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There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.

Imagine Person A posting stories about them and Person B somewhere where they think Person B won’t see it. That is, until one day Person B does see it…


30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 20 | favorite foreign language quote

     “What would I be without you?” I blink and a single tear drips down my face. We both know the answer to this—we both recognize what she’s doing for me. Remind me. Burn me. Love me.
     I kiss her forehead, my chest alight with passion and pain.
     “Ensemble,” she whispers in French. Together.
     “Ensemble,” I murmur.


“This is all just… very familiar.”

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The Doctor.

I’m going to sort of cheat with this one but not really:

1) Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master

2) Fourth Doctor/Ainley!Master (I can’t explain it, since Four is one of my least favourite Doctors - please don’t hate on me, fandom! - but for some reason I really like this pairing; maybe it’s because they had so little time together, or because Four was so obviously angry with Ainley!Master, or maybe it’s because Four was so buddy-buddy with Tremas, much like Ten and Yana, before the Master stole his body. Whatever the reason, I ship it hard.)

3) Sixth Doctor/Ainley!Master

4) Third Doctor/Delgado!Master

5) First Doctor/whatever the Master was before he was War ChiefDelgado!Master (because there so few First Doctor/Master stories - loads of Academy-era Theta Sigma/Koschei though - but the ones I’ve read have been so good. I mean, there’s so much potential for fics between them, delving into the Master’s feelings at the Doctor running away with Susan, the Doctor’s feelings about the Master suddenly showing up, what Susan thinks of the Master and his relationship to the Doctor - I like the fics where she thinks of the Master as just as much her grandfather as the Doctor, Ian and Barbara finding out more about the Doctor’s past…so much potential and yet so little fic, probably because people feel weird writing slash fics, even G-rated ones, starring William Hartnell)

Honourable mention: Second Doctor/War Chief!Master (hush, that’s exactly who he was and we all know it)