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The last chapter of FT has been published today and it’s been a long hell of a ride.

I started watching the anime back at the end of 2011/start of 2012. It was one of these animes that’s always around and I had actually watched the first episode maybe two times already but I never got interested enough to continue, even though the manga had all my fave elements: fantasy, adventures, a little bit of humour and apparently also sad and touching moments., and of course romance. Then one day I saw this picture of topless, bandaged Gray and Erza blushing and I remember thinking: OTP material right here (turned out Gray is always shirtless and Erza was blushing because she had found Lucy’s panties drawer lol). I asked who they were so I went and finally got to watch the whole thing.

I fell in love with the story and the characters. Gray was my bb since day 1 and I couldn’t wait for Erza to appear. I shipped them so hard at first but then Juvia appeared; I remember thinking I’m gonna love this girl so bad even if she’s a bad one because WATER GIRL; turned out she was Gray’s romantic interest. I didn’t like them together at first but they eventually grew on me and here we are now (I believe Tenrou was the arc where I said okay Lola, they’re the cutest). Lucy and especially Natsu took some more time but I love them both so much now, too. The secondary characters are also so lovable, my girls Mira and Lisanna, Cana, Laxus… I could go on forever and of course JELLAL THE MOST PRECIOUS BUN.

I didn’t pick up the manga until the GMG; chapter 334 made me feel so, so much I decided I needed to read it, too. Also I love Mashima’s style with all my heart and god, the anime doesn’t do justice to Gray’s design. I discovered a whole new world with Gray’s design💙💙 Even though I have had my ups and downs with FT (the last two arcs were kind of meh) overall is definitely one of my top 3 mangas and it will always have a special place in my heart. Here’s to hoping for Mashima’s next work!!

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this isn't hate, I genuinely want to know why people ship Jesus with Daryl?

I think all of us were first enamored by the chemistry they shared throughout 610. The entire episode (which was the first lighthearted one in a long time) felt very reminiscent of a meet-cute, and their antagonistic yet playful dynamic was so electric and entertaining it felt as if it could have been stripped from the script of a rom-com. We literally watched gruff, irritable Daryl chase a smooth, cheeky guy named ‘Jesus’ through a field, and then later cozy up in the back seat of a car as the guy kept falling and resting his head on his shoulder. 

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I mean come on, ships have been built on much less. This is OTP material right here, my friends. 

In all seriousness, I think the chemistry between them was palpable the entire episode, but it wasn’t necessarily romantic the entire time. I knew Jesus was a gay character going into the episode, so I was already watching with that knowledge informing their interactions. For me, the first moment the lightbulb went off in my head that romantic seeds were possibly being planted was when Jesus shot the walker to save Daryl when they were fighting in the Sorghum truck. By the time Jesus was falling on Daryl’s shoulder in the car, I was a goner. 

I remember thinking ‘I have no idea if they’ll go anywhere with that, but people are going to start shipping them, mark my words’ as the episode aired. Then, on TTD after 610, Tom was asked if Jesus was really awake in the car scene. Tom agreed that he was probably conscious by that time. Of his own volition, he then said “maybe Jesus was falling onto Daryl on purpose” and that “he was enjoying it on the inside” and I knew the fandom was going to explode.

After that, I made this blog and gained 1000+ followers in a matter of like 3 days haha, so I wasn’t the only fan who felt that way so quickly. It’s only grown since then.

611 solidified the tangible chemistry between them for me. That scene where wide-eyed, well-spoken Jesus apologizes to suspicious, narrow-eyed Daryl at the table was rife with that same electric dynamic. The tension between them was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Basically, none of us are saying that Daryl and Jesus are “in love” after those two episodes. We’re just noticing an awesome chemistry between the two and the potential for something to happen between their characters down the line. Knowing what the audience knows about both characters at this point, I think they could absolutely fall in love with each other. Only time will tell. 

Even more importantly, Daryl having romantic and/or sexual interest in men would be incredibly important for the LGBT+ community. While that man doesn’t have to be Jesus, he already has amazing chemistry with him. Jesus is gay in canon (and before anyone tries to argue that he might not like men on the show, trust me, he will) and may or may not have other love interests this season and beyond, but Daryl being a part of that would be even more groundbreaking and revolutionary for LGBT+ representation throughout television. The “badass” redneck adored by dudebros, ladies, and kids alike being romantically interested in a man and that being depicted as healthy and loving? That would be far more significant and meaningful on a global sociological scale than Daryl hooking up with any of his other popular love interests.

There’s a lot more I could say but I feel like I’m rambling so I’ll end it here. I can’t speak for everyone, so other Desus fans are welcome to reblog and share their thoughts as well. 


He wants to go h o m e. To her. (x

#but can we talk about the fact #that it couldn’t be more crystal clear #that Stein wasn’t talking about his house #or his old life #or anything else #but he turned his head right at Caitlin #and referred to her as Ronnie’s home #even though it’s not Ronnie himself #but he knows very well #he knows what was drawing him to go to Caitlin in the first place #to search for her even in that state of mine #because these two people would have been effing MARRIED to each other by now #happily, I may add #and this gives me all the types of emotions #because that’s what marriage should be #home #and that’s caitlin for ronnie #and excuse me as I cry a puddle of tears because that’s some serious otp material we’re talking about right here


What the fuck I’m looking at.

No seriously look at this half-assed Geraint re-skin King Cassius I:

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