otp in all of time and space

Typical day
  • Me: *staring absentmindedly at nothing*
  • Friend: hey, you're spacing out again.
  • Me: *snaps out of it* huh?
  • Friend: you do that all the time, what are you even thinking about?
  • Me: umm...
  • Me: *just thought about OTP furiously fucking in a broomcloset*
  • Me: nothing...

Your otp are both secret agents. What a calamity. 

  • Who whispers the Mission Impossible theme tune on an actual mission, who shoots them a look of upmost disbelief. 
  • Who is the new recruit who always manages to do something wrong, who rolls their eyes but helps them in secret, never taking any of the credit.
  • When your otp have children, who tells them stories of all the missions they went on, who interrupts with “then I swooped in and saved the day!”. Bonus: “thats not what happened, don’t listen to them” “ummm yes it–” “you were unconscious literally the whole time.” “…you make a good point”
  • When your otp, who aren’t together, end up trapped in a very small space together (air vent etc) who suggestively wiggles their eyebrows, who repeatedly bashes their head against the wall and cant believe their bad luck. 
  • Who’s the brains, who’s the muscle. OT3 bonus: “Wait what does that make me?” “you’re… well, you’re you.”
  • Who makes funny faces behind their boss when their next mission is being explained, who is trying really damn hard not to laugh.
  • Who takes their job very seriously and seldom shows any emotion let alone smiles, who’s the joker and makes it their mission to entertain them. 

Requested by: anon. 


I am tired, hungry and angry but my beloved OTP is and always will be canon.
And the best thing is that the writters also made the dimensional travels canon so Yami and Yugi still can meet each other throw space and time dimensions, all those dimensional fanfics and dojinshis are now canon.

Star Trek Ask Meme

1. Top 3 favorite female characters?

2. Top 3 favorite male characters?

3. Top 3 least favorite characters?

4. Favorite alien species?

5. Episode plot you wish they had handled differently?

6. Character you feel a show could have done without?

7. Who would make up your crew dream team?

8. Which captain would you most want to serve under?

9. Which episode plot do you prefer?

      a. Time traveling to the past or dealing with time travelers from the future?

      b. Going undercover to spy on enemies or going undercover to explore pre-           warp planets?

     c. Holodeck malfunction or space anomaly?

     d. Ship being taken over or being stranded on a planet?

     e. Rapid aging or de-aging?

     f. Diplomatic negotiations or all out battle?

10. Which alien pet would you most want for your own?

11. Top 3 OTPs?

12. Top 3 NOTPs?

13. A ship you wish had been canon and why?

14. A ship you wish hadn’t been canon and why? 

15. Top 3 favorite alien crewmembers?

16. If you could steal the basic plot of an episode for one show and apply to another which would you choose?

17. What role would you have aboard a starship?

18. If you had to fight a character who would you choose?

19. You can undo one plot point, which do you choose?

20. Which piece of technology do you wish existed in reality?

21. What kind of stories do you hope the new show does?

22. Would you rather serve on a starship or a space station?

23. Favorite tropes?

24. Which character do you relate to the most?

25. Favorite villain(s)?

26. Which alien hybrid offspring are you most interested in seeing?

27. What do you wish they had handled differently?

28. Character(s) you want to cosplay as?

29. Favorite and least favorite episodes?

30. Something you wish you could delete from canon?

31. A crossover with another show/movie/book/ect, that you’d want to see?

32. F/M/K.

33. Whose twitter feed would you most want to follow?

34. What do you think *insert character*’s tumblr would be full of?

35. A minor character you wish had become a main character?

36. A social issue you hope the new show tackles and how?

37. Character A and Character B get into a fight, who wins?

38. *Insert crew here* is thrown back in time to *insert time period here*, how do they handle it, which fashion trends do they pick up, who threatens the timeline the most, who is saddest when they have to leave, who is most knowledgeable, who stands out the most, ect?

39. You have to relocate to a planet other than Earth, which do you choose?

40. If you got a trek inspired tattoo what would it be?

41. Which episode(s) creeped out/scared you the most?

42. Which episode(s) made you cry?

43. Order of shows from most to least favorite?

44. If *insert crew* ended up in the modern day what would amaze them the most?

45. Which alien culture would you most want to live in/would feel most comfortable?

46. If they rebooted *insert show here* who out of modern day actors would you pick to play the main characters?

47. An unpopular opinion you have?

48. Sort the crew of *insert show here* into Hogwarts houses.

49. A favorite ST fic?

50. A random headcanon?

kidge headcanons

hi there nerds and peeps alike…. i haven’t been contributing enough to my fave voltron ship. i do have a few wip kidge fics but that’s all they are for the time being. works in progress so please take these headcanons meanwhile

