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A Doctor’s Log (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Summary: Being a collection of impressions, observations, and ruminations, by one Dr. Lexi T’Perro, staff physician on the Tempest. 

Notes: Spoilers abound, but specifically for Liam’s armor request and part of Jaal’s loyalty mission (through the end of “Flesh and Blood”). Pre-romance (incipient Sis!Ryder/Jaal).

This is loose, this is messy, and hopefully, this is funny. There may be more to come, but we shall see! <3

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Entry One:

Our young Pathfinder certainly has a talent for finding — well, talent, in the most unusual places. From what I understand, she found our resident krogan on Eos, slaughtering the local wildlife. I believe he’s wearing the bones of his kills.

And yet, he’s charming, but anyone’s standards. A little gruff, but that’s to be expected. He and Vetra seem to be getting along famously, if what I overhear from the crew’s quarters is any indication.

Cora is still dealing with residual frustration and resentment over the Pathfinder’s role passing from Alec to his daughter, but she is a consummate professional, and after an initial tense conversation with Ryder, has allowed herself to process and grieve in private. I’ve made a note to check in with her — something Cora will be astute enough to recognize — but I foresee no future issues in that quarter.

Sometimes it’s best simply to let time and distance do all the healing work. Harry, if you ever read this, know that I can hear you smirking.

Entry Seven:

Liam continues to impress me — his good humor and willingness to reach out to everyone has defused more than a few potential arguments. I’m rather amazed at how he dismantled what could have been a rather explosive argument over the last of the Fishdog Food Shack nuggets (I shudder to think what was in them, to have lasted so long in suspension!). His loyalty is unquestioned. He’d be an asset on any team, but I’m glad he’s with us.

Ryder stayed in her quarters for an extra forty-three minutes this morning. SAM assures me she was simply working out, but I’ve made a note to watch her stress levels a little more carefully. Excess exercise may be just one symptom of a larger problem.

I do hope they’re able to wake up her brother, soon. Her role is a lonely one.

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OTP problems

When you see your OTP being broken up and paired with other characters, and you literally get angry because it’s like they are cheating on each other.

I’m still not over the face my babus get screen time together again just

I missed

These two dorks




Yukio babu pls you love it shh shh

So I only watched ep 4 now and I noticed that Jung Jung and Eunki were sitting together while watching the other teams and they seemed so close and adorable together I’m crying ;-; #otp

(also Hyungseob’s reaction to Euiwoong lifting his shirt lmfao he had a “that’s my boy!!!” kind of look lol idk if I’m only shipping them atm bc they’re from the same company or what but that was cute)

So I heard there was drama in the OTP tag…


Count and Countess

whitmanfuckedwilde  If we’re talking about Sciles kisses (which we…

This adds SO MUCH tenderness and love to Scott helping Stiles walk in that episode I’m crying.

yes but also he had to help him walk because they were tired out from all the furious worldending post near-death experience sex they had after that tender and gentle reunion.


“You’re a punk!”


I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. 
I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe.
When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. x

i was listening to the lumineers and wasn’t gonna draw before bed but then the Mom Squad feels struck and i just…… they’re just so iconic and truly good together and for each other that at this point there’s like, no other endgame ship that could take my heart the way they did and still do

Dear Ereri Shippers,

I have something to say, I know we all make posts now and then to defend Ereri but I just want to make an appreciation post for the shippers. I have been in a lot of fandoms before on tumblr, and let me start by saying that I haven’t ever seen so much harmony, unity and a sense of family for a ship before, and that means a lot when you consider it is the biggest snk ship out there and comes in top 20 ships of Tumblr. And it is cause each single one of you contributes in it. The amount of beautiful fanarts, doujins, comics of different styles is produced by this fandom just tells you how purely talented it is, Then we have our fanfic writers, all of them produced over 4.5 K worth of fics last year. That’s huge. That makes the ship tag so popular on AO3 but that’s just the numbers; we have writers who write different genres and continue to write brilliant fanfics everyday. 

But that’s not it all.

Let me tell you in one of the major fandoms I was in before, we had to create an anti anon hate network because of the hate, the problem was no one was ready to send anon love so you had to get tumblr users together to send a person love. Then there are fandoms where only one person gets love and you have to be famous to get even one anon telling you to have a nice day, but then there is this ship. I have never ever not received a nice person or anon telling me to have a good day even when I say I am having a bad day. The overwhelming love here is astounding. Shout out to each beautiful blogger who sends love to the shippers and keep running this fandom. Shout out to the people who leave positive comments under artworks and inspire the artists to draw. Shout out to each person who comments on the fics and inspires the authors to write and become a better writer. You guys are the backbone of the fandom. 

My brother went to Israel last year and he told me something interesting: That Jews have a very strong sense of brotherhood, in their culture each person has to have extra food prepared/ rooms ready to rest in for any person who needs it. Anyone, including pure strangers, can drop by anytime, and you’re sure to have welcoming arms ready for you, the unity comes from their hard past, and it slightly reminds me of our fandom culture, almost every ereri shipper has gotten hate here and have been called disgusting names, but we still stay strong. We are always there to support each other because we’re like a brotherhood, hate doesn’t drive us to hate this ship, it makes us love it more, and each Ereri blog is a safeplace for shippers, no matter if you believe in Top!Eren or Top!Levi, whether you call it Ereri, Riren or Rivaere, or it is your ultimate OTP or you just ship it. You’re always welcomed here.  

For a ship that receives so much hate, we all are strong, have been strong, will be strong. Here is to all of you who make it possible. All the people who contribute to this ship in different ways everyday. 

It is a shoutout to the shippers, you make this ship worth it