otp: i choose you and i really want you to choose me

Dialogue Prompt List 2

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1. “I feel like I’m losing my damn mind.”

2. “Gah! Why are you so cold? Get off of me you icicle!”

3. “Marry me?”

4. “God, I was so worried!” “I was only gone for five minutes!”

5. “Please don’t shut me out.”

6. “I can’t believe you haven’t noticed. I’m screaming for someone to notice, to help me, and yet no one does!”

7. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

8. “This is going to hurt, I’m so sorry.”

9. “Who did this to you?”

10. “I’m gonna kill him!”

11. “Cuddle me you weirdo.”

12. “I’m pregnant.”

13. “Are you…crying? You? Mister/Miss, ‘I don’t cry, I’m tough as hell’?”
“Oh shut up, we all have our weaknesses!”

14. “You’re part of the family now, don’t ever think you’re not.”

15. “Breathe, can you do that for me?”

16. “I’m a burden to you!”

17. “I’m better off dead.” “You’re better off alive, with me.”

18. “You’re beautiful, and if anyone says that you’re not, know that they’re damn well wrong.”

19. “You’re warm, s'great for cuddling.”

20. “Send help, the kids are out of control!”

21. “C'mere you sexy thing!”

22. “I, um, might’ve gone a little bit overboard on the shopping.” “A little bit?!”

23. “You did this all for me?” “No, I did this for Jeffrey across the street. Yes I did this for you!”

24. “What the hell is happening to me?”

25. “You aren’t dreaming, look, I’m here, this is real.”

26. “There’s so much blood, it won’t come off!”

27. “Woah, slow down, what’s going on?”

28. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

29. “You mess with her/him, you mess with me.”

30. “That’s it, you’re staying here until I can get this sorted.” “But I–” “No buts!”

31. “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.”

32. “I love you, you know that right?”

33. “I’m coming to get you, stay there.”

34. “Okay, so don’t freak out, but I got flour everywhere…”

35. “Is it supposed to look like that?” “I think so?” “Is that a question or a statement?”

36. “Woah, I never knew you had a tattoo!”

37. “Are you safe?” “I-I don’t know.”

38. “S/he deserves better than me.”

39. “We’re more than just friends and you know it.”

40. “It’s me! It’s me! Calm down, baby, please.”

41. “What have you been doing? Actually, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know.”

42. “Is the movie too scary? I can stop it if you want and we could watch something else.”

44. “Touch her again, and I’ll kill you.” “Will you? Because last time I checked, petty threats don’t do shit, ____. They just piss me off more.”

45. “You don’t mess with my family.”

46. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

47. “Please don’t leave me.”

48. “Did you just slap my ass?” “Actually, I firmly grasped it.” “Did you just quote Spongebob?

49. “Beautiful.”

50. “Let her/him go, please! I’m the one you want!” “Oh really now? What can you do for me?”

51. “I’ve got you, you’re safe now.”

52. “And you didn’t think to tell me about this until now?” “I didn’t think it was that important…”

53. “I can’t carry on this way anymore, I can’t live like this.”

54. “You know if you wanted sex, you could’ve just asked.”

55. “Stop freaking out, you’re making me freak out! And I’m the level headed one of the house!”

56. “Please don’t do this, your family needs you, your friends need you, I need you.”

57. “You can’t hide from me!”

58. “Well this is a nice change of scenery.” “_____, we’re in a prison cell.” “I was being sarcastic.”

59. “How sweet, sacrificing yourself for her, when did you get a heart?”

60. “Um, I don’t think that what you’re doing is legal, so if you could just let me go, that would be great.”

61. “I thought you said you knew where we were going.”
“Yeah I lied.”

62. “Shit, you’re freezing, let’s get you warmed up, alright?”

63. “What happened to me?”

64. “I’m not letting you sleep on the floor, get up here.”

65. “It’s not like I’m some broken vase that you can just glue back together and then expect that everything will be okay again! It doesn’t work like that!”

66. “Everything I’ve done is for you, you’re the only thing in the world that matters to me.”

67. “Are you seriously stuck right now?” “Don’t just stand there! Help me!”

68. “I can’t do the things that you can do.”

69. “Please don’t post that, no!” “Oops, too late.”

70. “What game is that?”

71. “I said create a distraction, not this!”

72. “We’re in public, stop that.”

73. “I had some food from your fridge, I hope you don’t mind.”

74. “Hand over the girl.” “That’s not gonna happen in your lifetime.”

75. “Can you stop poking me?!” “I’m not poking you.”

76. “I’ve already told you this, we’re not killing anyone!”

77. “I’m about seventy five percent sure that this bridge won’t break.”
“Only seventy five?!”

78. “I need you to be my girlfriend for about five minutes.”

79. “I don’t need protecting!”

80. “You know they’re going to use the things you love against you.”

81. “It’s locked!” “You mean we’re stuck in here?”

82. “Shut up.” “I didn’t say anything.” “I don’t care, shut up.”

83. “Hey! I was watching that!”

84. “I thought they’d killed you, I’m glad I thought wrong.”

85. “Not now, I’m busy.”
“But it’s been so long!”

“What’s it like?” Bittle asked one evening as they settled on Jack’s couch with their nightcaps: red wine for Bittle, chamomile tea for Jack. “Being bi?”

Jack chuckled. “That’s a complicated questions, Bits.”

“Oh, c’mon,” Bittle said, taking a small sip of the petite syrah Jack’s parents had sent them after Jack announced their relationship. “You’ve heard all my bellyachin’ about growing up gay in Georgia-” He was cut off momentarily by the beginnings of Jack’s protests, but waved him off. “Fine, my completely legitimate struggles. Better?”

Jack grinned and nodded. Bittle rolled his eyes fondly.

“But you rarely talk about your experiences. When did you know you weren’t straight? How did you realize you liked girls and boys? Was it harder or easier or just different being bi in Juniors?”

“You’ve thought about this a lot,” Jack said mildly, blowing at the steam rising from his mug.

“Of course I have,” Bittle said with an exasperated look. “I think about you a lot.”

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I love how many of those were Annabeth suprising Percy tbh

I can write pages and pages of how important Percy is to Annabeth and how much she loves him, even before falling for him she still loved him. Like, come on! you know this girl would do anything to make her mom proud in PJO not HOO because after HoH I’m pretty sure Annabeth wants to tell Athena were to stick it and so do I and yet after what, a month of being friends with Percy she choose him, she chose to be his friend knowing well that could me go against her mother (and then you heard this lyric ‘but no one ever will take my side all I ever do is take the fall’ from Good Kid and cry)

They are each other best friends, they are a team and they know the other so well: 

“She brushed her hair behind her ear, like she does when she’s nervous

“You’re cute when you’re worried,’ she muttered. ‘Your eyebrows get all scrunched together.”