  • pidge and keith are the ultimate discovery couple. 
  • like, we’ve all basically established that they are super into conspiracy theories and cryptids and aliens right??? well, ever since joining voltron, their outer space dreams have been more than fulfilled. aliens are real, what more could they ask for?? yeah, they’re fighting a war, and it’s super hard and mentally and physically draining, but there are countless alien worlds out there. and while they may not have the time to explore them all now, they definitely plan to in the future.
  • sleeping schedules are a nonexistent concept to them
    • something we’ve already established, yeah, but consider–  pidge staying up late, working on a project. keith walking in and telling her that it’s late. pidge retorting that he’s the one to talk– it’s not like he sleeps anyway. keith telling her that once she goes to sleep, he will go to sleep. pidge 100% taking up the challenge. “i’ll go to sleep when you do.” “no you.” “no you”
    • so it’s basically a contest of who can stay up the longest. great job keith you totally deviated from your purpose in the first place
    • so  they go round and round in a never ending circle until some outside force interrupts the cycle (ahem shiro), or one of them straight up passes out.
  • study sessions. oh man, study sessions
    • keith finding pidge in distress about the fact that, since they’re so far away from earth and fighting an evil alien overlord, their brains are slowly turning to mush. like, they’re gonna be pretty uneducated once they return to earth. yea, they’ll be physically very fit and strategically developed, as well as having gained very good teamwork skills, but what are they actually gonna do once they got back? 
    • plus, she kinda misses studying
    • queue days where she  and keith kinda. sit down with a menagerie of space snacks and teach each other stuff. pidge teaches keith about technology, a subject he can easily get into because she’s so dang enthusiastic about it.
    • keith discussing with pidge different combat strategies and getting her more familiar with piloting techniques that she couldn’t quite nail down while at the garrison
    • coran actually finds himself finding all the books he can about any subject he comes across and giving it to these two cause they really love learning together !!! it warms his heart to see these two earthlings so excited about knowledge.
  • keith and pidge slowly learning to trust each other with their feelings. to become the other’s rock and comfort in the time of need. to be a shoulder to cry on.
    • keith can’t ignore the times he sees pidge holed up in her room, pretending to be working on coding when she’s actually trying so hard to keep in her tears. she misses her family, and he knows that. he knows that all too well
    • eventually he gathers the courage to walk in and just. stand by her. let her acknowledge his presence or ignore him.
    • and after some time, she just. pulls him into a hug. and from there letting her feelings out to him gets easier and easier
    • as for keith, he doesn’t usually cry when his frustration and sadness builds up. he forces the feelings out through exercise, or by standing off by himself, waiting for it all to dissipate away.
    • pidge learns to recognize when he’s feeling terrible. and, like he did for her, she approaches him but says nothing, letting him decide if he wants to talk or not
    • they’re both so in tune to each other’s feelings. they’re the arms of voltron, they gotta get in each other’s heads. they know when the other is feeling really down. and they quickly learn exactly how to make the other feel better when that happens.
  • falling asleep on/ next to each other
    • whether it be reading a book, holding a study session, or watching movies pidge managed to find on her laptop, keith and pidge sometimes fall asleep next to each other.
    • sometimes pidge will totally be leaning all her weight on keith. her head’s slumped on his shoulder, her arm’s splayed across his knee, and she’s out cold. keith is trapped. he has no choice but to snooze in that position because pidge is a cat. once she falls asleep on you, there’s no getting up.
    • sometimes keith uses pidge as a pillow. she’ll be working on coding when he stumbles in, completely worn out from training. he’ll flop next to pidge, resting his head on her head/ shoulder. they’ll engage in small talk, but inevitably keith dozes off. he’s tired. and pidge silently suffers cause teenage guys are heavy. but, deep inside, she doesn’t mind. at all
    • pfffffft imagine how flustered they’d be once they woke up. the first few times their faces are brick red and they’re stammering like crazy.
  • imagine the day pidge and keith finally decide to admit their feelings to one another
    • of course, it’s gonna be awkward. they’re gonna be nervous. but i can kind of see pidge just going, “hey keith. i’m pretty sure i have a crush on you,” one day. this would probably be when she realizes that , with the way she and keith have been acting for so long, that it’s way past obvious they like each other. so it’s better to address it now than let the charade of “we’re just friends” continue.
    • keith would be caught off guard poor guy. but he wouldn’t be able to lie his way out of it either
    • so now they’ve admitted it. they like each other. time to act like they’re in a relationship then
  • queue the random hugs and kisses
    • not right away, though. after they’ve been officially together for a while. at some point, pidge gets into the habit of giving keith quick side hugs. she’ll high five him and embrace him in the hallway. when she’s super duper excited, she’ll crush the air out of him. when she’s sad and in need of snuggles, she’ll shuffle over to him and burrow underneath his arms, clinging to him in a hug.
    • keith is 100% on board with this. while he’s not the biggest hugger in the universe, he can’t deny that he absolutely loves being hugged by other people. a little sun of pure delight will flare up in his chest whenever pidge wraps her arms around him and squeezes tight. 
  • and what’s a kidge relationship without constant sass, inside jokes, and endless roasts??
    • “keith-i-love-borrowing-pidge’s-stuff-when-she’s-not-looking-kogane”
    • “pidge, i’m gonna have to confiscate your caffeine before. y’know. you die.”
    • pidge splaying her entire body on the couch in the lounge “finders keepers keith. looks like you’re out of luck.”
    • keith straight up picking her up and setting her to the side. “too bad you’re the size of a stuffed bear, pidge.”

