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third and final compilation of shimayu moments from the novel

part 1 part 2

Here’s the shimayu interactions in chronological order so that you can get a feel of the progression (details mentioned in the first post are largely omitted, though there are also parts with overlaps). It was a long and arduous process and admittedly, I had zero motivation to translate anything, but then I decided to grit my teeth and glue myself to my chair. And lo behold! :D Pardon the grammatical errors, jarring jumps between certain paragraphs and the changes in pronouns. Usually, when I switch to ‘Mayura’ after using ‘I’, I’m summarising rather than translating. Other times, it’s just… a grammatical inconsistency. Sorry ‘bout that. ≡(*′▽`)っ

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We can’t even watch the movie together. It’s really really hard acting with your best friend because you have to pretend to be somebody else, and they are pretending to be somebody else and you have to keep eye contact with them and be serious. It’s really hard.