otp of questionable morals

Question about Morality

How I’m thinking the scene next week “might” happen requested by @chirruts-imwe enjoy!

The rains had come and battered the hull of Alpha Station as the occupants within tended to the injured and those who were the most badly burned by the acid rain. Even Marcus who was the chancellor and had little experience with tending sick or injured men and women did what he could to comfort and help his people. They needed all the able-bodied help they could get. Finally, Thelonious Jaha called him aside.

“Kane, Abby is on the radio!” Marcus was on his feet at once; Abby! The sound of her name gave him new strength in anticipation to hear her voice at last. 
“Thank you,” he said taking the radio in his hand and giving Jaha a grateful nod. Thelonious nodded in return and left to help someone up to have a drink of their meager supply of water.

Finding a safe, secluded spot in the council room which had thankfully been undamaged during the fire, he pressed the button.
“Abby? You there?”
The radio crackled to life in response, “Marcus,” he breathed a sigh, how he missed her.
“It’s so good to hear your voice,” Abby said, her own feelings were apparent even tho the spotty radio connection was their only link.
Marcus closed his eyes, drinking her in. “It’s good to hear yours too, has Clarke arrived yet?”
“Yes, she has. We’re all safe,” she assured him.

“The black rain is here,” he told her, “ it burns and it kills, we’ve lost three to it already, I hope you’re having promise in finding a solution.” He buried his face in his hand and rubbed his beard with world-weary sadness.
“You sound so tired, Marcus,” Abby said sympathetically, “there may be a solution but-it’s one I never thought I’d have to do.” She said and the tone of her voice brought Marcus to lean forward in his chair. “What’s that, Abby?” He asked quietly

“If-I take a life to find a cure,” she said slowly. “Does that make me a murderer?”
Marcus was quiet a moment, Abby was facing a dilemma and the moral question unnerved him. Never in all the time he’d known Abby Griffin had he known her to take any life. She was a doctor and she healed who and whoever she could without any pretext. Now? She was faced with a truly terrible decision to kill to save others and it was a position he had been in before and would never want her to be in if he could help it.

“Abby, you’re in a position I wish with all my heart I could spare you from,” he said. “You remember telling me that there has to be another way? You save who you can and find a solution.”
“I’m worried about this, Marcus?“ She said softly.
"I know,” longing to hold her close, to somehow end this nightmare that they were both in the thick of.
She seemed to close herself up as she said, “I’ve got to go now, we’ll talk later.”
The radio went silent after that and Marcus remained sitting for awhile, worried.