otp what are you doing with my heart

angst prompt list
  • “who do you think you are?”
  • “i gave you everything.”
  • “I’m a fool for not seeing this earlier.”
  • “don’t you dare pin this on me!”
  • “i’ve been thinking it over and this… this was never going to work out.”
  • “you don’t get to say anything after what you did!”
  • “you broke my heart.”
  • “i trusted you.”
  • “i loved you.”
  • “i’m not blind, i can see the way you look at them.”
  • “did i do something wrong?”
  • “please, please, i’ll do anything just talk to me.”
  • “i can’t stand the silence between us.”
  • “there’s nothing you can say that can fix what you did.”
  • “what do you want me to say? do you want me to lie and say i love you?”
  • “you cheated on me! you don’t get another chance!”
  • “tell me what’s wrong.”
  • “i never meant to hurt you.”
  • “this wasn’t supposed to be this complicated.”
  • “wait. i didn’t mean that. please, come back.”
  • “how can i hate them, you’re the one that made the choice to cheat.”
  • “how long has this been going on?”
  • “if you know what’s good for you, don’t come around anymore.”
  • “i never want to see you again.”
  • “trust you? how can i trust you if you never gave me a reason to in the first place?”
  • “i believed you!”
  • “you lied to my face.”
  • “i never loved you.”
  • “don’t make me out to be the bad guy.”

You know this was how i thought the show was going to end. With clarke dying and bellamy becoming a leader who will use both his head and heart because of clarke. I really would have loved that ending cause im a masochist but im so happy they’re giving this to us cause i cant wait to see what those two characters are after 6 years. After 6 years of being separated but carrying the other one with them every day. Cause in large parts they are what they are because of each other and no matter how much time passes that never changes.
This is it. They are the otp






*shipper heart explodes*









Some weird Zeref and Mavis action.

My smol child natsu is getting rekt #protectnatsu2k17




Also translation of spoilers:

1st page:

  • Jellal:I’ll buy us some time.
  • Erza:Jellal…
  • At the guild-Natsu:STOP IT!

2nd page:

  • Mavis:Wait,there is a way to end the eternal path!(side note:why does eternal path remind of the reason behind fairy tail guild’s name?”an eternal journey”?)
  • Zeref:I have a way to end it as well.
  • Zeref:And that is with NEO ECLIPSE!!
  • Mavis:AHHHHHHH!

3rd page:

  • Zeref:This world will turn into emptiness.

4th page:

  • zeref:An unlimited amount of magic power.The power of the god that surpasses even time!!

5th page:

  • Zeref:Fare thy well…Natsu.





Allow me to get dissolved in a gooey puddle of feels///

Called It

A YouTuber AU SnowBaz fanfic for the Carry On Countdown


Simon Snow’s first YouTube video is one of my favourites.  It’s as painfully awkward as any other YouTuber’s first video.  He sits up too straight in his chair, he smiles and laughs too mechanically, and the film quality itself is poor, with half of his words lost to shoddy editing. Yet despite all this, it’s adorable.

           And of course, it’s the origin of the biggest OTP on YouTube, SnowBaz.

           “Hi guys,” Simon waves at the camera, his hand going all pixelated at the movement.  “Welcome to the first video on my channel!”  He’s inserted a sound effect of people cheering.  I have to laugh.  It’s so damn cringe-worthy.

           He goes on for a few moments, trying to make jokes and jump-cuts that work, when finally, it’s everyone’s favourite part.

           “What are you doing, Snow?” comes a voice from off-camera.  My heart turns to mush.


           Simon’s new flatmate, or at least he was new at this point.

           “Making my first YouTube video,” Simon grins up at someone behind the camera.  “Come say hi!”

           “-bleep- no.”

           Even the censor sounds old, like it was stolen from the year 2007.

           Simon looks a bit panicked, like he’s realizing that he’ll have to edit out the swear word.  A door slams somewhere out of the shot.

           “That’s my new flatmate,” he tells us.  “His name is Baz.  He’s kind of a prat.”

           “Just you wait,” I whisper at my computer screen. “Just you wait.”


           Simon and Baz do not get along.  At all.

           That much is clear from the first video, but it become increasingly obvious as Simon posts more frequently.  He often films in the living room, which drives Baz insane.

           “Why don’t you film in your own room?” he says, audibly annoyed.