They have seen each other at their worst but it doesn’t matter, Percy knows her well, he knows she has a temper and she knows his flaws but yet they accept each other.

Also, something that I love is how Percy pays attention to Annabeth’s pointless (for him) architectural facts and he even remembers them.  

“Bartholdi,’ I said. ‘The dude who made the Statue of Liberty. He was a son of Athena, and he designed it to look like his mom. That’s what Annabeth told me, anyway.’
Clarisse rolled her eyes. Annabeth was my best friend and a huge nut when it came to architecture and monuments. I guess her egghead facts rubbed off on me sometimes.”

“Over two hundred metres tall,’ I said. ‘Built in the 1930s.’
‘Five million cubic acres of water,’ Thalia said.
Grover sighed. ‘Largest construction project in the United States.’
Zoë stared at us. ‘How do you know all that?’
‘Annabeth,’ I said. ‘She liked architecture.”

Also the fact that they send each other emails during the months they can’t see the other is just freaking adorable. 

Percy and Annabeth’s friendship is adorable and then they fall for each other without realizing (I’m gonna bring my favorite quote of Finnick Odair because it truly fits them: “Did you love Annie right away, Finnick?“ I ask. “No.” A long time passes before he adds, “She crept up on me.”  which is pretty much what happened with Percy and Annabeth) and it’s just. 

My biggest issue with most of the fandom is that they make Percy be like “Annabeth is the best thing that happened to me” and Annabeth being all smug “you are lucky to have me, you idiot.” When in reality is Annabeth and Percy being mutually “I can believe this person loves me as much as I love them, how did I get so lucky?”  Annabeth loves Percy as much as he loves her, they are equal, she is equally proud of him just like he can speak hours about how amazing she is, well, Annabeth loves talking about him.

People tend to forget that Annabeth has abandonment issues and that Percy is the first person who stayed there for her and proved he would be there for her over and over: her dad choose his family over his own daughter, Athena freaking disowned her, Luke betrayed her, Thalia left her (the second time, not when she was turned into a tree) but Percy kept choosing her, even when they were mad and fighting he kept choosing her. (He traveled the country looking for her because he knew she wasn’t dead, she was his anchor to the mortal world and he proved it twice first with the Achilles spot and then when she was his main reason to turn down immortality, when Hera took of his memories but she couldn’t erase Annabeth completely because how much she means to him).  

Percy and Annabeth aren’t perfect and they really need to work on their communication issues, but they are couple that truly absolutely loves each other and at the end of the day they are best friends, they support each other, they celebrate each other victories but most importantly, they are equal, he doesn’t think he is better than her and vice versa, they are partners, they are a team, they aren’t each other sidekick.  

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god, your gifset on alec turning around and choosing magnus makes me realize how under every circumstance, through everything, alec will always choose magnus and vice versa. he will choose him over insecurities, fear, internalized homophobia, societal pressure, literally everything. same with magnus, he will choose alec over his fear of loneliness, his worries about them being too different, over everything. gay couples never get to have this, not once, god let them be happy forever

!!! tho admittedly, I did oversimplify things for the sake of a short and neat caption. what I mean is, while there are similarities between the two scenes and it’s lovely (which is why i gif’d it), I think the difference between the two is actually the most telling part about the progress of their relationship. that is, in 1x12 alec choosing magnus was really a lot more about alec choosing his own happiness. throwback to when magnus says “You did it for you,” basically. but I think in 2x06, you actually can say alec chose magnus.

in short, 1x12 is alec asking Can I be with a man? and 2x06 is alec asking Can I be with this man? this man who comes from an entirely different world with entirely different experiences that alec can’t even begin to fathom. and in both cases, he decides yes. and like you said, lgbt+ couples are rarely afforded such things. storylines involving a closeted partner usually just end once that’s resolved, as if lgbt+ couples only struggle with homophobia and not, you know, the same doubts and fears that straight couples do.

I think it’s worth noting, too, that it is alec making the choice. it’s always been a bit clearer where magnus stands – he wants to be with alec – whereas alec has often pulled away due to his being closeted. now that that aspect can be untangled from alec’s actual feelings about magnus, it’s important that we see alec make that choice a second time.

I really like it because it’s often forgotten that just because someone has a lot of relationship experience doesn’t mean they can’t be uncertain and vulnerable. earlier in their date, we had magnus reassuring alec that he’s here with him now and then later, we had alec make a clear statement that he wants magnus. I think the narrative’s positioning of magnus – a bisexual man of color – as someone who equally needs and deserves to know that he’s wanted by the man he loves was extremely significant.

Q: How do you feel now before the drama starts airing here?
LSK: I’m really happy and looking forward to it (airing). The drama was recieved well in Korea and we recieved a lot of love from the fans watching it. I want to say thank you to everyone who watched the drama. It’s a healing and very cute drama so I’m looking forward to see how the Japanese audience will feel about the drama and if they can feel the same thing we felt (when shooting it).
NJH: I’m also looking forward to it. Although the drama was aired in Korea, I’ve heard that a lot of Japanese fans also went out of their way to watch it, and also that they enjoyed it. As the formal airing (in Japan) has been decided, I’m hoping that more people will be able to enjoy it.

Q: Can you please explain what the drama is about?
LSK: I think that everyone who have watched the drama will say the same thing as I am, that it is very cute. However, although the drama is cute the plot evolves in every episode and (the viewers’) feelings will become warmer and hopefully it will leave them feeling warm and fuzzy when the drama ends. All the actors and the staff say that they felt comforted/soothed when shooting the drama. The best way to explain “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” in one word would be… “healing”. A very pure and nice feel-good-drama.
NJH: I think I would use the word “adolescence/spring of life” (T/N: the word he used (青春) is usually used when describing the your youth in a nostalgic way). The drama portrays the feelings and emotions you had when you were in your adolescents. I think viewers in our age but also young people going through this stage right now can all think “Ah, this is youth” when watching our drama.

Q: The drama has finished airing in Korea..
LSK: I cried a lot. I watched the last episode with everyone yesterday, but I think I have to re-watch it because I cried too much! I can’t remember a thing, I was literally crying the whole time.

