otp what i wanted was you

Considering how much the gang has dealt with baby dragons in Riders/Defenders/RTTE and taken care of them and all.

I wanna see them have to take care of an actual human baby. Like, IDK, babysitting or helping some mama on some island. Just having to spend time with a baby for an extended period of time. Like, Tone Death but with a human baby.

Like the six of them trying to figure out how to take care of a baby when their frame of reference is mostly baby dragons. (I mean, yeah, Fishlegs has held babies a few times but barely for long)

I’m remembering a line from Bones from S3 where Booth and Brennan are dealing with a baby and Brennan is like “Just because I have breasts doesn’t mean I have magical powers over infants!”

Like, maybe the guys are like HERE, DEAL WITH THE BABY Astrid, Ruffnut and they’re like… yeah that line. Or a version of it. 

Also, bonus for everybody spending time with the baby and just fucking melting. 

Also could be a conversation starter for Hiccstrid’s future. 

Hey! So I haven’t done this before, but I’m trying it out. I’ve seen some amazing stories on here. I wanted to add one of my own. My mom got me a book of writing prompts from Christmas. This one really stood out to me and the musical episode inspired this. Please let me know what you think!!!!

Characters: Barry Allen and Iris West (WestAllen)

Rated: IDK (mentions of sex but nothing explicit)


Prompt: You’re asked by the love of your life to define what love means to you.


Barry and Iris lay in their bed, curled together. They’d been celebrating their re-engagement. Both are covered in sweat, out of breath, and completely drained. It’s amazing. Iris lazily traces patterns on his chest as he strokes her hair. A lot’s happened in the past 3 years. She’d told him that before he sang to her. Man does she love that song. As they lay in their bed, she feels his chest vibrating as he hums.

How is it they got here? This question rings through her head. Four years ago, Barry had been her best friend and only that. The only guy, aside from her dad, that she could trust completely and without fear. The same goofy, awkward little boy who had only gotten bigger. Then he was struck by lightning. God, watching his heart stop over and over again. Iris nuzzles closer to Barry. She’d cried herself to sleep almost every night those 9 months. Eddie had helped and some part of her would always love him, but Barry meant so much to her then, even if she hadn’t realized it. After he’d woken up, he was different. Suddenly he had the courage to tell her how he felt…

“What are you thinking about?” Barry’s question breaks the comfortable silence. His voice is low and raspy, sending chills down her spine.

“Stuff,” She looks up at him with a small smile.

“What kind of stuff?”

“The first time you said you loved me,” She tells him,” When you told me about your crush.”

“Yeah?” She feels his fingers gently press into the middle of her back. Barry takes in the sight of her. Dark hair tousled from his hands running through it, lips swollen from his own, deep brown eyes meeting his own. How did he get so lucky?” What about it?”

“Do you remember what you told me?” She raises up onto her elbows so she can properly look at him. Damp curls fall into her eyes, but she makes no move to brush them away.

“That I’ve loved you since before I knew what it meant,” he answers, sitting up just a bit.

“What does it mean to you?”


“If you’ve loved me since before you knew what the word meant, what does it mean to you?”

“You want me to define love?” He clarifies with a soft smile. She nods. Barry thinks for a moment before speaking,” I think it doesn’t mean something so much as it is something. When I think about love, I remember the year we went trick or treating as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. You called me Barry Potter for two weeks afterwards.”

Iris laughs at the memory, at the silliness of their childhood. She remembers it well since it was the last Halloween before his mother was killed. Barry continues,” I remember you coming down the stairs the night my mom died. When Joe asked why you were still up-”

“I said I was waiting for him to bring you home,” She remembers. She remembers being scared and confused, but still there for him.

“When I think about love, I remember the nights you and I stayed up late talking about anything and everything. How I felt like I could tell you what was bothering me and you would believe me,” He brushes a stray curl from her face, letting his fingers lightly caress her cheek,” I remember the night of the particle accelerator. How close I got to telling you how I felt that night. I remember a moment, just before the lightning hit me, when I was worried about you. If you were ok.”

Iris doesn’t remember a lot about that night after the accelerator exploded. Just crying and screaming and Barry’s body on a table. His hand lingers on her face, ghosting over her skin. She turns pressing soft kisses to the fingertips. She meets his eyes again,” Is that all?”

