otp ruining my life

Baby!Coco things:
  • Hector 110% cried when Imelda told him she was pregnant
  • (or then fainted maybe, idk which scenario I like better but both are pretty plausible)
  • ALSO imelda being super nervous to tell him because they’re newlyweds or maybe aren’t even married yet and when he reacts in such a positive way she’s filled with so much love and happiness questions why she ever doubted him
  • Hector proceeds to run around town excitedly screaming about how he’s going to be a dad
  • Un Poco Loco comes from Imelda’s pregnancy brain (because she’s so fiery by herself, imagine her with the emotional hormones of two people)
  • When Imelda starts to go into labor she and hector keep fighting about contraction times (a la Jim and Pam in the Office episodes “The Delivery pt 1 &2”)
  • Hector being frazzled and literally so stressed that something might go wrong during the delivery that Ernesto has to calm him down multiple times and at one point having to physically drag him from the room because you’re not helping, the midwives know what they’re doing she’ll be fine
  • (Because modern medicine wasn’t a thing) imelda’s family kept predicting that their child would be a boy because of the way her hips were shaped and her belly size, but Imelda always kind of knew in the back of her head the baby was a girl, and when Coco is born she feels comforted she knew the whole time
  • But she’s a little worried Hector might have gotten his hopes up for a boy but he’s like wE HAVE A LITTLE GIRL, WHO CARES ???!1!! SHE’S BEAUTIFUL, THANK GOD SHE DIDN’T GET MY NOSE and Imelda just fondly rolls her eyes
  • Hector being afraid of holding her at first and he’s very jumpy and it takes a lot of coaxing from Imelda to get him to be steady enough to hold the baby without accidentally vaulting her somewhere
  • Uncle Ernesto
  • Both hector and Imelda being equally attentive and loving parents to their precious baby girl
  • Neither of them wasting any time introducing music into her life (ie: Hector carting her around the courtyard on his hip when other musicians are playing, Imelda singing Coco to sleep every night, both harmonizing together and dancing with her in the living room to get her to smile)
  • Baby Coco tugging on hector’s goatee
  • The first time Coco walks Hector is playing in the plaza and Imelda is there to support him and she’s sitting with Coco on the ground and they’re both listening but then coco pushes herself up and toddles over to her papa and hector loses his goddamn mind
  • Hector trying to get Coco’s first word to be dimple, ernesto trying for it to be chorizo, Imelda being so done with both of them because babies can’t pronounce syllables no matter how close you stick your faces to hers you idiotas

i just love dean and cas

i love them when dean’s a hunter and cas is an angel

i love them when they’re angsty teens who don’t know if the other one likes them back

i love them when they’re roommates in college who just can’t take the sexual tension anymore

i love them when they hate each other until one day they don’t

i just. dean and cas you guys.

I still cannot get over the fact:
  • Lucifer admitted to Chloe that her dying is his greatest fear
  • it would be hell for him to have to live life without her
  • because he would not be able to see her 
  • because he cannot go to the Silver city
  • Lucifer not being able to shut up about Chloe to Candy
  • Lucifer coming back to LA because he missed work my ass Chloe
  • Lucifer wanting to die because Chloe didn’t want to work with him anymore

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Me before watching Free!: literally what’s so good about a stupid swimming sport anime

Me after watching Free!: I could literally backstroke for fucking days. Where are some strawberries?? Where is ? *points to bath tub*Can I swim in this????? DID SOMEONE SAY SHARK? ¿¿? Beautiful butterflying away from your attitude. what DO you MEan yoU DONT seRve MACKEREL hERE ??¿ Muscles make a man.