Q: Please tell us about your characters in the drama.
LSK: I play Kim Bok Joo. Her charm point is that she is very straightforward but also very pure. She does not hide her feelings, and as she is a member of the weightlifting club in the school you can’t really sense any ‘femininity’ in her. However, when she falls in love for the first time she becomes aware of herself as a woman. She goes through a heart break, is also loved by another Joonhyung, goes through a slump etc. She’s a character that will show you a variety of emotions through the drama, so please look forward to her story.
NJH: I play the swimmer Jung Joonhyung. He’s one of those characters who’s actions you can’t predict, but he also has a lot of charming things about him. And he is also very innocent, just like Bok Joo. Although he’s college, he hasn’t forgotten about his first love that he had in elementary school. I think the viewers will be able to see that charm of his.

Q: It’s the second time you are acting as a swimmer in a drama. Your character in “Who are you? School 2015” was also a swimmer. How was it this time?
NJH: It was really hard.
LSK: I heard you say that you will never do it again!
NJH: Swimming is a very hard. And it is even harder when you have to shoot it, as you have to take the same scene from several different angles. It was impossible to do it alone, so I had a stand-in sometimes, but when they were shooting angles in which you can see my face I had to be the one swimming, so I swam a lot. I don’t want to do a shoot with me swimming ever again.
LSK: There was a lot of scenes in the water, and since you have to move in line with the camera and not just stand still in the water, there were a lot of technical troubles. For example, you have to re-do your hair and make-up ever so often when you’re shooting in the pool. I also think your skin has been damaged by it. (T/N: It’s not indicated if she’s talking about her own or NJH’s skin).

Q: You must have trained a lot for the role?
NJH: I would say that more than me training for the role, the role itself became my training. I was told by the actual swimmers that were in the drama that my swimming became faster after having shot half of the drama. The fact that I became faster even though I was really tired proved that it was worth the training. Since I have become better at swimming now I think I will reject offers that includes swimming from not on. I’m saying 'good-bye’ to swimming for a while!

Q: How similar would you say you and your character are?
LSK: (Nam Joo Hyuk and) Joonhyung are 400% similar! (laughs). I would say I’m very quiet and gentle, so I’m the opposite of Bok Joo, so it was actually quite hard to play her. Right? Next question! (laughs).
NJH: Sung Kyung says I’m 400% similar to my character but I just think I was able to portray the character were well (laughs). I don’t think we match 100%. I’m very laid back and enjoy reading books so.. I think that Bok Joo is actually really similar to Sung Kyung’s personality. We had a lot of fun shooting the drama.
LSK: Next question please! I’m really not at all like Bok Joo! Really!!
NJH: I think that Sung Kyung was able to portray the character really well. And although my portrayal was lacking, I think I did a good job as well.

Q: Then, please tell us about each other (laugh).
NJH: Although Sung Kyung said that she is very quiet and calm she has a really nice personality. I think a drama shoot is very dependent on the actors, and in this care Sung Kyung really was the mood maker on the set. I think her lively personality helped create the fun atmosphere we had on the set.
LSK: Joo Hyuk really is exactly like Joon Hyung. Although he is more laid back than Joon Hyung, he is also a tiiiiny bit more charming (laughs).
NJH: I think we are similar in many ways because I put a lot of myself into the character.
LSK: When shooting this drama, I was able to see that Joo Hyuk is a very genuine/pure person. He is very smooth at portraying emotions. He also spends a lot of time thinking about acting, and having him as a partner was very comforting on the set.
NJH: I’m not that pure though (laughs).
LSK: Are you corrupt then? (laughs).
NJH: No, I wouldn’t say that I’m corrupt.. I would say that I’m acting similar to someone of my age (laughs).
LSK: I am completely pure though (laughs). Sorry! (In Japanese:) sorry! (laughs).

Q: It seems like your chemistry is very good, but how good was your compatibility in acting?

LSK: If my partner had been someone I didn’t really know, I would go to them and talk about how I was planning on portraying my character. And while talking about acting I think I would take a step back (and follow their lead). Also, I would have to get to know them better as a person. However, with the two of us we could skip that completely. We have been modelling together for different magazines before, so when talking about how we want to do a scene, we didn’t have to be careful of the other’s personality or acting in that sense. We could just do it. We could also adapt better to the other’s acting and therefore react more naturally, so I think we did a good job. Right?
NJH: We get along great.
LSK: I won’t stare at you, so say what you want! (laughs)
NJH: In this drama we did a lot of ad-lips. In other dramas, I made a point of talking about any ad-lips with my partner before, but during the rehearsal take in this drama I came up with a lot of ideas on the spot, so although I felt bad for Sung Kyung, I just did ad-lips without talking to her about it first.
LSK: There were indeed a lot of ad-lips.
NJH: However, because of how well she adapted to and participated in my sudden ad-lips, I think we were able to shoot a lot of really cute/charming scenes.
LSK: I didn’t have to ‘create’ a reaction to his ad-lips. He really came out as quite pushy so I got a little bit irritated. However, Bok Joo also becomes irritated by Joon Hyung’s pushy attitude, so in a way it helped me portray Bok Joo’s reaction better (laughs).
NJH: It seems like you only remember those irritating scenes..
LSK: It’s because they had a very strong impact on me.
NJH: But I was talking about the scenes portraying Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s love story though. I think I must have hurt Sung Kyung (with my pushy acting). I want to take this opportunity to apologise. It was only acting! (laughs).
LSK: Your acting was very good (laughs).

Q: Both Bok Joo’s secret crush and Joon Hyung’s ex girlfriend are also in the drama (in addition to being a couple themselves). Who would you choose as a partner?
LSK: Joon Hyung!
NJH: Of course. I would choose Bok Joo.
LSK: Of course (laughs).
NJH: Although I feel bad for Shi Ho (Kyung Soo Jin) (for saying this), the time spent with Bok Joo was almost always fun. Although they are lovers, they are also very good friends. As professional athletes, they support each other and also listen to each other, and finding a partner like that is really not easy. Finding someone that will both communicate well and who will become your strength, and also someone you can count on is really hard. I really think Bok Joo and Joon Hyung should get married. Because of that I would choose Bok Joo.

Q: What are your plans now?
NJH: I will rest (laughs). I have had many projects after each other for a while now, so I think I need some time to rest and recharge.
LSK: I’m also planning to rest some. I think my body needs to rest as well. Both Joo Hyuk and me have had so many activities lately that I think it is important that we rest before starting anything new.

(T/N: This is not the complete interview, but at least most of it. Other questions have been asked in many other interviews so I didn’t feel the need to translate it. Also, some parts of their answers I didn’t translate because the meaning was not completely clear to me.)

free will vs. fate

here’s a quick entry for klanceweek prompt #1: free will vs. fate

i may put these on ao3 if enough people enjoy them but, for now, you can also find them on twitter!

