otp doe

when ur otp does the forehead touching thing╰(◡‿◡✿╰)

nobody ships sasusaku more than sarada 

concept: keith finding and adopting a black kitten with a white tuft of fur on its forehead while shiro’s away and naming it after him 

when shiro gets back he’s ridiculously endeared by this but he’s also like “keith. if you wanted to name a kitten after me you could’ve named him tacatshi.” and keith just 

stares into the camera 

I really appreciate that even though Kara was in a terrible situation, she still answered the phone when Lena called the first time. She could have just as easily let the call go to voicemail (she had every right to do so) but instead she picked up the phone and told Lena that it wasn’t a good time and that she would call her back. Kara’s going through so much in this scene and she feels awful but she still answers the phone instead of ignoring Lena because she’s an extremely caring person and she doesn’t want Lena to feel brushed off. It was a subtle but important way of showing how well Kara knows Lena and I just thought it was a good moment.


❝When I first met you on that boat–❞
                                     ❝We met on the street.❞
❝On the boat, that diamond you stole. After I got it back. I bought it. I’ve had it. For years.❞
❝I knew. Even at the beginning. I knew I’d needed it. I… needed it. Just like… I need you.❞

bruce wayne & selina kyle in batman #24 - every epilogue is a prelude