeling a little nervous as she sits in front of the mirror on friday night. prom night.
  • 6:07
  • prom is in the gym of midtown high. everyone agreed to leave her apartment at seven because who needs to show up on time? unless you’re cindy and you’re working the prom, but they don’t have that concern. everyone is supposed to arrive at her house at six thirty for snacks and prom pictures™. which means peter should be arriving in approximately eight minutes if his previous history is any indication.
  • she takes a deep breath, looking at herself in the mirror. her mother absolutely adored the red of her dress. so she took the lead with everything else prom related. she’s wearing her mom’s red heels from the nineties and her mom’s bold red lipstick from…well…from sephora, she thinks?
  • she doesn’t ask her mom about date nights with her dad. that’s just…weird.
  • anyway
  • michelle knows she looks beautiful. but part of her is worried. because, well, her previous crushes haven’t always thought so and she’s nervous that, despite all the signs she’s hoping that she’s reading correctly, peter only likes her as a friend.
  • “michelle.” her father calls from outside her bedroom door. “peter is here.” he slowly opens the door, sticking his head around. his smile spreads wide and bright across his face as he walks over to his daughter. “mj, honey, you look beautiful.” he hugs her tightly and mj smiles into his shoulder. she really loves her dad. but oh god, is he crying again?
  • “dad! you promised!” she pushes him away, hitting him lightly on the shoulder, though she’s chuckling with a bright grin on her face.
  • “I know, I know!” he wipes his tears quickly and takes a deep breath. “but it’s just you and I here, so it’s okay. I won’t cry in front of your boyfriend.” he draws out the word in a song and shakes his shoulders from side to side when he says it and michelle groans and wants to stomp off but these heels are higher than she’s used to so she just walks, simple and dignified.
  • she waits at her door for her dad, nonetheless. and if she grabs his hand before walking to the stairs, that’s nobody’s business. she’s allowed to do-
  • fuck
  • there is no way peter parker should ever be allowed to look that good.

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have a soulmate au in the form of headcanons because i am too lazy and unmotivated for fic right now. this is slightly inspired by the song whole wide world by cage the elephant, which is a jam and peter parker would totally listen to it, our little mainstream indie music lover. also there is a soulmate au fic with ~soulmate words~ that is phenomenal and everyone should read it. you can find it here. (seriously it’s so good please read it i’m in love) (also, i’ve taken spanish for a long time and yet am still so bad at it so if you speak spanish and i’ve managed to fuck up the one sentence i needed to craft, please let me know and i’ll fix it. rip me and my sad spanish education)

part two now here.

  • peter is like…the most excited to see what his words will be
  • he’s thirteen and his still haven’t shown up
  • some of his friends already have theirs. (hell he met one person who’d already met their soulmate.) other are waiting just like him
  • and like…of course there’s a part of peter that’s worries he’ll never develop words and never have a soulmate
  • may tells him that of all the people in the world, he’s going to find love no matter what
  • which is comforting for a bit but he’s still worried
  • no one really understands the timeline of soul mark development. some people are born with their words, some get their words when they develop speech, some get their words when they enter puberty, others get their words on a random wednesday while they’re slurping the last bits of applesauce from their cup in the dining hall
  • everyone is different, but it’s still a special moment. and usually soulmates will develop their words around the same time
  • and then one day may is doing the laundry and asks peter for the filthy shirt he’s wearing (he tried to play football with the other kids in his class and it went very, very poorly for him. read: he was pushed into the muddy puddle from this morning’s rain) and then she gasps and drops the laundry basket
  • “peter, your words!” and peter’s eyes widen and he gasps and runs to the mirror to see the words scribbled across his right pec
  • and: “they’re in spanish?”

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anonymous asked:

God I love your head canons and fics on spideychelle so much can you give me recs for some as good as yours?

hello! i’m so happy you like the things i write :))) as for fic recs, oh bOY, do i have some for you!


so, basically any of spideyxchelle’s headcanons are good content. some of my personal favorites:

also read anything by my friend maggie. she’s got adorable and also slightly angsty headcanons and she also wrote a FIC that is adorable and i love it and i’m trying to convince her to write a second part.

there’s a ton of other headcanons and i reblog them a lot under my spideychelle tag if you wanna keep looking!


so i bookmark stuff that i like on ao3, which you can search through here if you’d like. but some of my personal favorites:

that’s a LOT of stuff, but i figured you’d be happier having more fic than less! the spideychelle fandom is also just…super talented so i couldn’t contain myself. and the thing is there are so many other good fics/headcanons that i didn’t even include here! i regularly check the spideychelle tag on tumblr and the michelle jones/peter parker tag on ao3 haha.

