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i fell in love with your despair | a hannibal x will playlist

“in my defense, i fell in love with his despair.
his hands were glowing embers, and i was
looking for a fire to warm myself by. he made
me forget that even the moon is just a floating
rock when the sun isn’t lighting it up from
behind, and even the most ordinary things can
look extraordinary in the right slant of light.

in my defense, i wanted to be the hero.
i thought i could save him, so i used my
body to cushion the impact when he
crashed into the earth.

in my defense,
his burning mouth. in my defense,
the craters he left in my skin.”


ok but the fact that Will realizes that Abigail is still alive and Hannibal has been keeping her from him, FOR him, and instead of saying something along the lines of

“You’ve been keeping her from me?”


“What the fuck, Hannibal?”

Will says

“you were supposed to leave" 

because he wanted to protect Hannibal’s life as much as he wanted to see Abigail 

i want Will to say “fuck this shit, i’m done being the good guy”, give in to his dark side and become hannibal’s murderous partner (◡‿◡✿)
(◡‿◡✿) fucking, killing, cannibalizing and cuddling for the rest of their lives together, happy and murderous (◡‿◡✿)
(◡‿◡✿) this is my design.


Where All Ladders Start || Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham

Warnings: blood, knives, cannibalism, scarification, emotional manipulation
Will is slowly losing his mind in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. He makes a deal with the devil to get out.

Sunday morning: Hannibal, as usual, wakes up way before Will and watches him sleeping peacefully for a while.
Then heads downstairs to make breakfast.
When Will appears, he takes a few moments to stare at him in his v-neck, cooking and going around the kitchen while a soft classical music playing in the background.
Hannibal smiles at him when he sees him and Will goes to him and kisses him, caressing the soft fabric of the v-neck.
*throws self off a cliff*

Imagine, Will and Hannibal are in bed, reading their own books, and suddenly Will puts Hannibal’s arm around his shoulder and rests on his chest, clinging to him.
“Read for me”, he says.
Hannibal laughs and he’s all “mmh… demanding are we?” but starts reading because he knows how much Will loves his voice and that he sleeps better when he falls asleep like this.
And they stay like this for a long time, Will making little comments and Hannibal indulging him and when he finally crashes, Hannibal holds him close and they sleep like this ;-;

will sitting on hannibal’s counter and grinding against him, while hannibal is completely dressed and will is in his tshirt and shorts, moaning as he tries to dig under the layers of clothes and groans shit like “ugh i hate your suits so much”.
hannibal kisses him hard and grabs his thighs hard, then bends him over and fuck him right there.

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A friendly reminder that Will not only touches everything in Hannibal's office like a boss, but he's also easily allowed to sit in Hannibal's office chair. Considering the fact that Hannibal's office is his kingdom, therefore his main chair - his throne. Will is allowed to share this throne with him. I can easily imagine Will asking for anything (really anything) and Hannibal giving it to him without a second thought. "The crashing walls of Hannibal Lecter's life", a novel by Will Graham

How much Will changes and influences Hannibal’s life is so damn important, yet people just choose not to see it at all m ost of the times.
They like to see Hannibal as the puppeteer, but have they noticed how many of his choices are directly influenced by Will??
God, these two will be the death of me.