otp y u do me like this

do y’all ever stumble upon a really good au fic with like about 5 or more chapters that’s not completed?? and it’s so good that when you’re done reading it you scroll through the other fics, hoping to see something similar but then u remember that ur otp isn’t currently in a enemies to friends to lovers situation and no other fics have a similar plot and you’re just like ‘oh.’

abc - one, two, ten prompts

ten word prompts, one for each alphabet
( i / ? )

  • a - “after all these years, you still haven’t changed a bit.”
  • b - “before i start to change my mind, you better leave.”
  • c - “consider me out of this - it’s all just too much.”
  • d - “don’t you ever, for a second, say i didn’t try.”
  • e - "ever wondered what it would be like if you stayed?”
  • f - “for fuck’s sake, can you please stop talking about yourself?”
  • g - “go home. there’s nothing for you to do here anyway.”
  • h - “how about you shut the fuck up before i kick-”
  • i - “i’ve been there before, trust me. don’t even go there.”
  • j - “jealousy is such an ugly phase. emotionally, physically… and literally.”
  • k - “keep talking and you’ll be sleeping outside on the sidewalk.”
  • l - “looks like you were right all along. are you happy?”
  • m - “money does bring happiness. but you bring in the most.”
  • n  - “not that i was paying attention or anything, but you…”
  • o - “oh, now you decide to give a fuck? hell no.”
  • p - “please, don’t act like you actually care. i’m really tired.”
  • q - “quiet down - if you say another word, we’re so dead.”
  • r - “ridiculous. that’s the only word i can say right now.”
  • s - “so, you finally came back. what do you want now?”
  • t - “time’s like these are tough but we can pull through, together.
  • u - “under those crazy circumstances, i would rather be dead instead.”
  • v - “very interesting… the kind of interesting i saw on tumblr.”
  • w - “well what did you expect me to do? wait around?”
  • x - “x marks the spot on the head of an idiot.”
  • y - “ya’ll are acting as if you’ve never seen this before.”
  • z - “zero chance of escaping. you asked me to be honest.”

You don’t have to tell me the way you’re feeling right now. I just want you to know that you can – that you can trust me with whatever you’re feeling or thinking…because I love you. I do. I love you.
      I   l o v e   y o u .   I   l o v e   y o u .

what pisses me off about my otp tho is how ugly draven is

i draw sona and it’s like who is this femme goddess

and then drawing draven is like-

y do u have a mullet???? and a fu man chu???? who is dressing u??? where r ur parents????? ? ? ?? ? ? ? 

