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None of you can convince me that while they were all packed into that little car, Bucky didn’t at some point ask them “so what’s the deal with the cat guy? Is there a story there or does he just really love cats?” and Sam just throws his arms up like FUCKING THANK YOU


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.

Drew this as part of a package I sent to @spinetrick and now that she’s gotten it in the mail I can finally post it. <3

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Sheesh people, Destiel is NEVER gonna be canon, especially since less than 1% ship it. You all are only making yourselves miserable. Even Jensen publicly said Destiel does not exist. Misha is taking you all for ride because you keep throwing money at him to queerbait you.

The Daily Dot article by Aja Romano—Dec 3, 2014 at 08:53:44 | Last updated Mar 8 at 13:55:12

For the first time, Tumblr has published statistics on shipping as part of its Year in Review report, a project that began last year as a way of providing insight into its community activity. According to Tumblr, Destiel is the most reblogged ship on the Internet.

To put this coup in its proper perspective, consider what wasn’t number one. One Direction is by far the most popular fandom on Tumblr, generating over a billion posts to date. Yet the most popular 1D ship, Larry Stylinson—that’s bandmates Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, for the uninitiated—only made no. 3 on the list. It fell behind another Superwholock ship: Johnlock, short for BBC Sherlock pairing John Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

My darling Salty, this was in 2014. That means these stats are not taking into account three years of fandom growth and the addition of Supernatural to Netflix, which we know is flooding the numbers with even more people enthusiastic about the angsty misery that is this fantastic love story.

What else can I offer you to not just negate your 1% claim entirely, but actually blow it utterly and completely out of the shipping waters? Oh, I know!

This poll was posted on BuzzFeed on October 8th, 2016 and these pics show the most recent stats as I literally just now (May 20th, 2017) clicked in my own vote to view them:

Favourite character?

Now, please, Salty, tell me, are you feeling ok? Are you experiencing shortness of breath or lightheadedness? Here, come with me, have a seat. Comfortable? Put your feet up, we’re all friends here. See, you and I, we are both a valid part of the SPN Family and differing of opinion is welcomed and encouraged. 

That said, what is not tolerated is spreading negativity based on your own growing fear that what you don’t want to have happen is actually about to happen. (it is, btw) (andrew dabb is the biggest destiel shipper of all) (and when captain of show is captain of ship) (safe sailing Salty baby) (maybe you should consider hopping aboard) (standing invitation) <3

Further more, what is not welcomed or encouraged is failing to fact check your claims before you make them, thinking they won’t be checked for you. Nor is bashing an actor who not only happens to be one of the members of the show who is the most vocal about being pro-LGBTQ, but whose relationship with the term “queerbaiting” is one that has very much informed my own.

Misha talking about this topic can be viewed through a very simple search on YouTube. Like, super simple. You type in “misha collins queerbaiting”. It literally took me more seconds to write this paragraph about the search than actually performing the search. My point is - don’t be a lazy Anon, Salty darling. Do your research if you’re going to gnash and bash, but for now, keep those feet up because I’m feeling generous and so here you go:

I would very much love it if you Salties out there could stop using your dismissive and so clearly erroneous Less Than 1% Ships It claim from here on, because all it does is show the rest of us your ignorance, and, quite frankly, it just makes me embarrassed for you guys. 

If you don’t want to board the ship - don’t board the ship. Stand on the shore and wave at it. Or don’t. You know, we don’t expect you to cheer us on as we glide into harbour. But please please stop trying to convince us that we’re not sailing. It must be so exhausting for you and, frankly, isn’t it nice to just lean back, feet up, and feel the love? There is only love here for you!! And waving. Because we will always wave at you lovelies stranded on the shore.

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daniel and aled reunite with nick and charlie for a dog-walking double date

day 9: hanging out with friends

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

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I know you have so many prompts right now, so no rush on this. But could I request something where Frank has a dog and because said dog has pretty much adopted Karen as his second owner, Karen often times takes care of the dog when he's away/busier than usual. And it doesn't take long for someone to start putting two and two together about who the dogs main owner is.