but i hope you enjoy reading and have a good day :)

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spideychelle prompsoal headcanons!

ahhh, hello! sorry it took me a while to write these ones. i fell asleep and also prom is such a funny thing. bUT. here are some headcanons :)

  • peter’s a bit worried about prom. not because it’s prom or because it’s supposed to be this huge high school thing that you remember for the rest of your lives.
  • that’s actually what he’s worried about
  • last time he went to a school dance? not the best experience. homecoming sophomore year was one of the worst days of his life. not only did he have to leave behind liz allan, the girl of his dreams who turned out to have a villain as a father, but he also had to fight said father and almost died while doing it.
  • he still wakes up some nights, screaming out as the building falling on top of him disappears. his screams turn to tears as he stares at the bottom of the top bunk bed and may comes in and holds him tight to her chest. it’s been over a year, but he still gets the nightmares.
  • so he’s not excited for junior prom. sue him.
  • ned’s been trying to convince him to go. the decathlon team is all planning on renting a party bus and heading over together. which, peter admits sounds fun. a part of him really wants to go. but he can’t shake this feeling that something will inevitably go wrong and his night will be ruined and the nightmares will never end.
  • and then mj asks him to prom. well, kind of.
  • it’s a boring wednesday during lunch, ned is still getting his food because he had to speak with mr. harrington after class. so it’s just peter and mj at the lunch table. (she sits across from them these days.)
  • “so, my parents have been asking me about who my date is for prom and i want them to stop, so can i just say it’s you?”
  • “what?”
  • mj groans, lifting her eyes from her book so she can roll them at peter. “my goodness, parker, for a genius you’re really dense. can you be my date to prom so my parents get off my back?”
  • and. he’s honestly stupefied. because: “wait, you’re actually going to prom?”
  • “yes, peter. i’m allowed to want to spend time with my friends, you know.”
  • “yeah, of course, i just-” he doesn’t actually know what he thought. she did go to homecoming for the last two years, so it makes sense she’d be going to junior prom. but then: “wait, is this how you’re asking me to junior prom?”
  • michelle’s cheeks tinge slightly more pink and she looks back at her book. “i told you, my parents-”
  • “i know what your parents want, but what do you want?” he doesn’t know why he asks that. mj is his friend. has been for the better part of a year. she joins he and ned on their snack breaks and movie nights and study dates. he doesn’t want her to be his date to prom. he’s not even planning on going to prom. but then
  • “i mean,” she coughs, keeping her eyes trained on her book. “i guess it would be fun to go with you.”
  • his face lights up and he smiles all bright and wide. “you want to go to prom with me!
  • “no, i don’t!”
  • “that’s literally what you just said!”
  • “shut up, parker. that’s not what i said.” and she slinks further into her seat and scrunches her eyebrows together and she’s putting her head even further into her book and she looks so adorable. and, oh. oh. he doesn’t expect the sudden quickening of his heart or the flush that rises to his cheeks. he doesn’t like mj that way. he doesn’t, he never, they’re just friends.
  • and then ned plops down into the seat next to him and peter can’t say anything further and michelle is leaving before he can answer her and he feels badly because she looks disappointed. but he doesn’t, he didn’t even think about the possibility that he could have feelings for her in that way until like five minutes ago when she asked him to prom.
  • so, when their last period of the day rolls around, he sits next to michelle and scratches out a small note, which he hands to her when their teacher starts talking about the mitochondrial dna.
  • i’d say yes if you asked me properly.
  • when she finally looks up at him, shocked, he smiles and whispers, “you have to at least buy me dinner first, mj.”
  • she shoves him lightly and then pays attention to their teacher drone on and on for the rest of the day. she seems to have a small smile on her face but she doesn’t say anything else on the matter.
  • peter wonders for a brief moment if he’s messed this up and she’s decides to just ask someone else. and he tells himself he shouldn’t be disappointed because he didn’t want to go to prom anyway. but that was before he knew mj wanted him to be her date.
  • but then at decathlon practice the next day, michelle is grilling him on russian history around wwi when suddenly she asks: “true or false. on may 8, 2019, michelle jones asked peter parker to the prom.”
  • and
  • is she for real?
  • he looks around at all his teammates, who all have their eyes trained on him. they seem to be excited, sitting on the edges of their seats. they also must surely see the blush on his cheeks.
  • “uh,” he manages to get out. “true.”
  • he hears her whisper, “oh god.” and then ned comes in (and wait, when did he leave?) and he’s carrying this big bouquet of red roses. but as ned gets closer, peter can see that there are a few white roses in the mix. and the white roses spell out the word “prom”.
  • ned hands the bouquet to michelle and she walks over to peter. she won’t meet his eye as she hands him to bouquet and opens her jacket to reveal a shirt with a “?” across the middle.
  • and, peter is shocked. it’s been one day. did she already have a shirt with a question mark on it? how did she get flowers so quickly? she told the whole decathlon team without him knowing? how did she arrange this?
  • and then, sensing his confusion, michelle sighs. “my dad is a florist. i’ve had this shirt for years. logistics aside, will you go to prom with me, you loser?”
  • peter stares at her for a few moments, dumbstruck. and then he nods his head, smile growing when he hears the decathlon team cheer. mj smiles. she smiles in a way that’s small and as if she can’t help it. like she’s tried keeping it off her face, but the joy is too powerful.
  • so peter stands up and he hugs her tightly. her arms slowly wrap around his torso and the team cheers even louder. he thinks he hears flash yell: “get a room, you dorks!” but peter doesn’t care because he’s pressed up against michelle and her hair smells nice and it feels good against his face.
  • “thanks for asking me properly.” he whispers, moving so his face is smushed even further into her hair.
  • “thanks for saying yes.” and at this peter pulls back, and michelle looks so…vulnerable. and peter wants her to know he’s not going to hurt her. that she is giving him a gift by letting her walls down with him and he won’t ruin that.
  • “for you, anything.” and michelle punches him in the shoulder and laughs, calling him a loser. but peter just smiles. because michelle jones has a crush on him and she got him flowers and he’s going to go to prom with her.
  • wait until he tells aunt may.