  • Lay: answer this question, okay?
  • Kai: k.
  • Lay: what do you like to do when you're not busy?
  • Kai: you.
  • Lay: Jongin...
  • Kai: yes hyung? :)
  • Lay: you cant answer questions with a letter, that's just strange.
  • Kai: ...
  • Lay: ...what?
  • Kai: hyung I meant "you" as in, "Y. O. U".
  • Lay: "X. Y. Z." see, I can do it too. you can recite the alphabet later Jongin, now answer the question correctly.
  • Kai: fine.
  • Lay: ok.
  • Kai: I like sleeping.
  • Lay: next to me, or by yourself?
  • Kai: next to you :)
  • Lay: Jongin I said no letters!
  • Xiuhan: Luhan is so thirst y
  • Baekyeol: best bros. bros that do everything together. a lil gay and dumb sometimes but still best bros.
  • Kaisoo: protective jongin and squishy soo = the gayest of the gays
  • Taohun: bros who are gay together but not with each other u feel me?? like they're both super homo but they aren't necessarily gay for each other
  • Chansoo: angry penguin murders giraffe
  • Xiuchen: Greasy
  • Sutao: mom ily
  • Layhan: my bro. brother. ily so much. let's go burn down a building together. yea bro.- a quote from layhan
  • Taoris: ;-; ge ge notice me - wtf get off me im not showerin with you = a classic "Senpai-notice-me" tale.
  • Krisho: used to be like "Aww mom and dad !!" now it's like "BITCH U LEFT ME I WILL SHOW U HOW HOT I AM EAT MY ASS YIFAN"
  • Sekai: bro. ily. ur the best.
  • Hunhan: luhan had a couple one night stands with his biggest fan oh sehun in 2012
  • Suchen: ayy mamacita naega ayayayaya
  • Chankai: used to be like taoris but now it's kinda just sad bc Chanyeol hates everyone now
  • Sexing: kiss kiss fall in gay
  • Baekxing: naega jail ja naga
  • Baeksoo: angry penguin successfully rids the world of the most annoying person ever born
  • Kray: Ge gE~
  • Krisyeol: omg hai- pcy
  • Baekmin: annoying turtle cowers from ab man
  • Baektao: annoying turtle cowers from ab man: The Sequel (*BONUS: turtle's ass is whooped for the second time, but ab man has a weakness: anything with more than four legs!*)
  • Chanhun: wut
  • Kaixing: you seem familiar do i know u ???
  • Xiusoo: angry penguin befriends friendly ab man
  • Chanxing: ears. just ears.
  • Krisoo: the most adorable. angry penguin is adopted by friendly giant
  • Krishun: dad teach me how to dougie
  • Sulay: who are you
  • Baekchen: u wanna go pull suho's pants down? - byun b. bro. are u my soulmate - kim jongdae probably
  • Lukai: cool bros. NOT BDSM DADDY!KAI STOP THIS
  • Taokai: beautiful roasted marshmallow meets beautiful cinnamon bun
  • Chantao: the weather's nice up here LMAO
  • Baekris: dad how do u masturbate
  • Krischen: lol dad ur lame ily
  • Laytao: bros with the deepest connection u feel me
  • Suhun: MOM
get to know your dash:
  • a. name/nickname
  • b. sign
  • c. gender identity
  • d. sexual orientation
  • e. relationship status
  • f. underage?
  • g. any mental/physical illness
  • h. favorite quote
  • i. favorite youtube channel
  • j. how do you show affection?
  • k. what do you blacklist (if anything)?
  • l. do you have a music tag?
  • m. thoughts on social media and how it's effected our culture?
  • n. what do you feel very strongly about?
  • o. do you look for close bonds or do you like to befriend many?
  • p. any hobbies you'd like to try?
  • q. do you ship? what was your first ship? do you have a theme with pairings?
  • r. do you believe your otp is what you are subconsciously looking for in a relationship?
  • s. are you more of a negative or positive person?
  • t. do you miss anyone?
  • u. do you have any platonic crushes?
  • v. do you have any holiday traditions?
  • w. happiest moments this year
  • x. saddest moments this year
  • y. new year's resolution
  • z. post a selfie


  • T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

like. i wont fight anyone over it probably but i am so fond of ace spectrum soma, okay. it is Important to me

  • A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.

soma. uuuuhh. always lowkey into ayushiki from corpse party. 

  • R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?

mmmmmm. this is hard. maka and blair? 

  • Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?

LMAO naruto. so many, okay. i am lazy and i never watch anything but i’ve picked up so much from my mutuals. like. sailor moon, too. 

  • N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).

ACE CHARACTERS IN GENERAL, less ladykiller/smooth soul, more maka being emotional (because she IS i will FIGHT SOMEONE ABOUT IT you can be STRONK AND STILL CRY)

faeriemeliorn  asked:

for the ship thing: clizzy!!

aaaaahhh omg okay this got kinda long i never seem to get asked abt. my girls lmao i went crazy yikes

Who kisses who first

clary lmao. izzy’s been dropping all these lines that could be taken as flirting but could also just be izzy being izzy, and clary honestly has no idea whether izzy is gay or not, and quite frankly with everything else going on she’s not looking to fall hopelessly in love right now- except.

