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FBI au where Person A is an agent and Person B works in the labs. They don’t positively interact a whole lot because of their jobs and they don’t really get along. That is until they both unknowingly sign up for the same cooking class and they now have to cook together three times a week. And they’re both a mess because work them is different than class them.

My life

*sets alarm for 6am*

Me: okay time to get to sleep, I have to wake up early for tomorrow

Also me: *scrolls through tumblr for otp posts until 4am*

-The next day at school-

Friend: Hey! How you- oh geez what happened to you

Me: *eye twitches* i don’t know.


Riverdale appreciation week (and a half): Day 6 - Favorite ship

Betty x Jughead (Bughead)

anonymous asked:

I am up for headcanon with short Keith but at same time being heavy due garlan genetic. Like Lance is super tall but at same time light. (I took this from scene when paladings were together bathing, and when drying came, Lance had to hold Hunk, while Keith was just standing there while poor Pidge floated away due strong fanning)

Keith: Honestly a normal height, all of his friends are just Tall Assholes. However, he is a stubborn and unyielding as a mountain.

Lance: One of the Tall Assholes, obviously a solid young man but he’s more like “Hey I will dodge every problem by bending like The Matrix lmao.” Will offer some resistance, but also allows self to be pushed back a lil just so he can regroup.

From this I can conclude that Klance is literally ‘an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.’