           “The lighting in there is terrible,” Simon protests.

           “Well, I’d like to be able to walk around my own flat, if you don’t mind.”

           “Go ahead, no one’s stopping you,” Simon shrugs. “Besides, the viewers keep saying they want to see you.”

           “Well, who wouldn’t?”

           Good old Baz.  Sarcastic and full of himself.  They don’t appear to realize it, but the two of them balance each other out perfectly.

           Little by little, Baz begins to make his mark on Simon’s channel.  At first we only hear him from off-screen, offering his two bits about nearly everything Simon has to say.  Many of his comments are admittedly quite mean and uncalled for, but Simon never edits them out.  Baz is the invisible heckler.  Viewers begin to latch onto this weird relationship of apparent hatred and, as YouTube viewers are wont to do, turn it into a new ship.  “SnowBaz” they call it, and before long the comment sections on all of Simon’s videos are full of things like “I ship it” and “OTP”.

           I try not to fall victim to this shipping trend myself.  It feels insensitive to me, shipping real live people that I’ve never even met like they’re objects of sorts.  But even I can’t deny that the two of them would be cute together.  Provided they stop hating each other.

           Then Baz appears onscreen for the first time.

           He’s on the couch in the background, facing away from the camera.  All we can see is long black hair.  He only moves when he’s shouting ridicule at Simon’s words.  Once he turns his head further to make himself heard, and we catch a glimpse of the light brown skin of his face.  This time the comments are all “is that Baz?” and “OMG BAZ”.

           After that he starts to appear more often. Sometimes he’s facing the screen, looking down at his phone or a book.  He’s tall, and his hair reaches his shoulders.  The expression on his face goes between concentration and a sneer, that latter of which he reserves for his heckling.  It doesn’t take long for people to start commenting on how attractive he is.  Still Simon leaves all the footage of Baz in his videos, not hiding a single rude comment from his viewers.

           Once, Simon tries to get Baz to join him for a “meet my flatmate” video.  Baz responds simply by flipping Simon off in the background, which Simon has to pixel out. He’s gotten better at editing at this point.

           Sometimes Simon posts daily vlogs on days when he does things that he considers exciting.  The things that Simon finds exciting are too cute for words.  They tend to be little events like going to a coffee shop, things that are almost mundane but for some reason they excite him. He does this thing where he dances when he’s excited.  He’ll bob his head cheerfully as he walks, glad to just be out.  He’s gone to the grocery store with Baz a few times in his vlogs.  Those videos are some of the best ones.  They bicker about everything from which kind of milk to get to who gets to carry the baskets.  Sometimes we can see Baz’s mouth quirk like he’s trying not to laugh, like all this bickering is just a game for him.  Of course, this sends the SnowBaz shippers into a frenzy, the idea that maybe, just maybe, Baz doesn’t hate Simon as much as he lets on.

           But there’s one video on Simon’s channel that is the absolute bread of life for anyone who ships the two of them.  Simon is doing a Q&A, and as usual Baz is sitting and reading in the background.

           “This question is from Twitter,” Simon says, reading off of his phone.  “They ask ‘Are you in love with anyone right now?’”

           And if you look closely, you can see Baz go rigid.

           “Well,” Simon leans in close to the camera, “I have been messaging with someone quite a lot.  I don’t know who the person is, but we’ve gotten really close and I’m starting to think -”

           “Could you keep it down, Snow,” Baz pipes up, his voice tight.  “I’m trying to read over here.”

           Simon doesn’t speak of it any further, but Baz sneaks glances at the back of Simon’s head more than once before the video is over. I don’t know how Simon could have not noticed it.  Certainly every single one of his viewers did, which is to say over a million people. Perhaps love is completely daft.


           When I arrive home from work on a particularly rainy day in October, I am delighted to open my computer and find that Simon is in the middle of a livestream.  Comments flow constantly from the sidebar and I settle in to join the party.  He’s in a different room this time, one with a neatly made bed on which he sits, and I gather that it’s his room.  It looks so clean, but I wonder if there’s a disaster hiding behind the camera.

           Simon leans towards us like he’s trying to read all of the comments and questions as they flood in.  He gets a lot of I love you’s and he grins in response, trying to return as many of them as possible.

