otp to end all otps

Why Ichihimes don’t enjoy their fucking canon? If you’re gonna be all your life like “omg my otp is canon” do it right. I only see Ichihimes fighting to Ichiruki fandom like they need some approval or something from us???? 

Ship and let ship. Be happy and say “my otp is canon and yours not” but don’t look for fight because we still shipping ichiruki lol 

The canon can never prohibit or silence the non-canon. It is a literary and accepted fact.

this one line. its just such a sweet, perfect thing to say to someone. its not empty promises, its not grand star-eyed idealism, its not even romantic platitudes. its just the most honest assurance you can give someone who’s scared. to tell someone that you can’t make it happen for them, that you can’t climb their mountain, but that you’ll always be there to catch them if they fall. just. how perfect is that?

blaine said it himself - kurt is his anchor.