otp ruining my time

  • ship a: obviously endgame, led by two characters who are constantly torn in a cycle of will they/won't they, literally EVERYONE knows that they are in love with each other, destined to happily ever after
  • me: nice
  • ship b: shows up OUT OF NOWHERE, decides to SLAP YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH EMOTIONS, obviously NOT endgame, doomed from the start, will probably be destroyed via unnecessary character death or ridiculous characterization write-offs, the bane of your emotional existence, wHY
Yay Ruby’s officially coming back!


It’s all just speculation but I can’t shake the feeling that she’s going to die. With what the writers have been saying about this being a dark and depressing season, fans have suggested that Emma is going to kill someone important. And now Ruby fits the bill for being beloved by fans but not a main character. 

Le sigh.

I will try to be optimistic and enjoy a little bit of Ruby screen-time, since it should be better than nothing. And at least there will be MULTIPLE EPISODES so it’s not all doom and gloom. Sort of.

And maybe my really really low expectations will mean they surprise me? Maybe? Pretty please?

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"Kiss me before I go" for sormik?

one order of ruin geeks coming right up

[vague spoilers for the very end of the main game]

“This whole place…was made for me?”

Sorey murmurs it to himself in astonishment, reaching out to run his hand along the faded image of his sleeping self depicted in the huge mural. Perhaps if he touches it, he’ll actually be able to truly convince himself that this is all real, because even though Mikleo had told him beforehand, he can still hardly believe that such skilled artistry was put forth just to honor him. That not just this wall, but the entire expansive, centuries-old shrine that it was painted in, was created in his name.

“Are you really so surprised?” Mikleo chimes at his side, playfully bumping his shoulder with Sorey’s. “You’ve gone down in history as the Shepherd that brought about the Age of Reawakening. It’s only natural that they would honor you.”

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let’s talk about fitzsimmons

let’s talk about how they’ve already developed a formula to determine where the portal will open on maveth

let’s talk about simmons bringing up the hydra side of things and fitz saying that it’s just a story that the hydra mothers told to their goblin children

let’s talk about how fitz says will is real as well when jemma says that the stories must be true because she saw them

let’s talk about how fitz is still trying to get will back after everything that’s happened along with everything they know and the risks they’re now aware of

let’s talk about simmons saying that they can’t, that it’s killing her but it would be selfish

let’s talk about fitz’s reaction when she says that he knows how she feels about will

let’s talk about how fitz says that she’s not selfish to want to save him

let’s talk about fitz grabbing her wrist and pulling her behind him

let’s talk about fitz shielding her from banks

let’s talk about how he doesn’t let go of her wrist

let’s talk about fitzsimmons