           “I’ve got to go soon,” he tells us and I sigh in disappointment, “but I’ll answer a few more questions first.”  He’s quiet for a minute as all the viewers catch up with the stream.  “Here’s one: ‘Did you find out who was messaging you so much?’”  He pauses before answering.  “Funny you should ask, because yes, I did, and that’s a perfect segway into what I wanted to talk about.”  He shifts on his bed.  “I have a bit of an announcement -”

           His door opens behind him, and Baz in all his glory appears in it.

           Comments start flying in of “BAZ” and “OMG”

           “What are you doing?” Baz asks without a hint of a sneer in his voice.

           “Just filming a live show,” Simon tells him. He seems… nervous?

           “A live show, eh?”  Baz strolls over and – wonder of wonders – sits down on the bed next to Simon.  We’ve never seen him this close to the camera, and his eyes are this lovely mix of gray and green.

           We’ve also never seen him this close to Simon before.

           My heart kicks up a notch.  I’ve fallen down the slippery slope and now there’s no denying that I ship it completely.  I grab a pillow to hold to my chest and go into fangirl-mode, overanalysing every inch of their proximity.  With a click I maximize the screen, blocking the other comments from my view.  I want to see every pixel of this.

           “I was just going to make that little announcement,” Simon says, staring at his hands in his lap.

           “Ah,” Baz nods, apparently understanding.  “Go on, then.  Carry on, Simon.”

           Did he –

           Did he just call him Simon?

           He never calls him Simon!

           “I can’t do it if you’re here!” Simon protests.

           Baz gives a shrug.  “Then I’ll tell them.”

           He takes Simon by the collar and kisses him.  

           I scream into my pillow.

           Simon and Baz are kissing, right now, in front of millions of people.

           I can practically hear the collective aneurism that the fangirls are currently having.

           They’re still kissing, and Simon is grinning against Baz’s mouth.  It’s the most genuine smile he’s ever graced the internet with, and it’s not even for us.

           I’m tearing up, I’m so happy for them.

           Baz lets Simon go and turns to smirk at the camera. “That one’s for all you SnowBaz shippers out there.  Don’t think we don’t know.”  He winks. He fucking winks.

           And then he leaves.  

           Simon turns back to the camera, his cheeks red and his lips puffy.  He grins sheepishly.

           “Um, yeah,” he stammers, “that’s what I was gonna tell you about.”

           I tap the comment box.

           pennyforyourthoughts: Called it.


an assassin and a necromancer in love (for my love @tethrasing​ on her birthday)

2 Year Anniversary

I did it. I rewatched Your Lie in April and planned it accordingly just so I could finish today, March 19th, which marks the 2 year anniversary of the day the final episode was aired. I’m in tears; actually, I’ve been in tears through the entirety of rewatching this and this anime is even more beautiful the second time around because I feel and see so much more. Knowing the ending and still being able to enjoy and feel all these emotions is what makes Your Lie in April such a masterpiece. As a musician, this anime speaks to me on such a deep level. Some might say that the anime exaggerates, but in all honesty, being able to play like that, being able to feel what they feel, is what I strive to be. Watching the characters grow in just a span of 22 episodes is such an amazing feat. All the characters are loveable, relatable, and unique in their own way! Except Tsubaki because I just can’t bring myself to like her  I can most definitely say that nothing can touch my heart like Your Lie in April can. 

Kaori is so beautiful, and so strong and I can’t help but love her so much. Her outlook on life is amazing, and she smiles even at death’s door. She’s everything that I aspire to be. When I was following the anime as a new episode came out every week two years ago, I desperately hoped that she wouldn’t die. This innocent, beautiful angel couldn’t just die like that. Alas, the ending that we all wanted never came to be. The anime remained faithful to the manga to the very end, and our amazing heroine had to leave us behind. The letter that she left behind was so beautiful and heartwrenching and was the main source of my tears. She didn’t have any regrets. In essence, her dream came true. She built Kousei back up when he was down in the dumps and made him into a better man. After her death, I was sure Kousei would relapse and quit music for sure, but he didn’t. Kaori’s influence was able to help him move on and mature so much than when we first saw him. And that shattered my heart even more. They’re perfect together. They were soulmates and anyone could see that they were the perfect match. How cruel is it of fate to take her away from him? They are aware of each other’s flaws, but they see it as beauty. They think each other’s imperfections are perfect. They were meant to be. And his last song; their last performance together in spirit— goodness gracious that tugged on my heartstrings. He overcame his fear to play despite knowing he would lose everything again and played for her. He played for her to say goodbye. Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out in a corner again :’)

I have so much more to say about this, but right now I’m a jumbled up mess and this anime just pulls out emotions from me that I didn’t even know I had and throws them right back at me without remorse. Watching this is like going on an emotional rollercoaster and not knowing where you’ll end up. But the messages and the symbolism that this anime conveys is like no other. It’s something that I can never forget and something that I would willingly throw myself into again even though I know it will cause me emotional pain.

