otp one day more

Day 1 of challenge : Selfie together.

‘’Please, Jamison, This is not one of my best angles.’’

‘’Aw come on, mate, I like this one, ya look fine! I’m gonna keep it! ‘’


No more to you at this present, mine own darling, for lack of time, but that I would you were in mine arms, or I in yours, for I think it l o n g since I k i s s e d you.

happy birthday @boleynqueens!!!

30 Days of OTP: Day 3 - watching a movie

A fic by @flamelscross :vvvv

A bit late since I was too busy trying to get other projects done (I didn’t….) o)-(

OTP is Masayoshi and Goto from Samurai Flamenco, featuring baby au! AKA Masayoshi wishes a couple of kids into existence :)


baby let’s just turn down the lights and close the door
I love that dress but you won’t need it anymore


There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.


↳ Happy Birthday Max ♡♡

Friendly reminder that Percy and Annabeth made out in Blood of Olympus and after the kiss Annabeth ended up speechless.


Queer as Folk 30 Day Challenge

Day 10: Favorite Dance Scene
↪2x04 // “Go find a stud, ask him to dance.”

28 Days of OTP

Day 8: Bertholdt x Reiner

I honestly love this couple to death because its adorable. I love how awkward Bertholdt can be and Reiner being the powerhouse. (what is he, mitochondria?) 

But their dynamic as characters makes me ship them so hard :)


Miyuki: Does the rain bother you? But you threw that one into the ground, so the ball wouldn’t rise, right?
Furuya: Yes. I didn’t want the ball to fly out.
Miyuki: That’s good. I can’t do anything if it goes over my head, but if it bounces, I’ll catch it. Stay aggressive.