“I can’t do this anymore,” Keith murmurs.

The room is heavy with exhaustion, with the weight of responsibilities. Slouched next to him on the couch, Lance glances at Keith out of the corner of his eye. The words are tired—Keith is tired.

Lance lets his eyes flutter shut. Another mission, another near disaster. Without Shiro at the helm, the team doesn’t function quite as well as it used to. Keith takes more risks than Shiro had, which occasionally works to their advantage. Today, though, is one of the many times it didn’t.

“It isn’t your fault, dude,” Lance sighs. He has yet to remove his armor, and the material feels heavier than ever. “Besides, we all made it out alive. That’s something, right?”

“Aren’t you the person who’s supposed to give me shit for this?”

“You make a good point…” Lance taps his chin, lips pursed. “If you need me to, I can. You don’t have to twist my arm. Actually, please don’t. My right arm hurts like a bitch from where that one meathead Galra pushed me down.”

Keith snorts and leans his head back, exposing the long curve of his neck. A moment of silence settles between them before Keith speaks again. “I’m being serious, though. Leading the team… I’m not cut out for it.”

Lance cycles through a few different responses. Since Shiro vanished, Lance has heard the other paladins offer Keith varying advice. Hunk urging Keith to keep trying, Pidge admonishing him for his disregard for her family, Allura dissecting each of his plans, Coran insisting he’s the best for the job. And Lance… he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. How does he feel about Keith as their leader?

“You didn’t choose this,” Lance starts, carefully considering his approach. “Did you?”

“I guess not. Shiro always said I should take his place if something happened to him.”

“But you didn’t choose to be the big bad leader of your own freewill. You know what I mean?”


“It isn’t like you’ve been gunning for the position or anything. You took charge because a really close friend wanted you to.” Lance pauses. “I mean, you love Red, right? I know how close Blue and I are. Bonding with another lion after everything you put into bonding with Red—it can’t be easy.”

To his surprise, the corners of Keith’s lips twist into a smile. It reminds Lance of something and, for a moment, he can’t quite put his finger on what it is. But then he remembers. A shaky image, on the fringes of his memory, of Keith regarding him with a soft smile, their fingers interlocked.

The bonding moment, Lance recalls with a start.

“I miss Red so much,” Keith whispers. His voice is strained with longing, and it tugs at something inside Lance’s chest. “But I… I’m the only one who can pilot the black lion.”

An idea strikes Lance, and, okay, maybe it’s stupid. But Lance finds himself blurting, “I can help you.”

Idiot, idiot, what the hell. Lance’s subconscious is screaming at him, and he kindly tells it to leave him alone, geez. Why did he say that? This is Keith; he doesn’t need Lance’s help. Allura would make a much better right-hand man—woman—than him.

“Really?” Keith prompts.

“Uh—I? Yes?”

Lance expects disgust or laughter or, hell, even annoyance. To think someone as useless as Lance would volunteer himself for such an important role is ridiculous.

“That…” Keith trails off and Lance braces himself for impact. “Would be… amazing.”

“Yeah, yeah, I shouldn’t have even brought it u—wait. What’d you just say?” Lance swears his soul leaves his body. “Did you? What?

“I could really use some help,” Keith explains. There’s a weariness in his voice, and Lance realizes, with everything that’s happened recently, Keith has been hit the hardest. “I didn’t expect you to offer but… I kind of hoped you would.”

Lance must be dreaming. This Keith can’t possibly be the real Keith.

“Me?” Lance squeaks, disbelieving.

“You’re the best for the job…”

Holy shit, Keith is blushing.

“I don’t know about that,” Lance scoffs, scratching the back of his neck. He might be blushing, too. Ugh. “I’m just… you know. Me.”

“Exactly.” Keith’s eyes narrow to angry little slits, almost like he’s offended.

“Keith, my dude, my main man…”

“You can do it.” Slowly, Keith’s smile morphs into a smirk, much like before a practice spar. A wicked glint dances behind his eyes, and Lance feels like he’s going to explode. “Isn’t that right, Sharpshooter?”


Nori’s Original Drawing

YOOOOOOOOO THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!! So @nori-wings @leslietendo @rosikichan @mrsashketchum @innocentcinnamonbun and I did the AMAZING collab where we were paired up and redrew a drawing of the person we were paired up with.

Nori and I were paired and let me tell you. it was hard to choose one of her drawings. She has such great art and all really soft and inspirational. I very much recommend you check it out. 

I chose this one because, first of all, I wanted to draw these two cuties cause I do not draw them enough. Second, the way Nori drew them is so gentle and the way they’re looking at each other is just so *clenches fist* emotional, Nori really captures the emotion of the character she draws REALLY well and I wanted to try and do the same.

Here are the rest of the awesome collabs!!

Nori  |  Leslie Mak  |  Roski  |  Inno

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Marecal or Mareven? Why?

Marecal, obviously. I’m gonna give a long ass answer to why.

I’m a sucker for romance where the prince falls for the common girl. Yet Mare and Cal’s romance has been so different from what is considered an orthodox prince charming love story. If anything, their love story has been anything but conventional since the beginning.  

For starters, what Mare and Cal had wasn’t love at first sight at all. Cal was intrigued by this young girl who had the audacity to steal from him. What he found more interesting was that, instead of running for her life, she confessed her crime right away as if she just lost all the fight in herself. Thief. Obviously. All his 19 years of existence, Cal had lived a privileged life, and so, he was curious about this girl and what drove her to break the law and steal. Meanwhile, what Mare found interesting was that, instead of a punishment for stealing, he gave her more than what she stole and a job in the freaking palace in the hope that she wouldn’t steal ever again. That act of kindness alone was more than enough for me to fall in love with Cal and for Mare to develop attraction to him.

But the pull that Mare felt toward Cal waned considerably when Maven entered the picture and she saw everything she wanted Cal to be in him, especially when Maven made her believe that the Guard had his support. Even then, Cal was constantly by her side for company and support, and even defended her from Evangeline when they were in Training. And when he became her dance teacher and after the first kiss they shared, the feelings that she had for him were tremendously ignited. 

Moreover, the attraction that Mare and Cal had for each other was not instant but grew over time. It was slow burn. You could also say that it was forbidden attraction at first since Mare and Cal were promised to another, plus the fact that he was the Silver crown prince and she was a mere “Red rat.” They were content with stolen glances and curt nods whenever they were in the same room. The sexual tension was very palpable.