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So I'm not saying you have to continue cuz it's great as is, but you could go thru the whole what are you doing after graduation thing with them applying to colleges. Do they pick the same schools, what happens when one gets in somewhere but not the other? If you wanted to. No pressure at all.

hello! i have thought about college!spideychelle extensively haha. it’s what keeps me up at night, tbh. and i might write this into the whole michelle’s headcanons verse. (i’ve still got to figure out what i want to do with that whole world now.) but for now, i’ll write the headcanons i have about graduating seniors spideychelle because i have entirely too many feelings at all times.

  • everyone knows peter parker is a certified science nerd™. so he’d like to go to a school with a great physics department. but also somewhere he could start refining the suit a bit more and contributing to the avengers and helping out where he can, especially considering the losses they had in infinity war.
  • which, honestly, after infinity war, he could really use a change of pace. just take a break from everything and do something different. be away from everything that reminds him of how he failed and who he was before the war.
  • so
  • when he gets a letter on his door step from mit telling him about why their school is great and that a good student like him would thrive there.
  • well
  • it’s appealing. mit seems like the obvious choice. it’s got a great program and it’s in boston, which may says is a pretty city. and it’s not new york city. it’s not everything in his past
  • okay so he’s not going to tell anyone this, but…well…mj was telling him about how she’s going to change the world and she needs to go somewhere that will help her do that. and she mentioned harvard. and, well, harvard and mit are like…so close together. like, he looked it up and you could honestly job between the two.
  • and it’s not that he’s trying to follow mj wherever she goes. that’s not what this is.
  • it’s just…after the war, she really came through for him. she was there and was what he needed. she didn’t give him any of the looks that were always planted on may and ned’s face. looks that said that he was broken and that they didn’t know what to do.
  • mj didn’t give him those looks. she was steadfast, sure, and the same in all the ways that mattered.
  • so, it’s not that he’s following mj to boston. it’s just that, she wants to go to boston. and there happens to be a school in boston that works perfectly for what he needs. and mj would just be the cherry on top.
  • of course, ned and may are less enthused. may doesn’t want to see him go, especially so soon after everything happened.
  • “are you sure you want to leave home?”
  • she doesn’t realize that home is exactly what he doesn’t want right now. home is a reminder and he can’t escape the nightmares when he lies in his bed at night, remembering all the tragedy that happened here.
  • so he applies early action to mit. and mj applies early action to harvard. and ned applies early decision to columbia. and ned and peter might cry together about it. but ned kind of gets it. he understands that peter needs this, if only for four years. and he’ll be back over christmas and summer and there isn’t even a guarantee he’ll get in so he could always end up staying in new york. they never know.
  • but then they do. and ned and peter are crying because they’re going to be going to different schools for the first time in their lives and it’s tough. even if it’s for the best.
  • and then michelle tells him she got into harvard and is smirking as she says, “you’ve got another four years trying to keep up, parker. better get some nicer shoes.”
  • and, well. he’s glad for it. because she does keep him moving forward, constantly trying to keep up with her as she continues walking ahead, looking back for him only rarely.
  • and he kind of loves that? and he loves that they’re going to get to have each other close, but not always there. that she will be there if he ever needs but he’s also going to be on his own. he won’t know anyone at mit. he’ll be able to start over.
  • but they still take the same flights out. and they still help each other pick out which sheets they should get and what lamp will work best. and they still get coffee every sunday. and he helps her with her gen chem requirement and she helps him with the humanities course he has to take.
  • and she’s always there for him and he hopes he’s there for her too.
  • and when his friend from physics runs into the pair of them while they’re taking a walk and goes up to peter after class the next day, inquiring about peter’s girlfriend who goes to harvard, well, peter doesn’t correct him.

