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  • Stefan: From now we will use code names. You will address me as "Eagle 1"
  • Stefan: Elena. Codename. "Been there, done that"
  • Stefan: Caroline is "Currently doing that"
  • Stefan: Bonnie is "It happened once in a dream"
  • Stefan: Klaus. Codename. "If I had to pick a dude"
  • Stefan: And Elijah is "Eagle 2"
  • Elijah: Oh thank god
"Will you always love me?" Vol. Two - Part Thirty // Hannigram, AU | Archive of Our Own
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Summary: Will and Hannibal have known each other since their late teens. Will’s family had moved to Lithuania for a few years during his father’s tenure in the army. The Grahams became friends with the Lecters and a instant bond was formed between their two sons. Over the years, Will and Hannibal had become extremely close, almost like brothers, until Will visited Hannibal in New York for a week while the latter was attending medical school. From there, their relationship got…well let’s just say, a little complicated. Hannibal AU, mostly taking place a year ago. Will, who now is 32, is working at Johns Hopkins University, teaching classes in the psychology department. Hannibal, now 37, visits him while attending a medical conference in Baltimore. From there, we learn about their complicated history…

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About an hour later…

“Okay, why are you so quiet? You’re acting really suspicious.” Beverly asked Will in between bites of her sandwich.

Will only shrugged. He was quiet because he was thinking about Hannibal wanting him to stay over at his place instead of Molly’s during the visit. The way his friend had looked at him was something he had missed greatly and his thoughts were consumed with Hannibal’s smile accompanied by his voice.

Well, whatever works for you, of course. I would love to have you around more.

…Dammit, Hannibal. Will almost doubled over on top of the table, but he stopped himself from making a scene.

God, he’s still incredibly sexy…what the fuck am I going to do?

“Will, oh my god, just tell me. What in the world is bothering you?” Beverly rolled her eyes. She knew her friend’s behavior had something to do with Hannibal.

“I’m okay. Just stressed out about this party.” Will lied. Well sort of. He was a little stressed out about the faculty party, however, he was more anxious about his former best friend (and fuck buddy, and maybe, possibly, the future love of his life, but he wasn’t willing to accept that, yet) sleeping in his apartment right now, waiting for him to come home to have dinner with….and catch up on…life…

After Will met up with Beverly a while ago at his favorite sandwich shop on the university’s campus (you remember, the place where they kind of make the same gourmet sandwiches that Hannibal used to make for Will and Abigail’s fishing trips?), he looked on edge. Beverly was immediately concerned that her friend’s plan, being honest with everyone after Hannibal’s visit, was already backfiring.

Ugh, this plan is going to blow up in his face…but what can I do? He’s an adult…Beverly silently thought to herself, watching her friend fidget in his chair.

She decided to take a chance and suss out how Will was feeling at the moment. Maybe she could convince him to be honest early so he would feel less burdened by the ordeal.

“Sooo…how’s Hannibal?” Beverly slowly asked, looking at her friend cautiously, twirling her straw in her water glass.

Will almost choked on his sandwich. He had been so caught up thinking about Hannibal, that he forgot that he hadn’t mentioned anything about him to Beverly when they first sat down to eat. “Um…he’s fine..” He initially coughed then struggled to recover.

Beverly didn’t answer back immediately. She only stared at her friend, knowing full well something was going on and he was keeping it away from her, so she tried again.

“What do you guys have planned for tonight?” She asked with an eyebrow raised, furtively glancing up from her water glass.

Will shifted in his chair. “Hannibal suggested making dinner so we could…catch up…” He started. He was now thinking about seeing a bit of Hannibal’s naked body when his friend had stretched out on the bed in his guest room before falling asleep.

Will also thought about the last time they fucked.


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Hunk: Hey, quick question? 

Lance: Shoot.

Hunk: Are we even sure that the mice are mice?

Lance: Well… I mean… when we got here they looked like mice so I guess we all just kind of assumed that they were mice? Which, when you think about it, is honestly kind of weird. ‘Cause the mice are 10,000 year old aliens dude… which kind of implies that mice are universal?? Like, Altea had them, and Earth has them. What are the odds of that? We’re a gazillion miles from home, but we still have mice. What could that mean? … Dude. Are the mice actually mice?


Hunk: Gonna be honest with you, I meant for this conversation to go a completely different way, but what you’re saying is really cool and now I’m interested in discussing this as a group.

Lance: Aw, thanks buddy! But what were you gonna say?

Hunk: I was gonna say that, are we sure the mice are actually mice? Because it feels like every time we tell them something, they……… rat us out!


Lance: You’re awful.


#Alec heads into the kiss with his eyes open #but when their lips finally meet #he closes his eyes for just a second #until opening his eyes #again #to check if this is real #that Magnus is here #with him #in his arms #kissing him back #that Magnus is safe and sound #and when Alec realizes this #he closes his eyes again #breathing Magnus in #letting relief washing over himself #Magnus is safe #and he loves him

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What FanFiction and AO3 need is a “suggested story” list. When you finish one fic you really liked and you now need to fill the void, you just click on the option and find a similar one.


Everybody needs an Ignis, Ignis needs a Gladio.




Human versions of Mae and Bea, two nerds in love

Looks like I actually did art for once (weird) still working on that voltron piece tho  I loved this game, and I loved Bea so much that I had to draw these two

tbh I always imagined Bea with tattoo sleeves and Mae constantly covered in small injuries because CRIMES 

Bonus + Germ:

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  • <p> <b></b> Person A and B are in the kitchen. Person A is a small muffin, B is slightly taller.<p/><b>Person A:</b> *struggling to retrieve items from top shelf*<p/><b>Person B:</b> Do you need me to get it for you?<p/><b>Person A:</b> *gasps* HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE VERTICALLY CHALLENGED!<p/><b>Person B:</b> *laughs*...okay then<p/><b>Person A (Moments later...):</b> *defeated sigh* help meeee<p/></p>
Night AUs

- You talk in your sleep and you pretty much just described to me, in extremely graphic detail, how you would kill someone and now I’m too scared to fall asleep

- (On the flip side) you made a lot of sexual noises while you slept, what (or who) were you dreaming about??

- Okay I get that ocean noises help people go to sleep but you’ve literally been playing whale mating calls at full volume for the past hour and if you don’t stop soon I’m gonna come over and smack you

- We both planned to stay up all night but you ended up falling asleep and you just woke up to me standing next to you with a bowl of warm water in my hands-I can explain

- We were both going to pull an all nighter to study for an exam tomorrow but now it’s 6 am and we just finished an entire tv series and I can’t believe you let this happen

- it’s 4 am and we’re both running solely on Red Bull and coffee at this point and we just had the most in depth discussion about eggs I swear to god