One of the many things I love about Mare and Cal is that they’re a power couple. I love badass otp who fight side by side to defeat the bad guys. Cal knows Mare is not just some girl who would stay out of the way and let him fight for her, and he respects this. He respects her. But of course, he still feels the need and want to protect her. When they were at the Bowl of Bones, Cal could have just fought for himself and left Mare on her own, but he didn’t. He still wanted to protect her even though he himself was on the verge of his own death. I’ll protect you as long as I can. And Mare wouldn’t let him fight alone. Even in the fight scenes in GS and KC. It’s never just his battle or her battle, it’s always their battle. When his flame falls, my lightning rises, and so on. They’re always one and equal on the battlefield. 

However, we cannot deny the fact that Cal decided to stay with the Guard for two reasons, none of which was because he really believed in the cause: (1) He stayed to be with Mare, and frankly, (2) he had no other place to go to when he was wanted and labeled as the traitor prince. It was disappointing that Cal couldn’t find it in his heart to completely support the cause even after living with them for months and seeing their struggles everyday. Even after what happened to Shade. But I understand Cal because it’s not easy to relinquish something that has been ingrained in your brain since you were little. It really takes time. 

The problem with Mare and Cal is that they don’t talk about their problems. Before Mare was captured at the end of GS, they were not really on good terms. When they reunited in KC, they were too busy indulging in the presence of one other that they had forgotten to talk about—and hopefully solve—their past problems. Issues regarding loyalty and choosing a side kept piling up until the biggest one bit them back when Cal decided to choose the bloody crown over Mare after everything, after telling Farley that he wouldn’t take it back and even after promising Mare the same thing. 

As someone who loves Cal, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I want to believe he chose the crown not for selfish reasons, but because he wanted to help the Guard to execute their plans. He said he believed in Red-Silver equality, and I believe him. He saw the crown as an instrument that would make these plans and dreams come true, because once he had the crown, action and changes would be immediate. At least that’s what he thought. He opted to take the shorter alternative route, instead of fighting together with Mare and the Scarlet Guard, which would no doubt be a very long road ahead. 

I really want Cal to prove that his views on the Red-Silver divide have changed. Otherwise, the time he spent with the Reds and Newbloods would be wasted. I would like to see him help in destroying the cursed monarchy while he has the power to do so. If this happens, that means he chose the crown over Mare to help the Guard and make a change in the way that he knows. Likewise, Mare chose her own principle over Cal to stay with the Guard. If this little theory of mine is right, just think how beautiful is it that they sacrificed their love for the country they both love. That would be another reason to love Marecal. 

I’m not gonna talk about Mareven anymore because I don’t feel like talking about toxic, abusive, obsessive relationships.  


(Girl Meets Ski Lodge, part 2 🍁 July 29th, 2016)

It means you, Riley. I choose you, and I really want you to choose me. I do. I always did. I have something for you, too. You do? We have this one little life… and for a lot of it, we just blow around in the wind. But if we’re lucky… and we believe that life knows what’s best for us… sometimes we land on the right someone to talk to. I’m glad I fell into your lap. So am I.

In celebration of reaching 5K followers and the (very belated) one year anniversary of this little blog, I’ve decided to host another writing challenge! I know, I’m crazy.

Fall is my favorite season, even though in my state, we don’t start getting Fall-like weather until, oh, November or December. So, I’ve created a list of prompts related to Fall/Autumn. Help with this list came from here and here.

The basics:  

Choose a prompt and a character, then write a fic based on that prompt. Post your fic by Friday, December 21 (the first day of Winter - Fall is over).

The Rules and Regulations:

You don’t have to be following me, but it would be nice if you were.

Reader Inserts or OCs, I’m not picky. Also, feel free to choose any Marvel character you wish. Please stick to the MCU though as I’m not really familiar with the comics. Want to write a ship? Send me a message and we’ll discuss.

Your fic can be as long or as short as you want. If it is over 500 words, please use a “Keep Reading.” I will not be able to reblog it if you don’t use one, only reply with a comment.

Please make it the first part of a series or a one shot. I won’t be able to read a series to get to the challenge fic.

Please tag @captain-rogers-beard and use the tag #Mimi’s Fall Into Marvel Challenge. If I don’t like it within 48 hours, Tumblr messed up (as usual) so feel free to send me the link (please note: I will like it as my main blog, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog). We know how unreliable the tagging system is, so please, please use the tag for the challenge in your tags; it helps me find them.

Please mention in your author’s notes which prompt you had.

You can write smut, angst, fluff, AUs, whatever you want. Also, if you want to combine it with another challenge, feel free.

How to sign up:

Send me an ask. Not a reply, reblog, or IM. Asks are easier to keep track of.

In the ask, please tell me the number you want and the character you’ll be writing for. Please send at least one alternative in case your first choice is taken. If you are writing from your side blog, please let me know.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t take a prompt if you aren’t going to write it. Half of the people who signed up for my last challenge dropped out at the last minute or just didn’t post anything at all. A lot of work goes into running these challenges, so it’s frustrating to put the work in and have half of the prompts go unwritten. It pains me to even have to write this, but unfortunately, it’s come to this.

Important dates:

Sign-ups will end when all prompts are taken.

Fics are due Friday, December 21. If you need an extension, feel free to ask. I don’t bite.

I will post the master list within 2 weeks of receiving the last fic.

Prompts are beneath the cut.

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Dialogue Prompt List 001

“Go shower, you reek.” “Of…?” “Teen angst.”

“So, where’d you two meet?” “Oh, I caught them fucking my ex-boyfriend.” “Hey, I apologized for that!”

“Listen, I’m a good person.” “Oh really? Since when do good people kill people?!”

“You don’t have to do this. Work the streets. You can come home with me tonight and stay forever.” “… It’s cute of you to assume that I do this because I have to.”

“I will never bow to them!” “They are your ruler, and you will bow to them or you will bow before the executioner!”

“We don’t kill children.” “We do if they can lead to us serving the rest of our lives in prison!”

“How many people do you think you’ve hurt? Killed? Ruined?” “Enough to know that there is no hell deep enough for my soul.”

“You know, for a demon you sure are far too nice for your own good.” “I didn’t choose to become this, but I can choose not to perpetuate a stereotype.”

“You’re not supposed to fall in love at a funeral.” “The guy died at a wedding, I’m sure the world will be balanced out.”

“Your Highness, the prisoner has escaped. We have searched high and low, but we cannot locate him.” “Stop calling him a prisoner! He’s my brother, and he was only locked away because I ascended to the throne!” “… What would you have us do, your Highness?” “Let him be.

