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Dr. Rachel Scott [The Last Ship || Season 1]

magicparade  asked:

Um, aló? Am I writing this in the right place? Hope so. This is somewhat difficult, as I am from Argentina (que raro se siente no hablar en español :v) and do not speak English well xd (thank you, blessed google translator). What I wanted to say is that I love your art, and every great video you upload (besides that are UsUk, my OTP, my soul, my oxygen (? Owo) the point is, I really admire it, and I consider you my waifu/husbando <3

OH MY GOODNESS thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say such nice things!! i can be ur dad instead tho LOL

Deep Breath in a bullet points
  • dinosaur WHAT
  • Vastra and Jenny yay
  • shush!
  • Clara’s speech
  • Jenny’s clapping
  • puzzles whaa
  • children’s menu
  • no CLARAAA
  • whoo hoo twelve saves the day
  • Geronimo (asdfghjkl?!)
  • Vastra and Jenny “oxygen swapping”?? (OTP yay)
  • face off
  • you redecorated
  • i don’t like it
  • whouffle flame
  • coffee
  • and CHIPS (heckles yes nine and rose reference)
  • who the heck are you lady
  • fin