YES!! This turned into a monster of a fic tbh (3.5k words wtf), but I hope you enjoy anyway! ^^

week one–

It’s closer to midnight than sunset when Karen’s unlocking her door, shuffling inside and leaning back against the solid wood tiredly to kick off her heels. As soon as she’s sent the second one flying somewhere towards the back of the couch, something furry and solid knocks against her shins. She yelps as it starts licking one of her knees.

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100 Otp Questions

1. Who loves flower crowns more?
2. Who is the one who likes to cuddle?
3. Who has awful taste in music?
4. Who is the meme lover?“
5. How did their second date go?
6. How many children do they want/have?
7. Who hides the weapons?
8. Who is the better dancer?
9. Do/Did they have a theme wedding?
10. What do their parents think of them dating?
11. Are they a super sappy couple?
12. How did they get together?
13. Who asked the other to get married?
14. Who stays up too late and makes stupid jokes?
15. Who is the nerd?
16. Who knows the most obscure facts?
17. Who makes the other a flower crown?
18. Who likes to read?
19. Who bothers the other person while the other person reads?
20. Who tutors the other?
21. Do they have similar taste in movies?
22. How do their personalities compliment each other?
23. How do they tell everyone that they are going to be having a kid/adopting a child soon?
24. Who has better fashion sense?
25. Who will punch someone out if they are rude to their partner?
26. What songs do they sing together in the vehicle?
27. What other couple would your otp get along with?
28. Who likes to prank the other?
29. Who is the one who loves to take pictures?
30. How would they react if they found out they were soul mates?
31. Where would they live?
32. What type of dragon would they own, if they could have one?
33. If they were both vampires, what type of vampires would they be?
34. What would they dress up as, for Halloween?
35. Can they name each other’s favourite food?
36. Do they have pet names for one another?
37. How do they cheer each other up?
38. Do they show a lot of PDA?
39. How old were they when they got together?
40. Who is the one that would bring the puppy home?
41. Can they do yoga couple’s poses?
42. What is their song?
43. What does their room look like?
44. Who would be the one to kill zombies while the other keeps them grounded?
45. Who makes the other breakfast in bed?
46. Who loves kids more?
47. Do either of them have a crazy ex?
48. What are their favourite colours?
49. Who likes to cook?
50. Who is the forgetful one?
51. Does either of them know how to fight?
52. What do they do for Valentines Day?
53. Who swears more?
54. Who has the better comebacks?
55. Who would start a fight with another parent at a bake sale?
56. Who reads buzzfeed?
57. Who is the hopeless romantic?
58. Do either of them know how to do a handstand?
59. Who can rap better?
60. Do either of them want to go sky diving?
61. What do they usually text about?
62. Who is the dramatic one?
63. Is either one confrontational?
64. What is their favourite cuddle position?
65. Who are their favourite musical artist(s)?”
66. What are their parenting styles?
67. Who would be the more laid back one?
68. Who listens to more vulgar music?
69. Do either of them have secrets even the other doesn’t know?
70. Who is their go to couple for a double date?
71. Do they tip the waiter/waitress on their date?
72. How do they work out a fight?
73. Who brings home an illegal pet?
74. What side of the bed do each of them sleep on?
75. What is their favorite photo of them two together?
76. Who takes longer in the bathroom?
77. Who has more songs on their ipod?
78. What movie did they first see together?
79. What do they like to see each other in?
80. Who makes jokes during inappropriate times?
81. At what age do they discuss the possibility of children?
82. What do they love about each other the most?
83. Who is the one that sees the big picture, while the other focus’s on the small details?
84. What would they write on their partner’s social media’s for their anniversary?
85. Who is bad at math?
86. Who googles everything?
87. Who does stuff on impulse?
88. How do they comfort each other when they are helpless to do anything about the situation?
89. What is an inside joke they have?
90. Who makes the other smile with almost no effort at all?
91. What is their favourite holiday?
92. Who is the one that is calm and collected while the other is angry and destructive?
93. What is their favourite board game to play?
94. Who accidental sets something on fire?
95. Who has the car ready while the other is robbing the store?
96. What artist/group did they go to for their first concert?
97. Who sleep talks?
98. Who is the more social one?
99. What are their karaoke songs?
100. Who would get up on stage and make a fool of themselves just to make the other laugh?