lol, you guys asked for it and i’m a sucker so here. mj’s perspective/part two for the soulmate au. part one here.

couple quick things: thanks to @jedistardust for telling me about the spanish language so i won’t disappoint my grandma. thanks to @spideyxchelle for not so politely requesting a part 2. also, i tag @spideychelle-romanogers bc she is my adorable wife.

  • when a thirteen year old mj woke up one morning and saw her words had etched themselves in a messy scrawl onto her upper right bicep, she was, and she will only admit this once, a little excited
  • but then she actually reads the words and any excitement or hope she had dies
  • mj had always been iffy about the whole…soulmate…thing
  • her parents got divorced and they were supposed to be soulmates. she’d watched them fight from the time she was four until she was eleven. they kept trying to make it work because they were soulmates but they couldn’t stand each other
  • so mj promised herself that no person, not even your soulmate, was worth giving up your own happiness
  • but when her parents finalized the divorce when she was eleven, a part of her dreamed that she’d find someone who loved and supported her and didn’t drive her up the wall
  • and then she learns the first words her soulmate will say to her are “you’ve got to be kidding me.
  • and that decides it
  • this whole soulmate business is bullshit and she won’t care. she’ll hear the words, maybe slap her soulmate, maybe ignore them and their pleas to give them a chance
  • because anyone who is disappointed that she’s their soulmate can go fuck off and she doesn’t need them anyway

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anonymous asked:

fic about mj and peter having kids??

this took me so long to fill i am so sorry for that. i’m also sorry if this isn’t what you wanted :o also this is my first post with my new url, so that’s cool. but here! have est. relationship!spideychelle and kid(s)!

