otp getting along


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.

now the thing i have feels about is that ben and bea were only dating for like three months before they realized ben was going away to school and bea was (eventually) going to travel the world, and their reaction to realizing they would have to contend with distance was NOT “we’re young teenagers at a tumultuous time of life and long-distance is unrealistic, let’s break up.” Oh no. They are WAY too stubborn for that, so instead they both went “wow we’re in love and there’s no way I’m breaking up with you now, long distance is clearly the only option” and proceeded to actually STAY TOGETHER for almost a whole year while living in different cities. They never ever lose touch, they literally Skype every single day, and when they’re not on Skype they still never shut up about each other. They make it through the rules and a near-breakup and still decide to travel the world together, because that’s just how serious they are about working on this relationship. At like 19 years old. And then they stay together for the entire rest of their lives, according to the headcanons of tcw, the actors, and also shakespeare himself. THAT is how committed to each other my otp are. they completely adore each other. they are so in love. incredible. 

Imagine the OTP

The OTP don’t really get along. Person A is “just SO HAPPY ALL THE DAMN TIME” and Person B “really needs to smile they look like a murderer” Since their school is shitty the school desides that everyone in the grade needs to be part of a play. The administration desides Romeo and Juliet is the perfect play. But the OTP don’t get cast as Romeo and Juliet. No. They get cast as Tybalt and Mercutio. They’re fine with that except “wait I have to kill you no I like you I mean hate you haha…yaa”


Superheroes sighing over their headstrong ladies

Imagine your OTP gets along very well and are usually very cute and snuggly around their friends. However, once a year, every Thanksgiving, they get competitive and try to out-cook each other for their friends. This is great for their friends because both Person A and Person B are excellent cooks and the competition ensures that the food gets better every year. Your OTP’s friends even organize a scoring system to determine a winner every year.


every westallen scene ever (27/?)

  • Peggy: you must be Natasha
  • Nat: its finally good to meet you Agent Carter
  • Peggy: *laughs* please call me Peggy, I'm too old to be an agent
  • Nat: *smiles* once an agent always an agent. So why did you ask Steve to bring me?
  • Peggy: I just wanted to make sure Steve was adjusting to his new life. *smiles* he has a habit of being dramatic.
  • Nat: that's very true
  • Peggy: does he still have problems talking to women?
  • Nat: sometimes, but its getting better
  • Peggy: does he know how to dance?
  • Nat: sure, if you don't mind playing a real slow song and scolding Steve as he steps on your feet
  • Steve: *sitting in the corner, on a small kiddie chair and crouching down* you guys do realize that I'm here, right?!
  • Peggy: shut up Steve, I'm giving Nat my blessing to scold you if you do stupid things again, like jumping out of a plane without a parachute
  • Nat: well he did that already
  • Nat: oh, I'll gladly give him an "ass" whooping
  • Steve: *groans and buries face into his hands* why do I have to fall for women that can kick my ass into the next century