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For your fluff prompt: I have this headcanon about Hannibal being good at football (soccer to you lot) and Will being absolutely charmed by this

Will arrived at Hannibal’s house, letting himself in with his key. Inside, Hannibal was nowhere to be found. Searching rooms and halls, Will finally came to the open back door.


Wide-eyed, Will watched as Hannibal came into view, clad in track pants and a t-shirt. In the grass, he was kicking around a soccer ball, and doing it quite well.

“Are you… Are you playing soccer?”

Hannibal stopped in his tracks, chest heaving. “Football. And I wouldn’t call it playing here all by myself.”

Will laughed. “You own track pants.”

“I do. Once a week I compete with the Baltimore adult league.”


“This is surprising to you.”

“A little. A lot. You just don’t seem the type.”

Hannibal smiled and picked up the ball. “It’s wonderful exercise. You should try it some time.”

Will took off his jacket and tossed it on a nearby chair. “Okay.”

Hannibal tossed the ball down into the grass and stood aside, waiting for Will to make his move. Will, wanting desperately to impress, kicked the ball with his full strength. It went quickly careening over the fence and into the neighbor’s yard.

Will blushed and laughed nervously. “Whoops.”

Hannibal’s face was expressionless, and then he started smiling. “No bother. We’ll ask for it back after dinner. Would you like to assist me in the kitchen?”

Will’s eyes settled on Hannibal’s chest, rippling beneath his sweat-damp shirt. “Yeah…” He drifted for a moment, lost in seeing Hannibal without his armor.


Will’s eyes snapped up to Hannibal’s face. “Sorry,” he said, blushing in earnest now. “I’d love to help.”

Hannibal smirked, eyes shining, then made his way into the house. Will followed close behind, mesmerized.

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Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy
But here’s my number, so call me maybe

I can’t believe I almost forgot about MLM March but anyway have a messy doodle of nerd son and jock son

Ships in The Evil Within fandom be like
  • Sebastian: Babe, could you pass the salt?
  • Myra: *reaches for the salt*
  • Joseph: *reaches for the salt*
  • Ruvik: *reaches for the salt*
  • Stefano: *reaches for the salt*
  • Kidman: *reaches for the salt*
  • Leslie: *reaches for the salt*
  • Reborn Laura: *reaches for the salt*
  • The Executioner: *reaches for the salt*
  • The Agony Crossbow: *reaches for the salt*
  • Director and Producer Shinji Mikami: *reaches for the salt*
  • Sebastian:
  • Sebastian: never mind I got it


“Yesterday morning General McDownen announced the capture of renowned vampire Niklaus Mikaelson, a member of the original family from which all vampires descend. We switch over now to Kelly Maleon who is on scene outside the Level Two detention center, where Mikaelson is currently being detained.”

Kelly Maleon does not finish her sentence.

She throws the smug little bitch into the wall as the cameraman scuttles for cover, his fear in a thick perfume all around him, and now she crouches down, and she looks straight into the camera with smile on her face and chill in her voice.

Here’s the deal, General McDownen.

You’ve got her husband.

She wants him back.

It’s that simple.


every westallen scene ever (27/?)

now the thing i have feels about is that ben and bea were only dating for like three months before they realized ben was going away to school and bea was (eventually) going to travel the world, and their reaction to realizing they would have to contend with distance was NOT “we’re young teenagers at a tumultuous time of life and long-distance is unrealistic, let’s break up.” Oh no. They are WAY too stubborn for that, so instead they both went “wow we’re in love and there’s no way I’m breaking up with you now, long distance is clearly the only option” and proceeded to actually STAY TOGETHER for almost a whole year while living in different cities. They never ever lose touch, they literally Skype every single day, and when they’re not on Skype they still never shut up about each other. They make it through the rules and a near-breakup and still decide to travel the world together, because that’s just how serious they are about working on this relationship. At like 19 years old. And then they stay together for the entire rest of their lives, according to the headcanons of tcw, the actors, and also shakespeare himself. THAT is how committed to each other my otp are. they completely adore each other. they are so in love. incredible.