otp is too sweet :')

Keith, at the store because Lance is having his monthly: :< 

Clerk: How can I help you?

Keith: Oh I’m just picking up some pads for my boyfriend. 

Clerk: That’s so sweet. :3 

Keith: :3 

some sketches from boring classes

well i fully stuck in overwatch fandom but the thing is i can’t talk to anyone of my friends about my otp (which is genyatta) ‘cause everyone around me ship only mchanzo ( or they not even in fandom)

and that makes me sad(

also i have such a big crush on genji, oh god


get to know me meme: [1/20] relationships ♥ newt and thomas (the maze runner series)
Thomas turned to see Newt there, smiling. That grin sent a wave of reassurance through Thomas, as if he were finding out the world was okay again.

gift for my precious frend, who said there’s so little amount of eir otp and sounded sooo dissapointed that i immediately ran to fix it as fast as possible


I think I got a cavity from how sweet this was… LOL!! So cute!! <3

The Anti-Adoribull people

Look, I get it. The ship is not your cup of tea and that’s cool. There are ships I can’t get behind. What isn’t cool is acting like Bull is abusive toward Dorian. Like??? What??? Bull is 100% a cinnamon roll. A lot of people are uncomfortable about the comment he makes about “conquering” Dorian. And trust me, I get that. But it is also pretty obvious through various dialogue that Dorian like larger men, and he mentions being kidnapped by “burly Qunari pirates” as something enjoyable (aka a fantasy). Bull 100% picks up on the fact that Dorian is tempted by him, and considering Bulls tarot card, The Devil, represents temptation…Well, you can see the point I am trying to make. We know that Dorian is afraid temptation will be the death of him. We know that he, as a Tevinter mage, is weary of Bull at first due to their countries being in a centuries long war, and their treatment of mages. Dorian puts on a big show about being sassy and snarky. So OF COURSE when Bull flirts with him, knowing that things Dorian says leaves him open to the flirtation, he’s going to act taken aback and uninterested. Keep in mind, when Bull realises that when Dorian did not mean to flirt in a way that lead to the “conquering” comment, he stopped. But Dorian is attracted to him, it’s immediately after this that Dorian seeks out Bull. Dorian SEEKS OUT BULL. And then end up together.

Some people say Bull doesn’t care about Dorian’s privacy because he talks about their relationship with others…But keep in mind, their dynamic tends to be a lot of Bull teasing to get a rise out of Dorian. And Bull does discuss his romance with the Inquisitor when asked about it. He also teases others if they are romancing the Inquisitor. Bull is a flirt, and he likes to tease those who are close to him. It’s how he shows his affection. He likes to get a rise out of people. He loves sex, and knows that Southerners are repressed about it, and talking about it makes them blush and stutter, but it’s also how he gets them interested in invitations and offers to his bed. Dorian is a 100% willing participate in their sexually activities, and their relationship. He enjoys being the bottom with Bull. He loves The Iron Bull eventually, and Bull loves him back. That is really driven home in Trespasser. Dorian, due to his background, is cautious at first. Bull has not experienced love before. Together they work it out.

It is also pretty obvious to me that there are those at BioWare (i.e. Mike, Patrick) who are also 100% behind the ship. Otherwise I doubt they would have written it into the game. And I doubt that would make it so lovey-dovey in Trespasser. They fucking ran with the Adoribull romance in Trespasser. They made it very very obvious how committed and in love Dorian and Bull are with each other. Bull cares a great deal for Dorian, otherwise he would not mount a dangerous rescue in a country that would see him killed or enslaved instantly if caught to save his Kadan. Patrick Weekes confirms that Dorian would have given Bull a communication crystal as well; AND he sneaks away to spend time with Bull when possible, despite knowing full-well what could happen to him politically and socially (and physically) in Tevinter if it was found out he was in a committed same-sex relationship with a Qunari. They stay together, despite the distance, despite the danger. Remembering also that homosexuality is frowned upon enough that Halward, Dorian’s father, attempts to “change him” with Blood Magic, despite that fact that Halward is apparently very much against Blood Magic. Imagine how people in Tevinter would react to knowing that a Magister, who is unpopular with many due to his sweeping reforms, is with in a same-sex relationship, and with a Qunari at that.

Bull is good for Dorian. Dorian is good for Bull. I have no doubt that Dorian grounds Bull, and gives him something to focus on so his fears do not come true. They need each other. They love each other. Also, when Bull talks about his sexual activities with Dorian, their relationship, it’s not just to get a rise out of Dorian. He is boasting. He is so proud and happy of his smol mage boyfriend. He fell for Dorian pretty hard, otherwise I doubt he’d invest so much time into getting Dorian to realise he was attracted to Bull. They were both attracted to each other to begin with. Bull picked up on it, and ran with it.

I personally, love Adoribull as a ship. I think it is one built entirely on mutual attraction and want, that develops into a proper romance. Sex is important to Bull, as well as Dorian, so of course there are overtly sexual elements to their relationship. You can draw the same conclusions from their romance with the Inquisitor. Both are used to casual dalliances. To being used. Both are surprised when the Inquisitor wants more. It is unsurprising then, that they continue what they are doing with each other. They obviously enjoyed themselves, and Dorian, knowing the Iron Bull’s open door policy takes advantage of it. Bull is likely very happy to have someone come back to him and have more enjoyable times together, considering a lot of people he beds likely do so out of curiosity and then never come back to him. Bull is a caregiver, and what he does with Dorian is a form of care giving. Dorian needs his relationship with Bull, one where they can be open, there is no judgement, and that they both enjoy. But that’s not to say that Bull doesn’t get what he wants or needs from Dorian either. Bull himself says that Dorian is a sweet guy, and that he hopes they are good for each other. AND THEY ARE. 

So I get it, okay. Some people have gotten the wrong idea about the relationship, or don’t like the dynamic, or their physical compatibility, or the influence sex as on their relationship. And that’s fine. But please, please stop making out that Bull is abusive to Dorian. That their relationship is abusive. It is not. That is not what is happening at all. Please stop making anti-Adoribull posts that I can SEE in the Adoribull tag. I get that people may not like a ship. Like I said, there are ships I don’t like. But you know what I don’t do? Post about it. I don’t make people feel like arseholes just because they enjoy a certain VERY CONSENSUAL, ADULT (as in no one is underage) RELATIONSHIP. Canon as well. And before someone moans about it “not being canon because it didn’t happen in MY game”, it is canon. If it happens in universe then it is canon. If the writers, directors, artists and producers have a part in its creation, and it ends up in the final product, it is canon. And it is CLEAR that there are people at BioWare 100% for this relationship. I mean, they released a fucking picture of Bull picking up Dorian on a dragon’s head and spinning him around after Dorian’s Movember campaign ended. That are a thing that happened. Very recently. SO PLEASE. Stop posting shit about how shitty Bull is for Dorian, and how bad their relationship is. If you don’t like it, blacklist it. Don’t make people feel like shit because you, personally, do not like their romance.

I’m sure other people have posted far more eloquent and detailed posts then I have, with quotes and stuff. Search for them. I am not hear to hold your hand and give you all the facts that are already in the game. I’m just sick of trying to browse through the adoribull tag and getting all these anti-adoribull posts popping up.