“You’re not the King anymore. Nor are you a Prince. You’ve been stripped of your titles, your nobility, your riches. Half of the Kingdom wishes to see your head on a pike. Why are you smiling so much?” “You’re here with me. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“I never thought I’d see you again… I thought…” “What? That I was dead? That I hated you? That you’d lost me forever?” “I thought that I would never be able to forgive you.”

“You see this? You see this weak, pulsating light right here?” “Yeah, so?” “That tells me that they’re alive. But not for long.”

“You’re not very good at controlling yourself, are you?” “I’m sorry, you try having the ability to literally give or destroy all life and then tell me if it’s so easy.”

“Are you real?” “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” “I just… I had begun to think a saviour only existed in my dreams.”

“Just because you’re Lucifer’s heir, just because you’re the offspring of Satan himself… it doesn’t make you inherently evil.” “Oh? What does, pray tell?” “Not doing anything to change it.”

anonymous asked:

If kaisoo is real and sm is just trying to hide t then why is it that they paired Kaisoo in the eve dance? Why does kai feed kyungsoo in pepero commercials? They've been paired together for commercials several times before. Also, why does SM let them walk together and talk on stage? Aren't you and all other kaisoo shippers being delusional and using SM as an excuse that they don't have many interactions? They're no different from chanbaek. They're just fanservice. Fake.

hello anon. Okay so first of all thank you for being aware of all the kaisoo interactions despise the fact that you’re not a shipper. Tbh idk where to start with your ask because there’s tooooo much about kaisoo for me to begin with. Anyway I will just answer what you asked in order. About the dance, it’s the choreographer who positioned exo for the dance, sm has nothing to do with this. SM is in charge of exo and all the promotion/production/choosing songs and so on but it’s not their decision to choose who dances with whom because it’s not their job but the choreographer’s since he’s expertised in this and knows who matched with whom rather than sm themselves. Why ji fed ksoo in pepero commercials? Simply it’s because the director told them to do so??? why u asked? I mean for commercial production, the marketing team has to find ways to sell their products no? and when it comes to exo not just their name themselves are big and popular but the ships are as well. It’s a thing for kpop, ships, otps and so on so being with kaisoo, one of the most long lasting ship in exo with many fans follow the ship, of course the marketing team would team them up to make fans to notice more and get more of the products. they’re not dumb enough to take out this advantage to get more consumers, same with nature republic, they’re using baekyeol and kaisoo because they know about these ships, everyone who are exols know about these ships, they are inevitable. And why did sm let kaisoo walk together on stage and talk on stage? think about it, if you’re in the same group with another person and u dont talk to that person, what would others think of both of yall? either yall are trying to hide something or yall hate each other or not getting along it would be hella weird and shady. sm can’t just make someone not talk to his own groupmate because that’s bs and they can’t just tell the manager to be next to them 24/7 and be like “yo ji/ksoo, stop talking to each other” even when they’re on stage. that’d be weird af. Also another reason why sm cant do that because it’s normal for everyone to talk to each other and they know their place, not like theyre talking to each other alone 24/7, they also interact with other mems as well so why should sm stop them completely???! The reason why we shippers said that sm trying to stop them because theres too much evidence of kaisoo being a thing, too much to avoid so they need to separate kaisoo as much as they can whenever there are cameras in front of them. homosexual isn’t really an acceptable thing in south kor, there are many homo couples but doesn’t mean they are accepted by the society, especially korean celebs. I remember some rumors about 9493room ,aka one of kaisoo fansite, leaving because others were mean and made fun of her/him for shipping kaisoo but that was yrs ago and i hope it was just rumor. but being said it shows that homo otps aren’t really accepted yet if u ship them srsly and sm prob doesn’t want that to happen to their artist, their precious babies who make them balling with money because that’s all they care about…and for u saying that those are fanservices, if u see their interactions, it’s always offstage or whereas other members are talking. Because others are talking they would thikn oh the fans will give their attentions to that mem not them so they can just talk to each other or so, and if it’s offstage then who are they doing fanservice to? the staff? also anon, shipping someone or not is our choice and our opinion, i also respect your opinion and choice but calling us delusional and the ships being fake are a little bit too much. You don’t ship them, i’m completely fine with it because i know there are others kaisoo shippers who support them wholehearted like like i do. But please don’t come and attack us like that just because u dont see the sparks in their eyes when they look at each other, or the attention that they give each other that was beyond anything compared to the attention they give other members. We dont use sm as an excuse because we know that there’s no way ji would be away from ksoo with his own will, if u see other fancam or so, the way he looks at ksoo or vice versa. Also for the past fanmeet or so, all the members sat in their normal order when they’re together, yet only kaisoo’s seats were switched and the only one that could have done this is the ppl behind the scene and who would that be? of course sm. One last note for you, please don’t touch baekyeol/chanbaek either because the shippers did nothing wrong just because they ship those two. Thank you for asking this so i can prove to others that i’m not just a whatever shipper but my belief about this ship is pretty strong, as strong as exo’s love for exols. thank u and have a nice day!

anonymous asked:

What if Jim threatens to quit one day because everything feels like too much and his crew/family is there for him? + Mckirk?

