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hi can i ask for some cliche kaisoo with bad boy jongin and cute kyungsoo? with fluff, humour and maybe a bit angst(?) kinda crave that type of fic TT congrats on your 1k followers and please never stop supporting kaisoo <3

(we’re so embarrassing bc this took ages and we’re now at 1.3k so pls forgive :’c and we won’t hehe we’ll forever support our otp) 

Secret Admirer – Jongin is the popular boy that bullies Kyungsoo in school but Kyungsoo starts to get these letters by a secret admirer that say the cutest things ;;

Fascination of the Abomination – Jongin is the ruler of demons and Kyungsoo is an angel but has to go to hell to deliver a message to Jongin and gets more involved with him than he planned to.

Forget Me Not (And Don’t Move On) – Kyungsoo is a film student and Jongin is a gangster but Kyungsoo tries to enlist Jongin’s help in one of his films.

Hurricanes – Jongin is a badboy that Kyungsoo has a crush on and after he sleeps with him, he tells Jongin to never talk to him again.

Later, at Dawn – Jongin is a cold prostitute and Kyungsoo works at the store Jongin buys from everyday and pines after him but Jongin doesn’t want anyone involved in his world.

Melting – Jongin doesn’t care about anything and Kyungsoo is happy and energetic and has a crush on Jongin.

Bring Me Back To Light – Kyungsoo is deaf artist and Jongin is known to be an arrogant CEO and a jerk.

Troublemaker – Kyungsoo is a good student and is forced to mentor badboy Jongin after accidentally getting in trouble.

Inmate E095 – not exactly cute Kyungsoo but Kyungsoo is the prison guard that all the prisoners fear. Jongin is the only prisoner that doesn’t fear him.

You’re Supposed to Hate Me – Jongin is the popular badboy of the school that bullies the good student, Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo tries hard to keep hating Jongin.

Black Magic – really amazing dragon au. Not exactly cute Kyungsoo but Kyungsoo is a dragon and joins a school for training dragons where he meets Jongin who gives him a hard time and makes his life difficult.

Beautiful Butterfly – Jongin isn’t exactly a badboy but he’s the CEO of a company ignores Kyungsoo’s pursuits. A lot of pining after.

Hopeless – Jongin is the badboy who always gets into fights at school but Kyungsoo loves him anyway ;;

Falling For The Badboy – the title says it all. Kyungsoo is the smart one of the school while Jongin is the badboy he can’t help but fall for.

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“Bit weird, this, isn’t it?” Ron muttered into his drink. “The pair of them, getting married tomorrow?” He was several drinks in and starting to look a tad glassy eyed, slumping over the table a bit. 

Neville gave a slight frown, giving him a sidelong glance. “I wouldn’t call it weird.” 

Ron’s eyes widened and he sat up quickly, sloshing a more than a bit of drink as he did. “I don’t mean- blimey Neville, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it. I mean, they’re bloody mad about each other and that’s- great. I’m only saying…I never knew.  Thought they were mates. Hadn’t a clue. Did you?” he demanded of Harry, obviously desperate to have him back up his point.

Harry blinked. He’d been watching the pair in question, Dean and Seamus, as they shouted into their microphones on the stage of the muggle pub, eyes locked on one another, riling up the crowd with their rendition of ‘Twist and Shout’. 

“What? Er, no. I suppose I didn’t really think…not til we were well out of school, anyway.” 

Neville rolled his eyes. “I shouldn’t be surprised. There’s piles and piles of stuff you two never noticed,” he smirked. “Then again, you were a bit preoccupied saving the world and such, so I reckon you get a pass. Still. It was a bit obvious.” 

“So you knew? But- didn’t Seamus say they… nothing ever, er, went on between them until after Hogwarts?” Ron reddened up to his ears. “I mean- Dean dated my bloody sister, didn’t he? How’d you…” 

“He did, yeah. And I’d say Seamus was about as thrilled with that arrangement as you and Harry were,” Neville grinned. “Things were a bit tense all around. I had an inkling by then. But- well you know what a mess seventh year was. It was just me and Seamus and…he was off his head, worrying about Dean. And. Well. I just knew.” 

Ron nodded thoughtfully, and the three of them turned to watch the tail end of their friends’ spirited performance. They were giving quite a show, dancing like fools and putting a whole lot of oomf into it. The muggles up front were full of encouragement, which Dean and Seamus were eating up. 

“What did you think, lads?” Seamus grinned, walking back to their table, dragging Dean along by the hand. “Reckon we have a shot at getting on the wizarding wireless?” 

Ron snorted loudly. “I reckon you’re bloody lucky Dean still wants to marry you after finding out you sing like a cat dying.” 

“Oy!” Seamus said, throwing a crumbled up napkin at him. “You gonna let him speak to me like that?” he grinned at Dean, settling into the booth beside him. 

“’Course I am. He’s only jealous,” Dean grinned, ruffling his hair affectionately. “You’ve got the voice of an angel.”  

Ron gave another, even more dramatic snort. “Thomas, you’re either blinded by love or blinded by drink. Either way. Blind.” 

Dean gave another small smile and leaned back against his fiance’s arm. “Probably both,” he muttered, gazing at Seamus with affection. “Can’t much bring myself to care though.”  

Your First Date with Peter Parker

So, I’ve never done this headcannon type thing before and it was a spur of the moment decision to write this so… please bare with me.

