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≋ [ Time to be resurrected ]

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from @wuthering-emily


    His bathtub was small, but it was deep at least. Just enough room for the two of them, Vegito sat on the bottom waiting for Teru to join him. They had made up only a little while ago after their fight. He had apologized so profusely, and he rarely ever did, all while making love to her. The fusion felt it wasn’t enough, and as she got in the tub with him, he grabbed her hand to make sure she sat facing him. Funny since he had a hard time looking her in the eye after all that.

    As she sat down, straddling his hips, Vegito took a moment to just admire her, hands traveling up her arms lightly as his eyes wandered.. She was so beautiful, and he didn’t really deserve her. She had stayed though, because she wanted to. He sighed softly as their eyes met. They were so warm just to look at, like sunlight on his face. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her to him, burying his nose into her neck to take in her scent. 

    “You’re too good for me…” he muttered against her skin before pressing a feather light kiss there. He continued to press kisses to her skin. It seemed they hadn’t gotten in the bath to get clean after all.