“Not even close. Love reminds me of when I woke up and my first thought was of you. When I walked into Jitters and you jumping into my arms. I remember saving you that first time. I remember being the Flash and wanting to tell you so badly it hurt. The nights on Jitter’s roof-”

“You flirted with me an awful lot on that rooftop,” She teases.

“You weren’t exactly telling me to stop,” He laughs. Iris loves his laugh. It’s warm and bright and sounds like home.

“So love reminds you of me?” She asks.

“Kind of. It reminds me of times when I didn’t feel… alone. When someone’s there and they make you feel visible and safe and alive. You just happen to do that the most in my life. I like it when it feels like it’s the two of us against the world,” He makes a funny face,” Does that sound weird?”

“No,” Iris smiles,” I think it’s romantic.”

She kisses him. His mouth is soft and warm and familiar. She feels his hand hold the back of her neck, keeping her right where he wanted her. How did she go so long without kissing Barry Allen? When she finally pulls away, she smiles sweetly at him,” I love you, Barry Allen.”

“I love you, Iris West,” He kisses her again, just a small peck on her lips,” Your turn.”

“My turn for what?” Barry raises an eyebrow at her.

“You know I can’t be the only one who says romantic things in this relationship,” He teases. She laughs which ultimately makes him laugh.

“Why not? You drop wedding vows on a weekly basis,” Before she can blink, Barry has her on her back. He smiles down at her, those beautiful green eyes looking at her like she’s the only woman in the multiverse.

“I’m serious. What does love mean to you?”

Iris wraps her arms around his neck,” Love is the feeling I get when everyone I care about comes home safe. It’s the feeling I get when we’re all together and laughing. It’s the feeling I get when my dad teases us or reminds us that one day we’ll have kids and karma’s a bitch. It’s the feeling I get when Wally is telling me about your latest race and how close he is to beating you. It’s the feeling I get when you, Cisco, and Caitlin are arguing about something nerdy and I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s the feeling I get when you tell me you’re going to save me and I believe you,” She plays with the hair at the nape of his neck,” It’s the feeling I get just before you kiss me. When you look at me like I’m a miracle from heaven. That’s what love is to me.”

“I think my version is more romantic,” He tells her with a wink. He kisses her again to muffle her laughter. No matter how anyone defines it, what they share is pure and real.

It’s something neither of them will ever give up on.

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Something that is honestly kind of disturbing me a bit is the people who say that Colleen deserves someone better than Danny. Like... what? Danny treats Colleen with respect, tells her how amazing she, asks for her consent when he is having his first time, doesn't want her in danger but is not too overprotective, and validates her feelings of betrayal about the Hand. People can ship who they want to ship but I am confused with what they want.

(you’re probably getting a longer response than you wanted, but here you go)

I’ve seen people saying that he didn’t respect her or was condescending towards her, and when people say that I’m pretty sure we weren’t watching the same show, but. There’s like, one moment I can think of - the scene in the dojo when Danny is with her students and hits one of them, which i think might be what people are referencing?? What they seem to be ignoring, however, is that Colleen had exactly none of that crap and Danny did apologize, and he left without an argument when she told him to. He respected her there, respected her through the whole thing. 

I think the other one I’ve seen talked about was their sparring scene (bless this scene honestly) and said it was “condescending” like uhm no??? It was fun and interesting to see because they have different styles, it’s completely reasonable for Danny to have wanted to teach her stuff because he’s really enthusiastic about it and it wasn’t intended in a “condescending” way. And she enjoyed it, so. 

He’s protective of her, sure, but he doesn’t try and stop her from fighting. He recognizes that she is an amazing fighter. 

Honestly I’m not sure what people think that they want. I think the whole “she deserves someone better than danny” is mostly coming from the fact that apparently people don’t want the asian female lead to be in a relationship with the white male lead. I’ve seen that argument so many times around here, and it’s a crap argument like. 

ignore race for a minute. ignore skin color. maybe, just maybe, you could look at the fact that they’re good for each other. look at the positives of their relationship (and there’s a lot of positives) and just see how they are with each other. like i said, pretty sure these people weren’t watching the same show. by all means, people, ship what you want but i’m confused by this “she deserves someone better than him” stuff 