izzy’s hair is so shiny and it shifts like water and falls into her eyes when she laughs. and her eyes are so dark and full of mysteries that poke at the edges of clary’s consciousness at 2am when she’s trying to sleep. and her voice is like……what clary imagines starlight would sound like, if it could speak. and before clary can even berate herself for being so damn thirsty when she’s just stumbled headfirst into a secret supernatural war she’s???? hanging on every word because izzy is also passionate and bold and funny and kind and she’s such a nerd goddamn when she talks about science she gets really animated and uses a lot of excited hand gestures and bounces on her toes and clary feels her breath catch in her throat every time she thinks about how fierce isabelle lightwood is in her love for her brothers

and one day izzy greets her with ‘that shirt makes your boobs look so good !!!!’ instead of ‘good morning’ and clary just gives up with a frustrated ‘dammit’ and leans in and presses their lips together. when they pull apart, izzy grins and says ‘finally’. and clary pushes her up against the wall and proceeds to kiss her breathless.

Who makes breakfast

izzy is officially banned from making food, ever. but like, clary’s not that big a fan of cooking either so usually they just steal cereal from the kitchen and eat it out of the box with their hands 

(jace and alec hate this. it’s so unsanitary and they hate it so much but they also lowkey can’t be bothered arguing with the girls about it so alec just calls magnus for emergency breakfast dates every other day and jace kinda just sulks and makes toast lmao)

Who says I love you first

izzy! they both say it all the time before they’re dating, and once they start dating they’re like ‘well we already know we love each other, we say it on like a daily basis why would it be awkward now?’ (for real they’re not v. angsty they’re just nerds in love and they tell each other all the time)

but like pre-dating, izzy is the one who says it first and it’s like. really important to clary? because after she came out as a lesbian her few female friends kind of avoided casual ‘i love you’s and it wasn’t a huge thing but it still stung? the first time izzy says it to clary is like. they’re texting, and clary mentions alec being gay and the convo goes

IZZY: you don’t have a problem with it, do you?
CLARY: nah are you kidding lmao i’m like the hugest lesbian :)
IZZY: s a m e
IZZY: oh my god i love you so much :’)

Who holds the other one during a storm

izzy hates thunderstorms, they make her anxious and antsy because she’s naturally on edge a lot of the time anyway due to her training? so the extra sudden loud noises and stuff just makes her stress levels spike and she goes on high alert. not so much afraid as irritated and snappish and she paces a lot, until clary pulls her into a hug and they just lie down together and snuggle until izzy feels calm again.

What their song is 

okay so clary has a Playlist™ because she’s a giant sap like that, her fave #clizzy songs are:

hazy // rosi golan
bright // echosmith
somewhere in neverland // all time low

What they do when one of them is upset

when clary is upset izzy basically just puts a sketchpad in her hands, strikes the most ridiculous pose she can think of and goes ‘drAW ME like one of your french girls’ and it always gets a smile out of clary. this is usually followed by clary drawing izzy in super crazy poses and doing weird faces and stuff until both of them are laughing to much to even remember why she was upset
(or if she’s too upset to draw, izzy just sits with her and gives her lots of forehead and nose kisses and lets her wallow in it until she’s ready to talk about whatever’s bothering her)

when izzy is upset clary is very physical in her comforting. hugs, hand holding, backrubs, and distracts her with conversation. tells stories about her childhood, asks izzy about her memories of growing up, and eventually she’ll ask izzy what’s going on and izzy will almost always tell her

alternatively if they’re both miserable they just lie down on izzy’s bed with their shoulders touching and their fingers intertwined between them and sort of collectively stew in self-pity and bitterness and sadness until they curl up in each others arms and sleep

Who kisses more roughly 

okay but they’re both pretty rough??? like sure they have their cute tender kisses but they’re also both super passionate and like. phew. intense makeouts are intense lmao. hands in hair, hands under shirts, clary in izzy’s lap or izzy pressing clary into a wall, basically they have a lot of feelings and they’re both really gay and like to kiss each other with everything they have