But you know what? Being able to feel all this, just watching something that can evoke so much emotion and make you reflect upon your own life like that: that’s what makes me love Your Lie in April so much. Say what you will, but I think Your Lie in April is beautiful.

P/S: I was also so inspired that I wrote a poem in response to Kaori’s letter from Kousei’s point of view— http://uzumakipride.tumblr.com/post/158423889980/kouseis-response-to-kaoris-letter

At this point, I’m just trying to do everything I can to relieve myself of these tears…

the right to remain silent

Okay so I recently hit a follower and a fic milestone, and my immediate reaction was just to go, “oh, nice!” and eat some ice-cream - but then my sister, who is my conscience in human form, said, “Why on earth are you congratulating yourself? You should be doing something nice for the people who made this possible!” so in the end I went “Alright alright alright have this terrible ficlet I wrote in like 20 minutes”. Thanks for everything, guys!

“my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so hard” AU based on this post . (It was supposed to be Zutara, but honestly? It’s basically Hakoda deciding to adopt Zuko)

the right to remain silent 

“Are you okay with this, or do you want me to change the station?” Hakoda says. Silence greets him, so he glances into the rear view mirror at the boy sitting behind him, who is looking back at him with anger and apprehension and uncertainty written over his face. It’s actually a pretty impressive range of emotions he’s displaying, given the fact that the kid really only has one eye.

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Drunk horny Tsukki...
  • Tsukkishima: *calls Yamaguchi* Raar
  • Yamaguchi: Tsukki? *yawns* What happen? Is three in the morning
  • T: I'm a hungrrrarrrry dinosaur and I'll eat you up
  • Y: ... Are you drunk?
  • T: maybe... but I'm still gonna eat your little c...
  • Y: STOP! I'm hanging up.
  • T: NO RAR I'll go to your place
  • Y: Don't you dare
  • T: But you are always calling my name it'll be the same just with me inside you
  • Y: Tsukki stop! Too much for my heart
  • T: Tsk, okay... but you have to promise to come to my place in the morning with a nurse suit
  • Y: I'll go, but no nurse suit. Good night, Tsukki
  • T: Wait!
  • Y: What?
  • T: I love you
  • Y: Shut up Tsukki! *violently hangs up*

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38!!!! 💙💙💙

38) things you said while holding my hand

i keep thinking about the series of events that led to isak touching even’s cheek so lovingly in the trailer in front of that many people. i’m imagining them walking to the party together, bumping shoulders, giggling along the way. isak had been staying over at even’s more and more because noora misses her room, and isak isn’t an asshole. besides, she went through a lot of shit with william, and he feels a little guilty having even over sometimes, especially on the days when they can’t keep their hands off each other. which is every day, to be honest. he’ll never tell her that he’s purposely been staying over at even’s so she can have a room at least some of the time, but he cares, in his own quiet way. 

isak and even had pregamed on their own, even though jonas had offered up his place. they’d both been so busy that week that when they did spend time together, they just ended up collapsing and not much else. falling asleep with their arms around each other is enough most days, but neither of them are willing to pass up the chance to get a little buzzed together in even’s bedroom. even tells him about the loneliness that used to weigh him down here, pressed at him until he forgot to breathe.

“it’s different, with you here. it doesn’t feel so empty anymore,” even says. isak understands. when his own bedroom is filled with even’s laughter, it’s all too easy to forget the lost boy he used to be. 

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O Patroclus –
how were you to know that
poets would sing of his rage?
– that innumerable men would
meet their deaths at the end of
his grief-stricken spear?

How were you to know when you
rode into battle in his divine armor
that you would not return to him?
– that you had brought about his
death as surely as your own?

