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Conspiracy Theory

All the CW tv shows banded together to break out hearts and separate our OTPs We. Have. To. Wait. All. Summer.

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Kalagang #07

1x08 We Will All Be Judged By The Courage Of Our Hearts

In this episode, we get to see more of Wolfgang’s back story – specifically his relationship with Felix, and with Wolfgang’s abusive father. It’s heartbreaking to see Wolfgang suffered so much in the past, but at the same time we see Kala’s feeling towards him gets deeper as he opens up about his pain.

Kala: I was always afraid as a child. I couldn’t sleep if the light was off or it was too quiet. I don’t like the quiet. I used to fall asleep in my father’s restaurant. I’ve always hated being alone. (1x07)

At the rooftop of Ganesha’s temple, Kala told Wolfgang she doesn’t like the quiet or being alone. But here, we see Kala who is at the movies with her family – she is not alone, and it’s obviously not quiet because of the laughter from the audience – being not fine at all. She is crying because of Wolfgang; she is crying for him. It just shows how much Wolfgang has consumed her; how much he means to her.

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In Berlin, Wolfgang is at the hospital after Felix got shot from Steiner. He is in a very quiet place, and he’s all alone now – another cinematographic contrast between two characters. And it’s also great to see that Kala who doesn’t like the quiet and being alone visits the place that is quiet and ‘lonely’. Wolfgang doesn’t even cry because he can’t. He doesn’t know how. He has forgotten how to cry.

Again, with Kalagang you can turn any place into somewhere romantic…and bathroom is definitely becoming their thing.

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Wolfgang tries to suppress the pain and anger all to himself like he used to, thinking that he’s alone. Then Kala shows up. When he senses Kala and looks right at her, he’s really surprised – not just by Kala’s presence, but also by her tears. She is literally crying for him. Wolfgang didn’t ask anyone for anything, and yet she is sharing his pain and sorrow.

So he has all these mixed feelings going on in a split second – sad, angry, surprised, sort of relieved to see her, and then like he’s having another moment of falling in love with her. I mean, wouldn’t you fall for someone if that person shares your pain and even cries for you, when you thought you’re alone in this world? I would.

Wolfgang: [What happened to him?] It was my fault. I wanted to prove something. I wanted to change something that can’t be changed. [What?] The past.

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Just look at how hurt he is. It’s so heartbreaking. Wolfgang was about to give himself another chance to believe in miracles – start a new life. He was ready to fly over to India to see Kala. He was so desperate to put the past behind him. Then this happened; the world once again pulled Wolfgang back to where he was. When Wolfgang tells Kala that it’s his fault Felix was attacked, I think he secretly also wanted to tell her – he really wanted to meet her in person, and it hurts because now he can’t.

The way Max delivered this whole scene where he talks about Wolfgang’s childhood was so good. So on point. You can feel the depth of his pain even before we actually hear his story.

Kala: You’ve known him a long time. How did you meet? [Detention]

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Look! Kala’s hand is on Wolfgang’s back (or is it his arm? whatever)! Last episode Wolfie touched her, and now, she’s touching him. Our Kalagang is getting closer to one another! It’s hard to see from this GIF, but if you go watch full episode (video) you’ll see Kala’s fingers gently stroking Wolfgang’s back. AH FEELS.

Felix: Wolfgang? Nobody’s named Wolfgang. OK…Wolfie. What are you in for? [Fighting] Cool.

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From here, we get to see Wolfgang’s relationship with Felix.

Wolfgang: Where are you? [At the movies. With my family] Makes sense. [Why?] Felix loved the movies. We cut school to watch films all the time.

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The only times when Wolfgang smile like that – not the usual kind of smirk he does to others, but real, genuine, happy one – are when he’s with Felix, Kala, probably his mother, and his cluster. Right now, it’s just Felix and Kala.

Conan: No one will remember if we were good men or bad. All that matters is that two stood against many. So grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen…then to hell with you!

This film is one of the things that made Wolfgang who he is today. It’s not just a film which he and his best friend enjoyed watching when they’re little, it sort of gave young Wolfgang a kind of guidance for his chaotic life. So it’s like Conan is Wolfgang’s Ganesha, I guess.

Wolfgang: I don’t know why he liked me. In those days, when we moved from East to West Berlin, I was the kid everyone hated.

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Here, we get a glimpse of what would Wolfgang do when he is in serious trouble: he doesn’t ask for help. He tries to take care of the problem all by himself. He protects the ones he cares by not letting them into this mess. And he fights…he fights hard.

No wonder Wolfgang doesn’t ever ask his cluster for help.

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This is why Wolfgang thinks of Felix as his brother. Because Felix never leaves him – he is always there for Wolfgang, and he always comes back for him.

Wolfgang: [That was your childhood?] No.That was nothing…compared to my father.

When Kala is shocked by his rough childhood, Wolfgang lets out a sigh mixed with chuckle as if that whole story he’s just told her was nothing. As soon as he is about to talk about his father, Wolfgang’s face stiffens. You can see how much Wolfgang’s already disgusted just by thinking of his father.