  • peter and mj have a kid on accident
  • it’s not that they have sex without protection and mj ends up pregnant. it’s actually quite different than that.
  • you see, mj’s sister has been a single mother for several years to the most adorable little boy, andrew. he’s eight years old and he loves to read and play soccer and dungeons and dragons. he’s a big fan of math but not of science. he’s the second tallest kid in his class, and he’s incredibly proud of the fact. he also happens to be mj’s favorite nephew (also her only one but that’s beside the point) and peter’s favorite eight year old
  • so when her sister gets shipped off on active duty across the seas, it makes sense that mj and peter would take care of andrew for the year and a half her sister is gone
  • it makes sense but mj doesn’t even think about the fact that she’s going to have to say goodbye to her sister and andrew is going to have to say goodbye to his mother. and it’s scary. because her safety isn’t guaranteed
  • so the first few weeks are incredibly hard. there are lots of tears shed in the jones-parker household. most nights mj has to hold andrew until he stops crying. and then she’ll walk back to her and peter’s room and cry into his arms for thirty minutes until she’s so tired she falls asleep. he just kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly
  • and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get better. andrew is always sad. he doesn’t want to go to school. he doesn’t want to hang out with his friends. he just wants to sit in his room and cry and read
  • so one day, three weeks into andrew’s stay, michelle walks into andrew’s new room (a guest bedroom they’d converted) and hands him a book. “this was your mom’s favorite when she was your age. i thought you’d like to read it.”
  • he takes it, tentatively. and thanks her in a quiet voice. she leaves and then that’s it for the day. he stays in his room reading and doesn’t come out except to eat dinner, which he still does in silence
  • but then the next day when michelle is driving them back from school, andrew asks, quietly, “what does raucous mean?” and it’s adorable because he says it ra-coo-us instead of raw-cuss and she can’t help but chuckle a bit
  • but then she looks in the rearview mirror so she can meet his eye and she smiles. “it means…loud and unpleasant. like screeching.”
  • he nods, smiling a bit. and it feels like progress
  • and then the next night andrew decides to read his book in the living room. michelle and peter grab hands and try to contain their excitement
  • then two days later, andrew asks them questions and discusses the book he’s reading with mj and asks about other ones he can read
  • and he asks peter if he wants to play go fish and peter’s soul ascends to heaven.
  • slowly, very slowly, but surely, they become like a family. about three months into everything, andrew is animatedly telling them about his day and what jokes his teacher made
  • and they try to call mj’s sister whenever they can, which is usually about once every two weeks. they all gather in front of peter’s desktop computer (lol, the nerd) and their skype sessions usually end in tears, but they’re most used to it now
  • and mj and peter really love having andrew. both of them were a little hesitant at first. (”are we ready to take care of a child? like an actual human child?” “mj, it’s going to be fine. we’re responsible adults.” “our goldfish died after three days!”) but now that andrew is living with them, they love it. they love having a child around and hearing about all the exciting things he does and being able to teach him things and shape who he’s becoming
  • they feel like he’s their child. when they take him to the movies or to dinner or to an amusement park, it feels like they’re a family. once, someone tells peter that his son is so much like him and peter almost starts crying
  • and then mj’s sister comes back and everyone is ecstatic. and then andrew goes back to live with his mom and peter and mj feel his loss in the house. his room remains untouched after he clears out all his stuff and dinner is a lot more silent
  • and then, one night, when dinner is too quiet for either of them, peter asks tentatively, “mj, do you want to have a kid?”
  • and she stands up quickly and rushes over to him, pushing his chair back so she can sit in his lap and kiss him senseless. she manages to mumble out “yes” a few times as they grab at each other frantically
  • so they start trying for a child. and since they’re impatient as people, they get frustrated when mj gets her period two weeks after that first night. so, never ones to be outdone. they start trying a lot. like, a lot. and all over their house. in the shower, on their kitchen counter, on the couch, on the floor by their bed that one time they just couldn’t wait
  • and then, three months later, mj’s late and she takes a test that comes back positive. but they don’t want to get their hopes up. but then her period doesn’t come for a month and they’re definitely positive now and they announce it at her family’s reunion
  • everyone hugs them tightly, offering congratulations and advice. and then andrew comes up to hug them. he’s ten now. he’s doing very well. he’s an avid reader. and he hugs them tightly, whispering that his cousin is going to be so lucky with parents like them
  • and it means so much more coming from him. so mj might shed a few tears. but that’s beside the point. what matters is that she and peter are going to have a child. and that child is going to get to know mj’s sister and andrew and tony stark and pepper potts and aunt may
  • aunt may who, when they told her over dinner, burst into tears and pulled them into the longest and most breathtaking (literally) hug either of them have every experienced
  • and this time they’re going to have a kid on purpose. definitely on purpose this time.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Excuse me, I don't know if you still takes prompts but I love what your posts and I was wondering if you could write something about Michelle having troubles at home and Ned and Peter not noticing until it gets really bad because she's good at hiding things? Thanks!

so this has sat in my inbox for so long because michelle struggling/being sad is so hard for to me to write. but i hope this is okay!

(also, this includes the death of a parent to cancer and the grief that follows. i will also say as a disclaimer that i’ve been fortunate enough to not have lost a parent so i’m unsure if i’ve accurately represented this. i’m sure i can’t even begin to fathom how hard that loss is, so i’m sorry if i’ve not done this justice.)

  • when the doctor comes out of the operating room with a heavy heart and tells her family that they couldn’t save her father she didn’t realize she’d be losing two parents
  • her father had been struggling with prostate cancer for the past year. she’d always known he wasn’t going to make it, but part of her had hoped
  • about a month ago when things really got bad, her mother started to check out. she spent every moment at the hospital and her older brother had to drive to drop off clothes and food for her mother, who’d taken leave from work
  • and when her father finally passes after a long and slow death, her heart cracks open and she feels as if her whole world has been turned upside down and she’ll never orient herself again
  • and it only takes her a few days to realize her mother is gone too
  • she immediately starts throwing herself into work. as a lawyer, she’s paid by the hour. so she just…keeps working. she comes home when michelle is getting ready for bed and leaves as michelle is heading down to make herself breakfast
  • her mother pays the bills but she’s never around anymore
  • so michelle, her older brother, and younger sister become their own family because their mother isn’t there for them
  • but it’s hard
  • michelle is just starting her second semester of sophomore year. her bother is a senior and is waiting on college acceptances. her sister is struggling at school and her teacher had sent a letter home talking about the possibility that she had adhd
  • in the time when they need a mother, a parent, her mother leaves them

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so, i ranted about spideychelle in the tags of one of @spideychelleforever‘s posts and @aqhrodites called me out by posting my tags here and i’m a sucker and will write anything probably. this is inspired by tom’s instas here, here, and here and a conversation with @spideychelleforever. also tagging @spideychelle-romanogers bc she loves me. part two now here.

pretending to drown is immature and wrong (ao3 link)

It’s the summer after sophomore year and Michelle has a problem. And this problem presents itself quite often because Michelle’s designated (and paid, which she’s quite happy about) job for the summer is to babysit her little sister Leia. And Leia loves going to the pool. Which, okay, Michelle’s all for her sister going to the pool and playing Marco Polo and doing dives with her friends. It’s just that Peter Parker happens to work at the pool as the lifeguard. And he’s there nearly every day she goes with Leia. And he’s also almost always shirtless. Hence, Michelle’s problem.

