otp st berry

I just read the St. Berry scene in the original scrip of 6x13


Blaine: “Well, if she comes out with a bowtie she’s mine and if it’s an ascot she’s Kurt’s”

Kurt: “No. We mixed the sperms together so will never know”

Rachel: “I don’t care whose she is, I just cannot wait to get her out of me”

Jesse: “Me either”

Reveal JESSE. I a TUX.

Rachel: “Here’s my husband!”

He goes to her. Kisses her. In Love.

Jesse: “Because I’m just about ready to put one of our own in you”

Rachel: “So romantic”

Jesse: “Darling, your other guests are waiting for you downstairs. And we have to get going. Can’t be late to the show. You’re one of the first up”.




I’M, I CAN’T EVEN. In Love. In Love. In Love.

And they cut some things in the whole scene while filming and changed Jesse’s quote to put “starting a coproduction of our own” bc maybe they thought the quote was too sexual? I have no idea HAHAHAHHA



YA Lit Meme: [1/8] OTPs - Sin Davies x Alan Ryves, the Demon’s Lexicon trilogy

One of Alan’s eyebrows came up, and then he smiled a little. He put his hand into his pocket and she saw, cupped in his palm, the glint of his gun. “I was doing a chemistry experiment. I’m so sorry the noise disturbed you; I’m in some advanced classes, and sometimes when I’m studying I lose track of time.”

Sin slipped a knife out of her pocket and showed it to him. “This? It’s a prop. I do a dance with it.” She paused significantly. “A belly dance.”

“And that sound was a car backfiring. My brother’s keen on cars, you see. Don’t worry. I’ll have a word with him.”

“Of course I remember you from the last Market,” Sin said, restoring her knife to her pocket. “Who could forget you?”

“Actually,” Alan said, earnest and clear-eyed, “this is my first time playing poker.”

Sin laughed, delighted, loving the sunlight shining on the Thames and playing a part with someone who understood she was playing.