Anton: Life is just five things – eating, drinking, shitting, fucking…and fighting for more. I didn’t say anything about crying. Crying is for bitches. Is that what you [Wolfgang] are? A little bitch?

What’s so heartbreaking about this scene is that – not to mention how abusive Anton was – as much as Wolfgang hates his father, ironically, everything about Anton including his ‘motto’ influenced Wolfgang. It was inevitable that his father made Wolfgang who he is.

Because of his father, Wolfgang couldn’t cry – which explains why he doesn’t cry up to this day…as well as why he’s been suppressing his emotions.

Kala: He would do anything for you.

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The way Kala is looking at Wolfgang – I thought this might be the first time when Kala saw something good and beautiful hidden inside of him. At that moment, she felt this deep, unbreakable, and pure friendship between Wolfgang and Felix. She felt how much Wolfgang loves and cares about his brother.

Wolfgang: He’s my brother, and not by something as accidental as blood…by something much stronger. [By what?] By choice.

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This line sort of emphasizes that Wolfgang is, again, the guy who does not believe in things like miracles. Because he believes in choice. To Wolfgang, his family was not his choice. To him, miracle is also not a choice; it’s something that just happens. It’s beyond his control.

And this makes Kalagang’s relationship so interesting because…Wolfgang who believes in choices is connected to Kala – the connection that is not based on choices; while Kala who believes in miracles is hesitating over a choice that may change her life. Each of them believes in something that other doesn’t…and now, they’re being challenged by what other believes in. I’m kinda rambling, but see what I mean?

The more I rewatch Kalagang moments, the more I realize how their relationship is so fabulously complicated – they are complete opposites, but they accept each other. At the same time, they challenge each other…and eventually build up this beautiful and intense relationship based on their differences.

Manendra: You are going to call up my son and you are going to tell him that you cannot marry him. [What?] You know in your heart that’s the right thing to do. I could see it in your eyes. That’s why you stopped the wedding to keep yourself from committing this terrible mistake. […] But now, luck has given us another opportunity to correct it. All we require is the will…

OK, to be honest, when Manendra visited the temple and told Kala that she should call off the wedding with Rajan, I screamed with joy. I was like ‘YES! FINALLY! Now she can see Wolfgang without feeling guilty! They can be together!’

and then this happens…oh dear.


theoretically i’m fine.

because we all know that everyone is gonna be back next season.

but the fact that oliver thinks everyone is gone?

including his sister, his best friend, his team, a man who’s been like a father to him, the mother of his child and the love of his life?

that he sees the island go up in flames and, whether its for five minutes, five days or five months, thinks that he’s lost almost everything?

that destroys me. 


A/N: An anon request for a Ralvez dom/sub relationship fic. Hope you enjoy! ;) @coveofmemories

Warnings: Smut


At work, always equals.

At home however…Luke had fantasies and Spencer was more than willing to indulge him. Spencer hated having to make decisions. Having them made for him was easier, which put his mind at ease. And Luke enjoyed making decisions, so what was there to lose?

Today had been a particularly frustrating day. Although the child had been returned home, the unsub had fled, and that pissed them all off more than anything. The moment that they got home, Spencer knew what was coming, and he was more than ready for it. He was in desperate need of a release after such a stressful week. “Clothes off, blindfold on, on the bed,” Luke said with the authority that Spencer had come to know and love.

“Yes, sir,” he said with a smirk and wink as he took off his jacket and threw it over the back of the chair. When he walked inside, he could hear Luke walking around the kitchen. He knew for a fact that Luke was just wasting time, building up his anticipation, but he didn’t care. Doing as Luke had commanded, Spencer pulled off his belt, unbuttoned his shirt and allowed his pants and boxers to fall to the floor. 

They done things like this many times before. Spencer reached into his drawer and pulled out a tie, fixing it at the back of his head. Then he laid himself on the bed and waited for what felt like hours until Luke decided to enter the room. “About damn time,” Spencer said without thinking. Once they were in this area of their relationship, Spencer was not supposed to talk back, and within seconds, he felt one swift sting of Luke’s belt against his leg. 

“Already hard for me, I see,” Luke said. He was still standing on the side of the bed. Spencer could feel him hovering there and wanted to beg for him to stop the teasing; he knew Luke wanted him to beg, but Spencer wanted to be made to beg.

Another few moments passed, darkness encompassing his eyes as the thoughts of what Luke wanted to do to him flooded his mind. Finally, Spencer felt the bed dip. “Open,” Luke said. He could feel his boyfriend hovering just over his chest, knees on either side, so he did as Luke commanded and opened his mouth, feeling his boyfriend’s rock-hard cock enter his mouth. 