  • It doesn’t happen often, but Jim is just so tired. After everything they’ve been through, sometimes it’s just too much. He remembers the names of every crew member who died under his command, and though he’s okay on most days, there are nights when these dead crewmembers haunt him. Relentlessly, all night, keeping him awake. The one thing that calms him down is when Bones turns around in bed, and Jim finds an arm around his waist. Most nights, finding Bones press himself against his back is enough to have him calm down. But sometimes, that still doesn’t stop him from staring out the bedroom window at the passing stars, guilt bothering him until morning.
  • It all goes spiraling out of control when the Enterprise is under attack again the second time York Town is under fire by a violent alien race - hellbent on destroying that “giant floating snow globe”. It’s not just his crew that suffers, a lot of people die that day. They save the city, but it’s a hollow victory. Being called a hero doesn’t feel genuine when so many people didn’t make it. Jim Kirk’s not a hero, he just happened to stop the bad guy. A little too late, but he stopped him nonetheless.
  • “I got a job offer in York Town,” Jim says. Bones is reading a book next to him. “You get job offers all the time,” Bones says. “I’m thinking about taking it.” “Sure you are,” Bones says, and Jim frowns. “I’m serious.” “Uh-huh.” “Bones,” Jim stresses, “I need you to take me serious, here.” At last, Bones puts his book away and sits up straight. Studies Jim’s face for any sign of a joke, or something. “Why would you want a stationary job?” “Too many people died. I think maybe I’m not fit to be a captain anymore.” “What? Jim, none of those deaths were your fault.” “You say that,” Jim says, “but we suffer so many more casualties than any other ship. Maybe it isn’t a coincidence-” “You’re damn right it isn’t. It’s because we keep being assigned to the most dangerous ones, since we’re among the only ones standing a chance of actually making it through in one piece.” Jim smiles lightly at that, and Bones leans in to kiss his forehead. A gentle gesture, but one Jim really appreciates right about now. “If you really want to resign, then you should. But think about it, first. Make sure you know what you want.“
  • Spock is surprisingly gentle with Jim their next shift, and that makes Jim wonder whether or not Spock and Bones talked. Bones loves that kind of gossip, after all. But as endearing as Spock being gentle is, it doesn’t feel home. Not until he says something so illogical that Spock kind of bursts and lectures him about his leadership choices for at least an hour. Jim’s initially annoyed, then thinks about how hard it would be to give this up for a desk job somewhere safe.
  • Bones has a night-shift and leaves Jim by himself one night, but then Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu show up in his quarters and refuse to let him sleep early. The four of them drink and watch movies together, though they’re mostly gossiping about husbands, boyfriends, and, in Chekov’s case, whichever alien he’s dating now. Sharing popcorn, stories, and watching old clips filmed by Uhura and Chekov, seeing as both of them like to record even the most mundane things. From Sulu teaching Spock and Uhura gardening skills, to Uhura catching Bones and Jim quietly enjoying a beer in the bar. “I know you are all doing this to keep me here,“ Jim says, and Chekov shrugs. “No,” he says, “we are to spend time with you, in case you do leave.” “What are you going to do exactly when you resign?” Sulu asks. “Admiral,” Jim replies. “That’s not a bad position to have,” Uhura replies, “Pike was very good at that job. You’ll be, too.”
  • Jim thinks about Uhura’s words later that night when he’s in bed by himself. She wasn’t begging him to stay, just… knowing that they’re there for him, regardless of what he chooses to pursue in the future. And just that is comforting to know, though it simultaneously makes the decision making process much harder. He doesn’t want more deaths, potentially​, but he doesn’t want to be without his crew, either.
  • He pretends to be asleep when Bones gets back, just because then he can quietly enjoy the sight of Bones tiptoeing around, getting undressed and freshening up for bed. Only when Bones slips in bed with him, Jim turns around to look at the other. He smiles lightly, sliding an arm around Bones’ waist. “Long day at work?” “You’ve got no idea,” Bones says, “if I have to listen to Spock complain about my methods one more time I might throw him out of an airlock.” Jim laughs at that, smiling fondly as the other cups his cheeks and kisses him. “So,” Bones continues, “we arrive in York Town tomorrow. What are we going to do?” “We?” Jim asks. “If you resign, I relocate to a stationary position in York Town, too,” Bones replies, “you don’t think I’m going to go out into space while you’re out here, enjoying faux-fresh air, real food, and bars that don’t run out of alcohol?” He asks, and Jim huffs. “You belong on the Enterprise, Bones.” “No more than you do,” Bones replies, “home isn’t where I am, it’s who I’m with.” “You’re so cheesy,” Jim laughs, running a hand through Bones’ hair, before settling in a comfortable position, closely pressed against the other.
  • “Have you given our offer any thought, Mr. Kirk?” Commodore Paris asks him when Jim’s arrived at her office. He’s been looking around, taking in her office. He could own the same thing. Windows overlooking the city, a big desk, unfamiliar stats running down her PC screen. “I have,” Jim replies. “I understood you were more considerate of our offer this time.” “I took my time thinking about it,” Jim says, “too many deaths have been on my account-” “Even more might have been, had you chosen a different profession, James. You can’t blame yourself for situations you’ve got no control over. That won’t change in your new position, should you choose to accept it.”
  • Standing up, in front of the window, Jim glances outside. The bustling city life, still there because the Enterprise put itself between the space station and the enemy. “Do you think you could feel at home here?” Paris asks, and Jim smiles lightly. Thoughts of Bones, and Spock, of the nights with Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu. How Scotty drives him nuts on most days. But he really wouldn’t have it any other way. “I couldn’t. Home isn’t where I am,” he says eventually, “it’s who I’m with.”

“And even though we always seem to find a way to mess things up when we’re together, I love you. More than anything in the world, Jenna, what I want is to tell you to choose me over him. But I’m not gonna do that, because the one thing that I want more than that, is for you to choose yourself. Not me, not him, you. Don’t throw away all the great things you got goin’ on your life just to be with Luke. You may think that it’s right for you but I know that it isn’t.”

“Neither of us has any clue what’s gonna happen. But what I know is that part of me will always be yours. And you know, when the time is right, I have a feeling we’ll find each other. You know, we always do.”


animejpg  asked:

ღ tododeku!

