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do you ever think about the fact that steve trevor didn’t have much faith in humanity or saving people because of the combat he’d seen 

but he met diana and gave up his life to save people because diana restored that faith in him and believed in her ability to save the world. and died with a smile on his face because of her


- I know that we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but despite our differences you helped me become a good officer. And I’d like to think that you’re proud of me for it.
- I am.


“Sorry, sorry, I, uh, I’m not really sure what the protocol here is. Is this a hug-like situation, or a handshake? You tell me.”
“Why don’t we just start with a handshake, and see where it goes from there.”
“Fair enough.”

bitch you better believe i’m taking griffin’s speech about the capacity of love growing every year for taagnus insp


Some Sif/Loki sketches from months and months ago. (Having a working scanner is so rad!) None of them are exactly a ~specific scene~ or anything, but-

The first one is almost certainly inspired by You Could Be My Unintended by coffeesuperhero

That second one has got to be pulling from the Kingsverse Series by Nayanroo

And the last two probably came out of reading Fleet-Footed and Caught by Barkour enough times that I think I have it memorized.

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Saphael +44 (preferably with Simon saying it!)

“ I’m going to keep you safe. ” Simon whispered reassuringly as his body guarded Raphael from the fast approaching sunrise.

“I don’t think so” Raphael said through gritted teeth, his fingers flinched away from the warm surface of the wall he was pressed up against.

“Raphael listen, I’ve got you everything is going to be okay”

“I don’t know if you know this but I’m seconds away from literally turning to dust”

“No, no I-i won’t let that happen” Simon pressed closer to Raphael, his body casting a shadow over Raphael “I won’t let anything happen to you, you have my word”

last two jbweek fics, day 6 and 7 [sapphire/valyrian steel]

in every note, the endless tapes of every word you wrote; jaime/brienne, jaime & tyrion, various others, pg13; warning for past alcohol abuse; written for day six, sappire;

“Anyway, I’m – I’ll just go. Remember what I told you about that backstage pass.”

Tyrion rolls his eyes. “Jaime, you’ve told me twenty times. At some point this unknown fan you’ve never somehow met but sent you uplifting letters in rehab is going to show up with a piece of paper you wrote and signed saying they should be given a backstage pass. If they show up before the show begins they should go straight to the pit, if not they’ll be sent straight to your room. And the note was written on some paper from the clinic’s pad. Did I forget anything?”


and give all the love that you have in your soul (1/7); jaime/brienne, jon connington/rhaegar, r (future chapters); time travel shenanigans plus actual warnings on ao3; written for day seven, valyrian steel;

“As in, there is one future where the White Walkers are defeated immediately, the Long Night is merely a passing shadow and we are spared most of the senseless deaths that came upon Westeros since Ned Stark died. But it’s not a future I can try to turn into a reality,” Bran says with a long sigh.

“What – what do you mean?” Lord Connington doesn’t sound too convinced, but he’s listening intently, or so it seems from the frown on his face.

“That in order for us all to live, Aerys Targaryen must die not sooner and not later than he did, but Rhaegar must live,” Bran says tiredly, “along with Elia Martell and her children. Whether Lyanna Stark does or not is irrelevant, as long as all three children live and know they are the heads of the dragon. It’s no job for someone like me – I can only walk if I visit the past or the future, not if I want to live in it. How useless it is that one has such powers but then cannot even walk, isn’t it?”

“You – you mean to – send us to the past?” Brienne asks, barely audible.

Obidala Fic Recs

Or, a Relatively Comprehensive List of Obi-Wan/Padme Fanfiction Worth Reading™ [1].

Warning: There aren’t a lot of genuinely happy fics on this list; it’s the nature of the ship, I’m afraid. Unless a fic is a complete AU and/or utterly out of character, chances are high that it will contain a lot of angst, what with the Jedi Code, Anakin, the Clone Wars, and the general deterioration of the Republic and all. :-/ That said, I’ve added content warnings for fics that contain major character death and/or torture, if you want to avoid those.

Remember to check out the different authors’ profile pages, as I generally haven’t included all of their fics on this list.

Fics with asterisks by them are especially recommended.[2]

[1] Disclaimer: YMMV. Also: if I’ve missed any fics that you think belong on here (which I’m sure I have), feel free to add them to your reblog of this!

[2] This is determined largely by my personal tastes. YMMV.

See below the cut for the list, because this is about to get long:

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