get to know me meme: favorite relationships [3/5] - eleventh doctor and clara oswald

↳ It’s the oldest story in the universe, this one or any other. Boy and girl fall in love, get separated by events. War, politics, accidents in time. She’s thrown out of the hex, or he’s thrown into it. Since then they’ve been yearning for each other across time and space, across dimensions. This isn’t a ghost story, it’s a love story!

Born too late to explore the earth
Born too early to explore space
Born just in time to witness the creation of the most beautiful canon OTP of all time
<b> V I C T U U R I </b>

your otp finding each other annoyingly endearing aka:

  • you’re so stoic or deadpan most of the time but when your get flustered your face lights up red like a beacon and it’s so cute.
  • you’re such a bum getting up late all the time but you always greet me by wrapping your hands around my waist and just get dressed already
  • you have no idea what personal space is and it’s really distracting when your face is two inches away from mine, what if i turn my head and accidentally kiss you
  • your music choice is so bad but your undeniably yet irritatingly cute when you bop your head along
  • you don’t like snuggling or a lot of touching but when you’re asleep you’re a cuddler for better or for worse

Hoi there!

This is jello279art from Instagram…. I finally have a tumblr! I also was jelloandkustard but i cant log onto that account anymore (i literally had that account for like, 6 days.)

But oh well. I’ve always wanted to start a tumblr to post here as well anyway, but i was too lazy at the time.

About me (I guess??):

  1. I love Undertale! I think this is the longest i’ve stayed in a fandom tbh
  2. I love Kustard (sans and uf!sans). It’s my favourite ship of all space and time. So basically yes, I do ship a bit of sanscest, sorry if you don’t like it :D
  3. I love art! I pretty much only draw cartoon-ish stuff though. I draw mostly traditionally right now but I draw digitally too sometimes. Not the best artist but I try! :D
  4. aaaaand I’m a lame and boring person and I’ve already run out of facts to talk about. I’ll add to this list someday.

I’ll try to post as often as possible here. And I hope you like what I have to share :D

Eyo wazzuppp

170210 HKG Arrival

Is Chanyeol looking at his phone? Then Baek is just peeking over?

Sehun’s(?) beautiful booty and legs featuring Chanyeol and Baekhyun near each other in the background ^^ ahhhhhh it’s good to be back baby

Side by sideeee

That jacket makes Chanyeol look kinda like a red marshmallow XD I love how it looks like he’s just towering over Baek

Chanyeol’s duty: Stay behind Baek at all times because he don’t like feeling lonleh 

Chanyeol duty numero dos: Get real close to Baek because lol who needs personal space when ye got on this fluffy jacket 

Nothing huge or anything but I was missing having something to post XD I missed ye guys~ I hate school XD I might not post as frequently or as quickly or answer messages that quickly either so please bear with me ^^ 

Let’s bask in the small moments we have been given :D


I like how Ruby and Sapphire really define “best friends forever” in the way that no matter what life throws at them, how much they changed or how much time passed they’ll still be each others best friend.

They were instantly friends as children because of how they were so similar yet so different and it’s exactly the same for when they were on Mirage Island. Sure, when they met again in RS they initially didn’t get along which was mostly due to each other reflecting what they hated about themselves but also that they weren’t showing their true selves. Once they put their differences aside and weren’t trying hide the other sides of their personality they got to know who each other for who they really were and were right back to how they were as children.

Mirage Island gave them the time and space to interact just as they did before the whole Salamence incident with the chemistry of their similarities and differences balancing each other out. After all this time and how much they had changed, they still became great friends and are still each others best friends even through the Emerald and ORAS arcs.


“We know that night was 24 years of constant joy.” — Steven Moffat of the Doctor and River’s last night 

 "What a night that was.“  Indeed. The night the Doctor managed to show River Song she was loved and worth it, and pushed away all her demons and insecurities. 


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 9/?

The few times Deacon actually does sleep, he usually ends up crashing wherever it’s warmest.

Most of the time that happens to be Nick.

The absolutely lovely @haalpine finished my commission and I’ve been screaming about it for the past few hours, guys look at how cute it is

They were absolutely wonderful to work with and y’all should definitely check out their commission page, and now I will continue screaming because !!!!!!!