otp is precious


lit otpsblue sargent & richard gansey iii (the raven cycle)
It was mint and memories and the past and the future and she felt as if she’d done this before and already she longed to do it again. Oh, help, she thought. Help, help, help.


You are one of my favorite people and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in real life.


January 14th, 2014. Detectives Peralta and Santiago conducted surveillance from a rooftop at 397 Barton Street. This is where we came the night I won our bet and you fell in love with me.


“The night that you flirted with me for 20 seconds and I became obsessed with you forever.”


how i play neko atsume

idk it’s just a lot of fun to make up stories from the scenes in your yard i know some ppl say neko atsume becomes boring once you got all the cats and goods n it lacks of new stuff but it’s like endless series for me cuz you always get to see new drama going on and they constantly add new characters even it’s not like i can complain about that