You died, and he died with you.
Achilles: best of the Achaeans, nearly a god
– how he grieved for you.

He wept – and his mother in the depths
of the sea heard his cries. He wept, and tore
at his golden locks, and wished for death.
Eternal glory was not worth the price he paid.
– It was not worth the loss of you, whom he
    loved as his own life

The poets say that home is where the heart is.
What, then, was Achilles to do when his heart
burned with you upon the pyre?
What was he to do when his home became
nothing more than ashes in a golden urn?

You would have followed him anywhere, even into death.
You must have known that he would do the same.

—  when death came for him, he smiled | K.L.

I love how Haylor met in 2012 and ever since then we haven’t gone a year without a Haylor song being released. 

2012: Come Back…Be Here

2013: Something Great, Happily

2014:  Most songs from 1989, Where Do Broken Hearts Go,I Love You,Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

2015: Perfect,Olivia,If I Could Fly

2016: This is What You Came For, Someday

2017: Ever Since New York, Sweet Creature,Two Ghosts. And probably more songs to be heard on Friday

That is definition of a power couple, iconic af  


I don’t know if you’re the same anon, I assume you’re the same. And I have not so much time right now and I shouldn’t be drawing BUT SASODEI IS SASODEI and I cannot say no to THAT CLASSIC AND ETERNAL OTP IN MY HEART ASDFGHJKL 😍 But I tried to sketch both things in one because, again, time! WHO AM I KIDDING?! TAKE 2 DRAWINGS MORE BECAUSE THEY WORTH IT.

Let me tell you that you have some cute otp Ideas and I LOVE THEM.
Also I love how they look in edo tensei. Even if I think Sasori’s puppet body has its kinky charm I’m such weird (and out there are some very good fanfics on which Deidara describes the taste of the wood while kissing Sasori ♥ I’m SUCH weird). BUT I think the edo tensei is very precious too, I mean those black eyes has also its own charm ♥. Also it have more posibilities, I mean Sasori finally have the eternal body he always wanted, but now he can feel the kisses of Deidara too, and feel the warmth of his skin ♥ and what he can do with those hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’M SUCH WEIRD! IGNORE ME.

Anyway hope you like it, and thank you so much for asking, I love them with my entire heart but I’m not drawing them so much right now so any excuse to do it is more than welcome ♥♥♥

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What are some of your fave cutsey romantic things Claire and Jamie have said to each other?

As always—there are so many! A few:

From Dragonfly in Amber (there’s a reason it’s my OTP tag for them!):

“Oh Claire, ye do break my heart wi’ loving you.”

From Written in My Own Heart’s Blood:

“I didn’t teach you that one!”
“Indeed, ye didn’t. And you’re a physician, no?”
“That—I’m sure that doesn’t make any sense. Are you drunk, Jamie?”
“Dinna ken,” he said, laughing. “But I’m sure you are, Sassenach. Let’s go home,” he whispered, leaning close and drawing his tongue up the side of my neck. “I want ye to make me say, ‘Oh, God’ for ye.”
“That…could be arranged.” I’d cooled down during our walk, but the last five minutes had lit me like a candle, and if I’d wanted to go home and take off my stays before, I was now wondering whether I could wait that long.
“Good,” he said, pulling his hands out of my skirt. “And then I’ll see what I can make you say, mo nighean donn.”
“See if you can make me say, ‘Don’t stop.’”

From An Echo in the Bone:

“Oh, just part of the general decline,” I said, trying to make a joke of it. I flexed my right arm, gingerly, feeling a twinge in the elbow. “Things don’t bend quite so easily as they used to. And other things hurt. Sometimes I think I’m falling apart.”
Jamie closed one eye and regarded me.
“I’ve felt like that since I was about twenty,” he observed. “Ye get used to it.” He stretched, making his spine give off a series of muffled pops, and held out a hand. “Come to bed, a nighean. Nothing hurts when ye love me.”
He was right; nothing did.

From The Fiery Cross (Jamie using her real name kills me):

[Jamie] looked at me directly then, and spoke softly.
“But I’ve no life but you, Claire.”

And this little exchange from Outlander makes me smile.