For the sake of domesticity they’re aged up and live together  ♡

  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning: technically speaking Izuku always wakes up early (earlier than he needs to) but he just relishes those moments of quite when the birds are chirping and the small amount of light filtering in through the window hits Shouto at the perfect angle so that his features are soft and absolutely breathtaking. He usually falls back asleep a couple minutes after, lulled by the quiet. When Shouto wakes up he gets to relish a similar moment before waking his boyfriend up and getting ready for work.
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast: Shouto does it 90% of the time because he gets up on time and Izuku tends to be really sleepy after he wakes up for a second time. To avoid any accidents Shouto would rather cook. Sometimes when they’re running late he’ll fire up the pan for a couple seconds with his left side for maximum heat.
  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed: Shouto because he can make the fluffiest omelettes by flaming it up real fast. Also Izuku is always in an even better mood when his boyfriend treats him before work.
  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work: NOW THIS, IS ALWAYS IZUKU. When Shouto wakes him up he’s super clingy and cuddles into Shouto so much that it usually ends up in a bit more than just warm sleepy cuddles. Shouto never opposes him.
  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day: They never do. While they would love to stay in bed all day and cuddle they take their jobs as heroes very seriously. Even on cold days, sometimes they might run a little late after a morning warm up and not just because of Shouto’s quirk but they never skip.
  • Who chooses the movies: Shouto has a soft spot for Disney movies (headcanon from this post) so they’ll rewatch some good ol’ classics from time to time but for the most part he doesn’t mind and is perfectly happy with whatever film Izuku wants to watch. Of course most of the time Izuku chooses hero films, which he should really learn to be more picky about.
  • Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together: Shouto tries to be a good boyfriend and let’s Izuku watch the movie in peace if it’s a movie he’s never seen. But sometime Izuku picks really shitty movies or a movie they’ve watched many times (Izuku has watched avengers so many times Shouto lost count after 17) and Shouto is only human. Needless to say, Izuku doesn’t mind all that much when Shouto kisses that one spot behind his ear and Izuku just melts.
  • Who orders lunch: Izuku tells Shouto what he wants from the menu and he’ll order for them. If they’re not sharing that day, they usually end up trading dishes because they always like each other’s food more.
  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking: Izuku always takes a bite from Shouto’s plate first and Shouto will follow right after. They briefly stare at each other and upon a mutual unspoken agreement they’ll lift their plates up and trade.
  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy: You would think that someone who can regulate their body temperature has a lot of self control but sometimes Izuku orders a really good dish or cooks up a really good dinner and Shouto can’t not accept his boyfriend’s food.
  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home: Whenever they have paperwork to fill out Shouto is really fast at filling it so he’ll just quietly hug Izuku from behind and work as a human heater or cooler depending on the weather. It’s not distracting per say, but sometimes Izuku makes the mistake of turning around and giving Shouto a kiss and well… kissing your boyfriend is a lot more fun than paperwork. Some things can’t be helped.
  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old: Shouto really likes vanilla ice cream! He tends to like more cold than hot foods (wonder why) and he likes plain old vanilla because it’s just the right amount of sweet and creamy. He doesn’t like it when his ice cream starts to melt so he always freezes his spoon and the bowl before eating.
  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream: Izuku always takes a picture of his boyfriend when they go out for ice cream but he never posts them anywhere because the face Shouto makes when he has the creamy substance and spoon in his mouth is NOT for anyone other than him to see.
  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face: They don’t. Izuku just stares and the dark blush is enough for Shouto to read and smirk a little, which makes the blush a lot worse and they need to get home fast before the blood decides to rush somewhere else.
  • Who cooks dinner: It’s pretty evenly split, it depends on who gets home first.
  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards: Shouto usually cleans while Izuku does the dishes, he actually enjoys washing them. Shouto will never understand how someone likes doing that tedious chore but he’s not one to question it.
  • Who stays up until 2 reading: Izuku get’s too into his hero research far too often and his muttering has gotten quieter so it actually lulls Shouto to sleep when this happens.
  • Who stares at their partner while their sleeping: It’s mutual we’ve discussed it.
  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep: Always a good morning kiss from Shouto to wake up his ray of sun ♡

Send me a ღ and I’ll fill this out about a ship

hello maxvid shippers!
i want to remind you something: there is nothing wrong with you or your shipping and you don’t deserve all this hate you get. don’t listen to those awful things and just continue doing what you like. all your artwork, fanfiction, headcanons and other is beautiful and you shouldn’t be afraid to share it.
i think it’s stupid and unfair to harass people over fictional ship so much and that’s why i’m making my own maxvid month.
i’m gonna post maxvid art according to one of the OTP-challenges every day, for 30 days.
i will keep it out of the main tag (although i still think it’s ridiculous), but i will put it in when my artwork shows platonic love (which is the way of shipping too).
if you want to join me (i would really appreciate that!) you can for sure! 
you can find prompts under cut.

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Hey guys! Do you like my writing?

Do you want a piece of it FOR YOUR VERY OWN, featuring YOUR favorite characters or OTP/OT3 and themes YOU like?

Do you have a couple of bucks to give to someone who is currently $100 short on her rent for the month?

COOL! Because I need $98 to cover my rent for October 2017, and ideally $130 to cover me until my next paycheck–$100 for the rent and $30 for gas and food, and I am TAKING COMMISSIONS to earn it.


You message me your fandom, characters/pairing, and prompt. I read it and if I feel like it’s something I can do, I accept. I don’t anticipate this being a problem–the only issue I foresee is if you ask for a character I’m not familiar with. If there is a problem like this, I’ll let you know and see if there’s a way we can get around it.

So at that point, you can PayPal me at technicolor_nina@yahoo.com, for any amount you choose ($3 minimum). I will write you a oneshot between 1200 and 3500 words, probably somewhere right smack in between the two, and you can choose to have it 1) emailed to you, 2) submitted to your Tumblr, 3) posted to my Tumblr, 4) posted to my AO3, or 5) some combination of the above. All oneshots will be done by 31 October 2017.

Fandoms I can write fluently:

Harry Potter
Sailor Moon
Yu-Gi-Oh DM
Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds (Dark Signer era)
The Hunger Games
Sherlock BBC
Sherlock Holmes ACD canon
Princess Tutu

Fandoms I can write if you let me have a floating timeline and/or make a little allowance for not being entirely up to date:

Captain America MCU
Iron Man MCU
Welcome To Night Vale
LoveLive! School Idol Project (u’s only, I haven’t gotten to Aqours yet)

The fandom where you can tell me you want this fandom and be shocked at how much I know via Tumblr osmosis:


A side note: I no longer write MCU on my own due to serious disagreements with how HYDRA, the Maximoff twins, and Black Widow have been handled, alongside all the Nick Spencer bullshit from the comics side of things. If you’ve ever wondered how I would write MCU, or there’s something there you really want to see from me, this is your chance to do so.

Stuff I won’t do (no judgments here, this is just stuff I’m really bad at. Except the last two items, which, yikes.)

Explicit porn
Heavy gore
Modern crack
Pedophilia (defined here as someone over the age of 18 in a sexual relationship with someone below the age of consent in my state, which is 16)

Stuff I will do that you might not have seen in years and could be interested in:

Classic, “holy shit what drugs is she on” early-2000s crack

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[fic] flying planes with paper wheels to the same Achilles’ heels

For someone who claims to want no part in the idea of soulmates, Annabeth’s life seems to revolve around it quite often.

(Have a soulmates!AU for my 800 followers mark fic. Sorry I haven’t been active as often recently. Uni is kicking my ass so hard this year.

Trigger warning for suicide of a minor character. It isn’t explicit but still.) 

In this life, there is only one person who gets to be your other half, and this is decided the moment you are born.

At birth, each person is Marked with something similar to a tattoo on their body. It can be an inscription, an image, or even something as straightforward as a full name. Whatever it is, the Mark is supposed to lead you to your soulmate.

Annabeth Chase does not believe in the concept of soulmates.

To her, having her other half decided for her the moment she was born isn’t hopeful or reassuring like those stupid soulmate commercials peg it as. To her, it’s suffocating and controlling. It’s Fate and the universe trying to take her choices away from her. 

So she tells herself that, no, she will not look for her soulmate. In fact, a small part of her even wants to swear that she won’t end up with her soulmate, just to prove a point. Whenever she tells people about this, they give her bemused looks, like they thought she was breaking some sort of unspoken law.

Well, she has always been a little rebellious; what difference does this make?

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