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Is Jorah more in love with Daenerys than he was with Lynesse? (book & show)

I think so -

I think he was in love with the IDEA of Lynesse ( the maiden come to earth etc) - Sort of Like Gatsby with Daisy in The Great Gatsby…

I think initially he felt the same for Daenerys - Almost an infatuation -  

Again  with this idea of this idealized woman ( Maiden, Goddess etc ) but as he watched Daenerys learn and grow and become the formidable woman she is today I think that infatuation  grew into something much stronger, and more intense - it became LOVE…

Book Jorah acts a little more on the lustful side of this feeling, whereas with show Jorah I feel he just LOVES HER - everything about her - her beauty, compassion, strength , stubbornness - the whole package.

I’ll ship Jorah and Daenerys to the end - I’ll sink with them LOL - But that doesn’t mean I’ll be angry if their relationship is never consummated or if Daenerys ultimately falls in LOVE with someone else ( yes Jon Snow I’’m looking at you  : P )

My beleaguered duo will be my FOREVER GOT OTP but I’d never hate on or taunt or ridicule another ship…

Sorry for going off on a tangent lol - 

But to answer your question

Yes I do think that Jorah loves Daenerys more than he did Lynesse or that it’s a purer more mature and TRUE love..

Thanks for comment / Question Anon ☺ - I really enjoy getting them…

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Perhaps the biggest fan of the song [about Matthews] is Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner. Both live close to each other and drive to practice and games together. “It’s pretty funny,” Matthews said. “Mitch starts playing the song on the drive on the way to the rink. It’s pretty cool.”

the fuck is this shit i just saw?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! why give us that chris clip with the whole “not together YET”!!!!! to just rip it away from us?!?!?! why make them always together every freaking season to throw it all away!!!!!!! we didn’t ask for any of this!! i would have been satisfied with them in the freaking background like every season!! not knowing what will happen if they r together or not!!! seriously i would have been very happy!! we were always respectful of every ship in this show and we never acted like some immature fans! and that’s what we get in the end?!?!!? WE DIDN’T DESERVE THIS SHIT JULIE!!

plus yousef didn’t show up and it was like an open ending!! lmao!!!!! sana didn’t even have much screen time!!

so i didn’t get the happy ending i wanted for both my ships chriseva and yousana lmao!! i can’t even get angry i don’t have the energy anymore!

Hello, hello! May I introduce you to another of my beloved coupling?

-Both their names start with ‘R’
-Has a special bond
-Different yet similar
-Kind of a loner
-Book lovers
-Red & Violet
-Same height (5'4")
-Same number of letters in their name (5)
-Birds of a feather, flock together

Sounds familiar?

Here’s an obligatory crossover.

What can I say, Robrin? Reiven’s right.

Instead of posting on a new post, I’m just gonna edit this and put this doodle here for completion haha


This oneshot idea has been written in the notes of my phone for literally forever, so last night I started writing it up.

Fluff ahoy. Post-Tokyo.

Exhaustion didn’t even begin to cover what he was feeling as he trudged towards the main room, doing so as quietly as he possibly could. Such a skill wasn’t usually difficult for him considering his level of stealth.

But when fatigue was thrown into the mix, his footsteps were a little louder and stealth kind of went out the window.

Robin yawned as he moved. His legs felt sluggish and his signature red backpack was weighing heavy on his shoulders, even though there wasn’t that much stuff inside. He had a feeling his mask was slightly askew too but he wasn’t too bothered considering he’d be taking it off soon enough.

As the doors opened with a whoosh, Robin couldn’t help but smile as the familiar scent of home filled his senses. The faint aroma of pancakes with the smallest hint of tofu in the air, the slight burn smell from the game station running throughout the day, whiffs of the girls’ respective perfumes.

It always hit him harder when he’d been away for a while.

“Rob!” Came a surprised but upbeat voice.

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