What their dates consist of

they don’t really do like romantic date nights tbh, they go to downworlder raves sometimes (thank u for the invites magnus) which izzy loves and clary enjoys because okay, it’s fun enough but izzy always looks so vibrant and alive when she’s dancing and it’s the most captivating thing in the known universe. and other than that their ‘date nights’ are mosting just watching movies on clary’s laptop, making out in izzy’s room, there was one memorable occasion when izzy dragged clary out to spy on alec and magnus and they got found out and it somehow ended with alec and izzy both sitting on their asses in a water fountain, half glaring and half laughing, while clary and magnus looked on in confusion

Who knew they would always be together

clary. izzy, for all her bravado is super insecure about her self-worth? like she’s confident and comfy with her body and she can get whatever she wants with her dazzling personality but she also kinda lowkey feels like people get tired of her after a while? so she tries to live in the moment and not think about the future, but she can’t help believe clary is it for her, because clary is so certain of their future together. like clary is so utterly convinced that izzy is the One™ she always casually talks about ‘when we get married’ and all that.

What they talk about at 1am

really random shit like sometimes clary stays at the institute and sometimes she stays with luke and jocelyn but even if she does that they still text until like 2am and they have the greatest late night existential talks lmao

What their favourite holiday traditions are 

okay but at christmas clary keeps mistletoe on her person at all times and she just dangles it above people’s heads and goes now kiss (this is how jace and meliorn kiss for the first time lmao yikes) and every single time she sees izzy she holds it up and she’s like ‘u have to kiss me now sorry i don’t make the rules’

izzy likes valentine’s day and always keeps clary in bed for snuggling and/or other Activities until well into the afternoon, then they go out and walk around the city together and just do mundane stuff all evening and it’s really nice and peaceful :’)

Whos the hopeless romantic 

both of them tbh

Who says sorry after an argument  

they both do? like they don’t really have big fights but after a disagreement they’re always like ‘okay we need to talk about this so it doesn’t fester’ and they both apologize and explain why they feel the way they do and talk through it. heALTHY HAPPY WLW RELATIONSHIPS PLS

Bonus: who flirts the most

i z z y  omg she’s so smooth (clary likes to try out every corny pickup line she’s ever heard and izzy rolls her eyes at each one but lowkey loves it)

I… I am so worried for mikayuu after all the theories i read so far…

Ons isn’t getting a happy ending after all huh…. I cannot believe they’ll seriously do this to us wow…

Rip mikayuu, rip all the shippers and rip the rest of the fandom///


What the hell were you doing for the last year alone on that ship? im guessing it was one swashbuckling adventure after another; until you decided to  c o m e   b a  c k  and  save  me .

                                        e x a c t l y.

Supernatural - The meme

This week, 

cas, y u do this

bby why u kiss dert dmon?

why u no kiss me 

cers, y u rewin my otp!?

dean plz frgve meh bby

u have to be kidin cass


bby u kersed tat dmon

i werz folling teh pizzaman

serm what do u think?

i think he is a lyin sern erf a biatch

dont listan to him bby

erm sawee cas, i lerv u 

come back you beutiful sern of a bitch

dean he is a derk

bert i love him sammy

dermit dean 

its a ferz dean

its not a fze im in  lerve sam

you should go out with gabriel you liked his costa erotica vid

really sammy?



cas is my babby

i have to kill him 

u dernt meme that sammy

try me dene

fight me cunt 

at least i can trust the impala, bitch 

teh ernd. 

my friend wasn't strong enough
  • Me: *today's first day of classes* *see's friend who has the same SU otps as me*
  • Me: Dude, you've watched the latest episodes right? So.. You've watched Barn Mates?? You Lapidot or still Amedot?
  • Friend: Lapis and Peridot are cute. I'm Lapidot now.
  • Me: What??? Dude? Seriously?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: You know what, I respect your opinion. I have no place in this world to force you what you should like or what you should not like... *pats friend's back*
  • Friend: Awww... thanks bro *pats my back*
  • Me internally: y u do dis m8. u aint strong enough. bitch. i thought u and i are amedot/pearlapis buddies... *cries internally*