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i’m still not over how in the 100 season 4 episode 6 clarke told bellamy that he was special and he almost told her that he loves her like you could see it in his eyes how much he wanted to say it and you could tell she knew and didn’t want him to say it because it would mean he’d given up hope about surviving the end of the world version 4.0 but how she might have let him say it anyway because she needs so much love and support rn and how she was trying to say the same thing only she used different words (see above: how special you are) and how they were THIS CLOSE to having that moment but then fucking king roan the cockblocker of azgeda had to go and fucking interrupt them over one fucking barrel of rocket fuel and now who knows when they’ll be reunited next and i’m not over it will never be over it until i die and even then i’ll come back as a ghost and haunt the internet and change every single fucking supernatural gif in existence into a bellarke gif just you wait 

Imagine Your OTP
  • A: nothing is as cute as you
  • B: 🔫 huh, what was that
  • A: you vUte
  • A: CUTE**
  • B: I'm vute
  • A: fuck me
  • B: when
  • A: I,,
  • B: i mean
  • A: I S2G
  • B: then why'd ... you say it..
  • A: because.
  • B: you wanted it to happen.
  • B: bam.
  • A: uh uh
  • B: ur a ... tsundere s-senpai.. xd
  • A: but I'd kill for you
  • B: BRUH
  • B: I'm scared now
  • A: let's be honest, I'd accidentally kill myself in the process
  • B: i-
  • A: I laid down on top of a knife before, remember
  • A: well mostly
  • B: ::::)

Person A: *answers his phone* hello?
Person A: b-b-but you never texted me back. I thought you didn’t want to.
Person B: 
Person B: *whispers* oh. that’s what i forgot to do…


I know … last night was unexpected. If you regret it –


*Some of these are embellished for the story but they all happened in some way*

- I just got on the bus and the asshole driver started going again and I fell into your lap AU

-It’s my 18th birthday soon and I’m just -praying- you give me what I really want AU

- You’re my best friend of seven years but one day you squeeze my ass when we go to hug and I accidentally moan and it kinda turned you on AU

-I like singing while I clean up at work and you come up behind me and omg this is so awkward AU

-Your older brother covers for us with your homophobic parents while we make out in the basement AU

-You see me jokingly flirt with a friend and you get irrationally jealous and drag me off to a corner somewhere and viciously make out with/ fuck me AU

- I’m showing you my new tattoos and I think it’s safe to say you really like them AU

-You’re my ex and we haven’t talked in two months since we broke up but one night you message me about how horny you are AU

-We’re just friends but everyone thinks we’re dating so we play into it and stage dramatic scenes in our “relationship” for the lolz AU

-We’re friendly exes and one day I cut my hair and that reignites your feelings for me but oh well you had your chance bye AU



GUYS!!! What if Moriarty is no longer the principal enemy to Sherlock but a equal to be reunited with????? 

In the official trailer of the final problem, we can see this scene where Sherlock is walking from a helicopter to somewhere. He holds a bag. Seems not to be stressed at all, rather impatient I would say. And the helicopter is the same as shown on the first photograph of Andrew Scott, Jim Moriarty!!! What does it mean?????? <3 <3 

My faith is still here! *-*

Do you think Hiccup will pull that you can’t fly “in your condition” when Astrid is pregnant?

I mean yeah, its a reasonable thing to suggest not flying a dragon while pregnant (or at least engaging in combat on dragonback) but like… that child is literally the child of two Dragon Riders. It should be flying on dragons before its even out of the womb.

It doesn’t matter whether Bellamy was going to tell Clarke he loves her or not. What matters is that writers wanted us to THINK he was going to tell Clarke he loves her, or at least consider the possibility.

I’m seeing some debates going around and what I have to say is the following: the whole “unspoken/interrupted love confession” is a HUGE romantic trope and it’s the first thing I thought of, as did, obviously many other people.

The writers weren’t being misleading, you guys. Because it truly doesn’t matter what words were about to come out of Bellamy’s mouth because they knew exactly where our minds were going to go.

OTP Tea ☕️
  • Person A: *is sick*
  • Person B: *trying to take care of them* I made you tea.
  • Person A: I don wan ea.. *sniffles*
  • Person B: then what do you want?..
  • Person A: ...
  • Person B: it's got lemon and honey.
  • Person A: I- I'll ry id..
  • person B: *gives person A tea*
  • Person A: *sips tea*..
  • Person B: feel any better?
  • Person A: *finishes off tea* no, uh, no *sniffles* you- re gonna have a make me more ea...
  • person B: *sighs, takes cup* yup, looks like it. *kisses A on forehead on way out*
  • Person A: *mumbles* hank you..
  • person B: I love you too.