Look, it’s not as if Michelle didn’t know Peter Parker was attractive before the summer. She spent most of sophomore year staring at him from a distance. She watched as he fawned over Liz and as he started to flake more and more and saw the sudden change after Liz left when he started showing up as a teammate and classmate. (What? They did projects together. She had a vested interest in his dedication to school.)

If you watch a boy all year, eventually you’re going to notice when he has some attractive features. Like when he showers and heads straight to school so his curls are all damp and twisting all over his head. Or when he runs around the gym during PE class and his shorts are tight on his ass. Or when Ned makes a joke at lunch or during practice and Peter’s whole face lights up and his features scrunch together as the pure joy takes over all his features.

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this is inspired by @suplosers‘s absolutely hilarious incorrect spiderman quotes. specifically, by this one, this one, and this one. also by four drink amy santiago because amy santiago is the love of my life. enjoy a very silly and short fic. oh, i also tag my wife @spideychelle-romanogers, a gem @spideychelleblessup, and the always lovely @bellamywarriorblake.

four drink michelle is forward and horny (ao3 link)

It’s only fitting that the first time Michelle drinks, she does so with Peter and Ned. They’re all in Boston for school and it’s orientation week and there are lots of frat parties going on. So, naturally, Michelle insists that Peter and Ned join her, her roommate, and a few of their new friends on their adventure to some of the frats hosting Thirsty Thursday parties.

They all pregame in Michelle and her roommate’s small double and drink vodka that tastes like death. Apparently, alcohol doesn’t really get better than that either. Which, Michelle thinks offhand, might just be a result of the fact that none of them were willing to pay more than ten dollars for a bottle. But whatever the truth may be, Michelle drinks shitty vodka, quickly, in shot glasses, so she doesn’t have to deal with the taste.

Which is how after four drinks, a very drunk Michelle is draping herself across Peter as they stand by the wall in a dark basement at one of the frat houses. He’s got an arm around her waist to steady her, and she would be upset but she honestly thinks she might need it right now. (She’s not entirely sure at the moment, honestly.)

She’s mumbling something about how Peter really should have just gone to Harvard and not MIT beause MIT is great and all but MJ’s at Harvard and then they’d be able to study together like they had in high school and she wouldn’t have to suffer through gen chem all alone. Peter’s chuckling and then he tells her that she doesn’t need his help in Chemistry because she’s a chem major and she should be the one helping him.

For some reason, that pisses her off. It’s a compliment, but it’s entirely too nice. He can’t be too nice to her or else she’s going to fall in love with him and she can’t have that happening on her watch. So she steps back slightly, pouts, and jabs a finger into his chest as she spits out, “Fuck me.”

Peter looks absolutely stunned and taken aback and his mouth opens in that silly way where you just want to smack his jaw back up to where it belongs. And there’s a blush forming on his cheeks and he’s about to say something when Michelle finally realizes her mistake. Her eyes widen and she gets out, “I mean fight me.” She giggles, hoping it seems like this was just a drunken mistake. Which, in all honesty, it was. But there was a truth to it she didn’t want him to know. “Damn autocorrect.”

Peter scrunches his eyebrows together and it’s too cute. “MJ, we are having a verbal conversation.” He starts to smile a bit, blush still present on his cheeks. But MJ wants him to stop.

“Shut up, loser.” She smacks his shoulder and pushes herself off him so at least he won’t have that to hold over her. She leans back against the wall and crosses her arms over her chest, slightly off balance and feeling like the world is spinning. Peter leans back and grabs hold of her when she starts to drift down the wall.

“It’s okay, MJ.” Peter sighs, a bit sad. “You’re drunk. It was just a mistake.” He pulls her back up so she’s standing straight and she drapes her arms back around his neck, leaning her head down onto his shoulder, even if the angle is awkward.

She pokes his nose and laughs. “Boop!” He just smiles at her, fond. “You love me.”

A smile. His eyes twinkle when he gently whispers, “I do.”

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buyreputationbytaylorswift  asked:

If your still taking spideychelle prompt could you do a jealous! Michelle

!Loved your jealous Peter fic. You should do a jealous Michelle one .

Omg can you do one with Michelle getting jealous?!