  • so, the Angel boy would be crushing on you HAAAARRD for YEARS!
  • Fell in love with you pretty much the second he saw you when you guys met
  • shameless staring at you every chance he could

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In Faerie, I would challenge Rosales to a duel for this,” said Mark. “He broke his promise, and a love-promise at that. He would meet me in combat if Cristina consented to let me be her champion.
—  Lord of shadows, chapter 5, The dark artifices #2 - Cassandra Clare

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I’ve done: Claire Novak, Jo Harvelle, Charlie Bradbury, Rowena, Castiel, Dean, Gabriel, Ketch, Kevin, Lucifer, Sam, Amara, John Winchester, Jack Kline

Favourite thing- His eyes. Misha/Cass have the bluest eyes to ever blue.

Least favourite thing- Poor angel boy lets Sam and dean walk all over him. It makes me sad.

Favourite line- “my ‘people skills’ are ‘rusty’.”

Brotp- Dean & Cass or Lucifer & Cass

Otp- Sastiel

Notp- Destiel ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Random headcanon- I’m not sure if this counts as a headcanon but I once read a fic where when Cass was turned human and he got kicked out of the bunker, he kept expecting Dean to call him but Dean never did. And even though he had like nothing to his name he found ways to keep his phone charged *just in case* Dean called and it made me… really sad and I like to think he actually did that.

Unpopular opinion- I don’t like that the writers keep bringing him back without explanation. Like when it’s explained (ie Jack, The only time it was explained) it’s fine, but every other time it’s just kinda… frustrating? Like it’s gotten to the point where we all just know Cass is never gonna die for real. So why kill him off at all?

Song I associate with them- “I’ll just wait here then” and “blue eyes cryin’”

Favourite picture gif of them-

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Dan: Phil Lester sucks

Phil: lol okie

Someone else: Phil Lester sucks

Phil: lol oki-

Dan: no

Dan: wtf

Dan: how dare you have the audacity to attempt to hurt this angel

Dan: no

Dan: don’t

Dan: I will mess you up

Dan: he’s just a small tree boy finding his way in life

Dan: he is a bundle of joy

Dan: step to me motherfucker

Otp meme

Warren Worthington iii x reader

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
Warren oh my god
(“Wyd… ;)” “what would you do if I was there lol”)
Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
Probably you but he’d tear a little if it was a sad one
Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
Him 10/10 he’d forget it was on the plate and almost burn the house down
Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
Him, you definitely fuck with him though
“Guess who?”
“Is it that really cute guy Peter?”
Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
Probably you, Warren is a human furnace without a doubt
Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?
Him, he’d sit down and see that something was on but can’t find the remote so you’d come home to him just sitting on the couch (the same place he was when you left that morning) just mocking Kris Jenner and doing the perfect Kim K voice
Who laughs more during sex?
If there’s any laughing I think it’d come from you, Warren is a dominant boi in bed and there’s nobody that can tell me different
You because his giant ass wings

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give me the TEXAS MAN😩👌👏👏💯💦👊👋😂😂😂😘💯💯💦

thank u for taking pity on me LMAO

favorite thing: i can’t pick one thing. his drawl. a short icon. his love for yallow. his multiple phd’s. what more do i want. 

least favorite: there’s nothing i dislike about this angel man

favorite line: it’s on my blog but it goes something like ‘do i look like a mule, boys, i can’t carry this team’

brotp: ENGIE AND PYRO B A B E Y !!!!!

otp: hormmmmm….engie and spy has really grown on me

notp: engie and pyro in a romantic way i suppose, or engie/scout

random hc: engie is team dad. cooks pretty often, set up the chore wheel, tries to be a father figure for scout(and is). genuinely likes his team and spending time with each of them. 

unpopular opinion: i can’t think anything about engie that is unpopular, he is universally loved, just like his famous pecan pie,

song: is this even a question. i have a whole engie playlist for when writing for whom swallowed the sun. but country roads is probably most prominent on my mind

picture: honorable mention to that picture of dell’s dad in the comics, it really rattles my cage. anything when engie has a beard kills me dead

THANK YOU for letting me talk about Him….


(trans cr. Taenuto)

1. Jimin couldn’t see anything when he went up on stage.
2. J-Hope was holding him guiding him up the stage.
3. J-Hope held Jimin’s face in his hands to give him encouragement before running off to his side of the stage.
4. They gave us ONE HELL OF A SHOW.

Stan angels. Stan talent.

(Thank you so much to the Agase (IGot7) who shared this. <3)

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It's amazing how different Nightwing is in the comic universe and in the current DCAU. The former is a man-whore chasing constantly after his dad, but is a good brother, while the DCAU Nightwing is a leader, a brother and a faithful sweet lover. His only flaw is that RED COSTUME AAAARRRRRRRRGGG

Yeah, I’m not as much of a fan of Nightwing in the comics because of what they’re turning him into like the whole point is that he doesn’t turn into Bruce; a playboy and yet, here we are. Idk, I still love his character but the manwhore part is such a flaw and I hate the writers for it.

DCAU Nightwing is a fucking angel. I love him. I am, however, patiently waiting for DC to fuck us over and have Dick go cheat or something shitty. Like, I hope not bc his and Kory’s relationship is so healthy and pure and I FUCKING LOVE IT buuut, I don’t trust DC in the slightest and espesh not with my boy or otp so, I am content and in love with DCAU Nightwing but I am not getting ahead of myself. Although, I just want baby Mar’i in the DCAU and then I’ll be happy; I couldn’t care less bc my babu would be existing so y’know. 

But nah, DCAU Nightwing is killing it; he has stolen my heart. Lmao, I just… I prefer the blue but it isn’t something I’m gonna have a breakdown over or nothing like his uniform colour doesn’t really bother me too much. I just… wish there had been an explanation to it… or something?? 





(Wherein Kei is a memory collector. He keeps passing by the house near the convenience store and he doesn’t know why)


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