Spencer mumbled around him, suctioning his lips as Luke thrusted into his mouth with shallow movements of his hips. Luke mumbled above him and reached back with his hand, feeling the younger man already hardened beyond compare, his body begging for release even if hadn’t voiced the need. “Do you open your mouth so easily for all the boys?” A small moan escaped Spencer and his cock twitched in Luke’s hands. “Are you that big of a slut?” It had taken Luke a while to get used to calling Spencer a slut, but he’d let him know early on that that was a kink of his in the bedroom. 

Luke looked down to see Spencer’s lips wrapped around him and suddenly realized there was another place he’d rather sheath his length. When he removed himself from Spencer’s mouth, he audibly gasped, craning his head forward to search for Luke - his mouth still hanging open. “So desperate,” Luke taunted, gliding his hands slowly over Spencer’s legs as he moved downward on the bed.

With what felt like one movement, Luke pulled Spencer’s legs downward, grabbed at his waist and flipped him over. “What do you want?” Luke asked. This was where he’d get him to beg. Spencer was always stubborn, insisting that Luke wouldn’t be able to get him to beg, but he always gave in, and Luke couldn’t possibly enjoy the process any more.

Luke laughed to himself as Spencer’s back arched upward slightly and swallowed his words. He tried so hard. A snap resounded throughout the room and Spencer cried out. Luke always knew how to get what he wanted. “I said, what do you want?”

“I-” Spencer started, not wanting to give in, but desperately wanting release, “I want you to fuck me.” He finished softly.

Luke swallowed his satisfaction and spoke again. “What was that?” he laughed. Spencer wanted to turn around and smack him, he was so smug. But he didn’t dare. “I didn’t quite hear you.”

“I want you to fuck me…please.” Oh that was such a sweet word. Luke lubed himself and Spencer up, teasing him as he tried to get another please to rip its way out of Spencer’s body. 

Luke pressed himself up against Spencer’s entrance, but stayed there, watching as Spencer bucked his hips backwards in desperation. “Please, Luke.” Another slap made its way down onto Spencer’s ass and all of a sudden the blindfold was pulled off. Luke reached forward and took his boyfriend’s face in his hands, taking in the slight tears that pricked at Spencer’s eyes. Because he knew better, those tears only made him harder.

“One more time,” he said with a smirk. Spencer cut his eyes at him. Occasionally, Luke let Spencer switch, and when he did, his lover was going to remember this moment, but right now Luke didn’t care. He loved hearing Spencer beg.

With a push backward, Spencer decided to give Luke exactly what he wanted. “I want you to fuck me. I am begging you to fuck me. Please.” The last word came out barely above a whisper, which was swiftly followed by a gasp as Luke slipped himself inside Spencer’s tight entrance. “Oh fuck, Luke…” The younger man fell forward into the bed, but Luke caught him, grabbing his wrists and pulling him backward, using his arms as leverage for his thrusts. 

Spencer choked out moan after moan as his body constricted around Luke’s length. “Please, harder.” All Spencer wanted in this moment was more pressure and the sound of Luke’s skin slapping against his to fill his ears. He got his wish as Luke pulled out and then thrusted all the way in to the hilt, feeling his cock hit against his prostate.

“Who do you belong to?” Luke growled. He knew - he always knew. Since they started dating, he knew he had Spencer’s mind, body and heart, and Spencer had his, but in the heat of the moment, he needed to hear it more than he needed his own release. “Tell me.”

“You,” Spencer cried, arching his back as Luke buried himself within him. “I belong to you.” He cried out as he came, falling into Spencer’s back and reaching around to stroke him as he rode out his own orgasm. Spencer jerked and thrusted into Luke’s hand as he slid out of Spencer and fell to the side. “Feel better?” Spencer smiled.

“Yes,” Luke replied with a snort, pulling Spencer into his chest. “You?”

He chuckled as Spencer nodded against his chest, swallowing hard at the overwhelming satisfaction running through him. “Who do you belong to?” Luke asked again, pulling Spencer’s face to his and devouring his kiss. 

“I already told you,” Spencer said with a smile. “You. I’m all yours.” He was always Luke’s.

In the preceding moments, Spencer had relaxed a little, but was whisked out of it by another smack to his ass. “Damn straight. All mine.”

  • Shikamaru: why did you drag me here?
  • Ino: I gotta find the perfect summer get up! Sai will surely trip on his heels! Now, help me carry these floral bikinis *giggles*
  • Shikamaru: tsk then why didn't you ask Sai, instead? *blushes*
  • Ino: *ignores him entirely and gets distracted by the cute clothes*
  • Shikamaru: There's so many people here and the perfume section is making me question my sanity. are you done yet?
  • Ino: Not yet and please quit whining, will you?
  • Shikamaru: *sighs* you are so troublesome i swear
  • Ino: hmpft genius my ass, you should be called DICK-amaru
  • Shikamaru: what?
  • Ino: what?
Imagine your Otp
  • Person A: I need some advice...
  • Person B: Love advice? Trust me, I'm the expert. I'm experienced with everything
  • Person C: Says the virgin