Loved ur new fic!!! Was wondering is you would write a fic about spideychelle proposal????

hello! i hope this is okay! i tried to write this in many different ways but nothing ever really felt right. so, this isn’t just jealous!michelle. so if you’d like me to write more jealous!michelle that is more similar to the jealous!peter fic i wrote, let me know and i can write some small oneshots or something. (i have ideas for jealous!michelle that is similar to jealous!peter but nothing that was enough to make a whole fic.) anYWAY, i hope this is okay! and sorry it took so long!

five people who hugged michelle (ao3 link)

1.     gwen stacy

When Michelle is a freshman in college, she has a bit of a crisis. She and Peter have been best friends for around two years now, and she’s been nursing a healthy crush on him for a bit longer than that. And in their whole friendship/crush existence, Peter has only ever liked one girl: Liz Toomes. (Which, if she’s being honest, Michelle probably had a crush on Liz too. So she gets it.) This is all a roundabout way of her saying that she’s been able to have a crush on Peter Parker and not do anything about it because their relationship to each other and mostly to other people always stayed the same.

But in their freshman year of college, Peter Parker gets a lab partner for intro physics. She seems like a kind, genuine, funny, good person. She’s friendly and intelligent. And whenever Michelle makes the trek to MIT to join Peter for lunch before lab, Gwen always asks how she’s doing and takes a genuine interest in MJ and her life. So, Gwen Stacy is exactly Peter’s type (if Liz is a crush to go by), and MJ has a mini crisis about it.

Peter and Gwen don’t start dating though. At least not for the first month or so of school. But MJ is worried. And then one Wednesday while she’s doodling in the middle of her freshman seminar (it focuses on human rights and MJ is actually a big fan of the class, but That Kid™ is speaking right now and he’s absolutely insufferable), she feels her pocket buzz. It’s a text from Peter.

the dork pedro: hey, are you free for dinner tonight

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so @spideyxchelle said she needed part two and also gave me some quality ideas so here is peter’s perspective because i am a sucker who’s soul belongs to her. update because i forgot to tag my wife @spideychelle-romanogers, the lovely @spideychelleblessup, and an angel @bellamywarriorblake.

part one here.

peter parker is a professional (ao3 link)

Let it be known that Peter never claimed to be a great driver. He’s still new and gets distracted by small things because his spidey sense is always going off. In all actuality, driving and Peter probably shouldn’t mix. But May had insisted. So, really, it’s May’s fault that Peter dents the car by hitting a tank of a car that’s parked near their apartment. But he needs to expunge that thought from his head lest May make him pay for more than just the damage to the car.

Thus, Peter takes a job as a lifeguard at the local pool for the summer. And he takes to it surprisingly well. It almost feels like being in the suit. People look to him as this hero and the kids at the pool basically idolize him and always ask him to play with them. The parents like him too because they get to relax when he’s working and the kids just follow him around and try to trick him into jumping in the pool. He likes everything about being a lifeguard. Well, there’s one thing that’s beginning to become an issue.

MJ comes to the pool with her sister during Peter’s first week on the job. Which, in itself, is not a problem. He and MJ are friends. They’re on the decathlon team, she sits with them at lunch sometimes, they have a lot of the same classes and do projects together. He greets MJ the minute they get their and meets her sister who has, like, the greatest name ever: Leia. They come fairly often and Peter always makes sure to at least say hello to MJ when she comes. Sometimes he waves from his lifeguard chair when she looks up from her book. Usually, she just goes back to her book. But on some rare and lucky occasions, he gets a smirk and a small wave out of her. But his favorite days are the ones where it’s slow so he can walk over to where she’s reading by the pool. Sometimes she’s on a pool chair, sometimes she’s kicking her feet lightly in the water. Either way, he walks over and plops down next to her, starting a small conversation. (And, okay, maybe being this close also gives him a better view of her in her swimsuit but that’s another story and he doesn’t have to go into it right now.)

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anonymous asked:

hello fave, could you possibly write a headcanon where peter chooses to spend the night in with mj for the first time in a long time instead of patrolling <3

omg, this was so cute??? but also, this is likely shit and too short. but you all have been so nice and patient as i slowly, ever so slowly, write the next chapter of the coupon fic. finals are gonna wreck me, but now you’ve got at least something until i’ve died and been revived and can finish the next chapter. also some quick content warnings: very brief mentions of suicide/violence.

  • things have been busy lately
  • they always are around christmas time
  • it’s cold and people are desperate and scared and tired and lonely and things happen. and peter’s gotta make sure everyone is safe and protected

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sinapirain  asked:

29 (love your writing <3)

this is short and late, but here you go!!! (thank you for the prompt and also for your kind words <3)

prompt: “How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I can’t believe you’ve done this!” He has to yell these words while being held back by a security guard’s strong left arm. His right is currently employed in talking over his walkie talkie to ask for more backup.

