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5sos Preference 61: Love Bites


Though you hated to be stereotypical, your hair was slung up in a messy bun and you were wearing your comfortable clothes. It was a fitting occasion, a movie night with your boyfriend and three best friends. Cuddling further into Ashton’s embrace, you ignored the chuckles being passed around the boys and focused on the steady beat of his heart that sped up every time you shifted in his lap.

“Hey (Y/N),” You lifted your head from Ashton’s shoulder, facing Michael who was smirking at you from his perch between the boys on the sofa. “Nice collection.” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, looking between all three of their faces before turning to Ashton whose face was burning bright red.

You voiced your thoughts, “What collection?” All the boys, including Ashton, were laughing now and you felt left out of the loop. “Tell me!” You scratched at the sore spot on your neck, wincing a little before pouting when they only continued to laugh.

Calum struggled to speak through his laughter, opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water. “That lovely collection of love bites, you and Ash must have had a really nice night.” He chortled, emphasizing the ‘really.’ You immediately gasped, slapping a hand over the trail of bruises on your neck as you buried your face in Ashton’s shoulder once again.


“Cal, stop,” You breathed out, pushing Calum’s chest in an attempt to release your collar bone from his lips. He’d already left love bites galore on your neck and now he’d moved onto other patches of skin, all places that were in plain sight for everyone to see. “Babe, my mom’s going to kill me when she sees these.”

Calum continued to ignore your pleas, tugging your shirt down to expose your chest. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, whether you were supposed to hear or not you weren’t sure but the compliment sent your heart into a frenzy. He continued his assault, adding to his trail until he was stopped by the fabric of your bra.

You pushed him away, finally rolling him off of you as you pulled your shirt back up. “No more, I’m already going to be grounded for life.” You panted, clambering out of your bed and looking into your mirror with a frown at the mass amount of bruises that disappeared under your shirt. “I look like a whore.”

Calum laughed as he stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pecking your cheek. “You don’t look like a whore, you look like a beautiful girl with a boyfriend who knows how to please her.”


You groaned in annoyance, rolling over in your bed and hugging your pillow to your body. You could hear the boys downstairs, all laughing together at something that was probably stupid but somehow the funniest thing in the world to them. As another round of laughter echoed through your house, you rolled out of bed and slipped on Luke’s shirt and a pair of your sweat pants before stomping into the den where all the boys were laughing.

“Can you all shut up?” You grumbled, rubbing your eyes with a frown on your face. Luke pulled you into his side, his arm around your waist and his warmth helping to relax your sore muscles. “What is so funny, anyways?”

The boys all fell into another round of laughter, Luke’s cheeks pinking over as he stared at the floor. “We’re just admiring the work you did on little Lukey.” Calum snorted as he spoke, erupting into laughter once again. “You’re very passionate in bed, eh (Y/N)?”

Realizing they were referring to the love bites you’d left on Luke’s shoulders the night before, your face burst into flames and you turned to bury your face in Luke’s chest in embarrassment.


“It’s nice to actually be able to go on dates,” Michael sighed contentedly, his thumb rubbing over the back of your hand as you leaned against his shoulder. You bother were sat on the same side of a booth in your local coffee shop, hot chocolate sitting on the table in front of you with steam rising from the cups. “I missed this.”

Michael had just returned home from a long tour the day before and after a long night, you both had woken up late and decided to get hot chocolate from your favorite cafe. “I missed you,” You cheesed, laughing when he scoffed at your lame joke. 

After a few moments in comfortable silence, a few older looking fans shyly approached the table with excited smiles on their faces. “Sorry to interrupt, but can we have a picture with you both?” You gaped at the two girls, they wanted you in the picture as well? “You’re our OTP! We think you’re perfect for Michael, (Y/N).”

“He must think so too,” The other fan spoke up with a smirk, her eyes glued to Michael’s jaw and neck where love bites were scattered from the previous night. You both flushed, standing up with the picture with your cheeks still pink.