  • Yuu: Hey Mika, what do you like about me?
  • Mika: what makes you think I like you?
  • Yuu: you diary is full of my name surrounded by a lot of small hearts
  • Mika: I-I don't have a diary!
  • Yuu: *opening the diary* "dear diary, today Yuu-chan said he was too busy looking at me to see anything else. Does that mean he thinks I'm good looking? Could this mean he likes me back?"
  • Yuu: Shinoa gave it to me
  • Mika: why?!
  • Yuu: something about her otp being canon

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Angus MacGyver + making out to music(2 on the OTP thing) please I love your eggsy imagine. It was so cute 😄

Angus MacGyver + this prompt list

A/N: karley and clara don’t @ me for writing this you know what kind of hoe i am, also why is it always raining in my fics? the world may never know. anyway listen to heart by sleeping at last while you read this for the Full Experience also @paperclipmac @scooterspring this is my first official contribution to the Mac club

There’s a long, long list of things you’re supposed to be doing right now. Cleaning the house, doing some work, cooking dinner, catching up on some sleep, really the list goes on and on. You’re not doing any of those things. Not even close. Today is a rainy day, and there’s music playing on low in the background, making the world outside seems slow and unimportant for once, a welcome change to the breakneck speed and high pressure of the days you have to spend at work. You sigh softly in contentment as Mac’s hand strokes up and down your back, his other arm tightening slightly around your waist, pulling you a little closer against him as he shifts on the couch. Your arm is hooked around his neck and your fingertips rub idly over his bicep as he kisses you slowly, deeply. 

Things have been hectic enough lately that it’s been hard to find time for just the two of you, but as you press a little closer to him, revelling in his warmth, none of the stress or tension from work matters for now. As you reach up to card a hand slowly through his hair, you can feel him smile slightly against your lips and everything about this moment feels utterly perfect. There’s nothing to worry about, nothing to preoccupy either of you, nothing at all to draw your attention away from the other. His fingers skim along the hem of your t-shirt, brushing over your skin and leaving a trail of sparks skittering along your spine as they go. You pull back a little, leaning your forehead against his as a small smile tugs at your lips, your hand sliding out of his hair to cradle his jaw, thumb stroking over his cheekbone as he smiles back at you. 

“Missed you this week, darlin’” Mac murmurs and you suppress a laugh as you tuck your head against the crook of his neck, wrapping yourself around him. 

“Baby we work together,” you remind him gently, audibly amused, and he chuckles as he tilts his head to kiss your temple, shifting you carefully in his lap so you’re settled more comfortably against him. 

“Working together isn’t the same as actually spending time together,” he replies mildly. “This isn’t the same as work, and we haven’t had time for this in a while.”

You smile, leaning back against his shoulder and lacing your fingers with his. “No. This isn’t the same as work. This is definitely better.”

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I am a huge Adrinette fan. I always have been. It's always been my favorite side of the Love Square and it's always just been safely far above the rest. BUT YOU. This whole month you've made me question my decision and now Marichat is dangerous closer. Your beautiful art and HCs have made me question my otp. But like I'm the best way possible. So thanks. My world has been broaden and my heart a little more full.

Originally posted by gifs-for-the-masses

so my plan is working then


being serious, im happy you are enjoying my little headcanons! it’s good to see people liking them even if what i like it’s not their first option. im not doing them to force people to like marichat but for them to see how much fun im having and if they somehow end up having fun like i do then that’s the goal :D

thanks again for your words!


Day 5: Most Loved or wanted otp/brotp [5/7]

I really want to see Lena interacting with the Superfriends: 

Lena/Winn brotp is something I crave because they have a lot in common - both have messed up families, both have been judged on their families actions, both have an interest in science, both are smart and technologically inclined. 

Lena/Alex brotp because they are both strong, confident women who have been underestimated. Both feel like they have something to prove and act with calculated and thought out plans. They both have different fighting techniques and I think if they were to work together their dynamic would be a force to be reckoned with. Plus can you imagine them both tag team teasing Kara.

Lena/James brotp because they are both so pure of heart, they both want to do some good in this world and will do what is right and try to make the world a better place. They are both open and caring. Also the height difference would provide adorable hugs.

and of course I want my OTP: Supercorp/Karlena more than anything. They have such mutual respect for one another, such trust and so much faith in one another. They have discussed their disagreements with respect and understanding and have come to a place of unyielding love and support. They bring out the best in one another and inspire the hero inside. They don’t need one another to be strong but together they are unstoppable.