For herself, MJ is currently being restrained by two large men in Yankees jerseys. The irony is not lost on Peter. Especially since a large man in a Yankees jersey is the reason that the knuckles of MJ’s right hand are all cut up and bruised.

“If you won’t defend yourself, I will.” She angrily tears her arm from one of the men restraining her. She indicates that she’s not going to attack the man clutching his now bleeding and likely broken nose by holding up her hands in a placating gesture. They believe her, which is nice if unadvised. She walks over to Peter and the security guard, who gives her a pointed look.

“Miss Jones, why am I not surprised?” The guard releases Peter with a sigh. “Your girlfriend has been giving me trouble in this stadium since she was seven years old and coming with her mom.”

“We don’t need a history lesson, Larry.” Michelle rolls her eyes, grabbing Peter’s face and moving it to the side, inspecting the eye that the man on the floor punched. “Are you alright?”

“I’m perfectly fine, MJ. It was just a punch to the face. You know I’ve had worse.” He cracks a smile, but she doesn’t laugh. She just runs her thumb lightly over the now tender patch of skin right above his left cheekbone.

“If someone punches my husband in the face, he’s going to get a punch in the nose. Especially if it’s some drunk Yankees fan who’s just upset their team isn’t good enough to beat the Mets.” She smirks over at Larry, who rolls his eyes and tells them to stay there while he goes to talk to the man who Michelle punched.

“You didn’t need to.” He implores, lightly grabbing onto her hands and pulling her close. “I don’t need you to defend my honor.”

“And doesn’t that make it so nice that I still do it?” She smiles, kissing him lightly on the lips. “Can’t you just appreciate that I defended you?”

“Not if you could get arrested!” He whispers fairly loudly. He doesn’t want to implant the idea in anyone’s head, though he supposes the crowd that gathered might start dispersing now that there isn’t any fight going on. Michelle just shakes her head and pulls Peter into a hug.

“Just let me protect you when I can.” And of course, all Peter can do is sigh, hug her more tightly, and deeply breathe in the scene of her hair.

A cop comes up to them a few minutes later and takes their statements. He returns a few minutes later. He addresses MJ first. “The man won’t press charges.” Then Peter. “But only if you won’t.”

Peter nods quickly. “I don’t want to press charges. Not the first time someone’s punched me in the face.”

The cop gives a light chuckle, but neither Peter nor MJ think he’s particularly amused. “You’re both free to go.” But as he’s about to leave, he tilts his head and looks at MJ with a twinkle in his eye. “You’ve got one hell of a left hook.” With that, he leaves and MJ smiles triumphantly.

Peter, himself, is baffled and can’t manage to shut his mouth. He turns to MJ and shakes his head. “How is my wife more badass than me?” Michelle grabs Peter’s arm with a laugh and starts to drag him toward the exit. He whispers, “I mean, I’m the Spider-Man!”

“Oh shut up, Peter. We’ve known this for years.” He laughs, but he can’t disagree.

I don’t know anything about security at baseball games, but here ya go!! also, thanks to the anon for letting me know peter is a mets fan and not a yankees fan! i’ve adjusted the fic accordingly and changed their rival team haha.

anonymous asked:

Im sure Michelle has counted his abs 😉

ahaha, thank you anon! honestly, i’m sure she’s done more than counted his abs.

that’s how it starts. they’re at a pool party to celebrate winning nationals for the third time during their senior year and also to celebrate the end of warm-ish weather. and peter pulls his shirt off almost in slow motion and michelle does a double take and nearly trips into the pool. so, yeah, she counts ‘em when he collapses onto the pool chair next to her, water droplets dripping from his hair down his forehead and a goofy smile on his face. sue her. he has eight and you’ve only got six abdominal muscles so like kudos to him. she didn’t even knew he went to the gym.

then, they start dancing around dating in freshman year of college and they’re in his single room (thanks tony) about to go to a party and he’s trying to decide on a shirt. and they’ve had a few drinks between the two of them and michelle doesn’t really feel too badly about walking up to him and putting her hands onto his abs and tracing each one before sighing and walking back to his bed, plopping down with “wear the red one”. he’s blushing furiously and he drops the shirts to cover his crotch, shifting side to side awkwardly. michelle sighs and walks down the hall to her double. “i’ll be waiting.”

then it’s their junior year and they’re three months into their relationship when they start having sex. and her favorite way to begin an incredibly long night is to lick each and every one of his defined abs until he’s squirming and moaning and begging her for something, anything. she grants his wish, of course. but not before she lets her tongue wander over each bit of exposed skin she can get.

so michelle has definitely counted his abs ;)